SOU Students Head To Polling Booths With Concerns Over Issues

ASHLAND, Ore. — Despite a slow start to voter turnout for the Oregon Primaries, students at Southern Oregon University (SOU) plan to make time in their busy timetables to head to the booths on Tuesday’s Election Day to have their voices counted among the other residents of Jackson County who are also still to cast their vote.


SOU Student Voter Locations

The busy schedules of SOU students have resulted in many waiting until the last day before heading to the polls in person. The state of Oregon encourages people to vote early, either by mail or by using a ballot dropbox, but this is difficult for students.

SOU has suggested that students should stay informed and facilitates an easier voter registration process through their Raider Advocacy program that provides links to:

  • Voter registration.
  • Information about the Oregon Legislature.
  • How to communicate with elected officials.
  • Tracking a proposed bill.


Student Issues Ahead Of Oregon Elections

Two of the most pressing issues at SOU are tuition costs and homelessness.

The most widely talked about issue, the cost of classes and student debt, is also being discussed in anticipation of this year’s presidential election. $7.4 billion worth of student debt was canceled last month by President Biden’s administration via the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan.

One of Biden’s platforms is that he intends to continue the process of eliminating some student debt in his second term if he wins. On the other side of the scale, Former President Trump opposes student loan debt cancellation, but his campaign indicated that he supports income-based repayment plans.

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One of the business management sophomores at SOU, David Moore, wants to see things benefit the people in America who are living here right now. He is looking at things that would involve him directly, such as how much he will have to pay for his education in the future.

An SOU business administration senior, Jon-Mae Thompson, said homelessness, one of the bigger concerns, is an issue he was trying to be a bit more attentive to before actually heading off to a vote. This is another concern for many students at SOU. The housing crisis in Southern Oregon is an issue they would like to see addressed. A poll undertaken earlier this year by the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors indicates the highest-priority issue for Jackson County residents is homelessness. In this year’s legislative session, state legislators passed a $369 million housing package.

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June 14 is SOU’s last day in this spring’s academic year before taking a break from their schedules.

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