Some SOU Degrees Have Zero Increase In Tuition Fees

ASHLAND, Ore. — To keep some of their programs attractive to students in the competitive field of tertiary education, Southern Oregon University’s (SOU) Board of Trustees discussed retaining low tuition fees for certain programs while they voted for increases to tuition fees for most students on Friday.

In-state Undergraduates enrolling at SOU will see a 4.8% increase in tuition fees after the Board of Trustees approved this increase. This is a reduction from the projected 7% that could have been unaffordable and would require approval from the state Higher Education Coordinating Commission as it would have exceeded the maximum of 5%.

The university has been working on a tuition update for several months and the rates for an average undergraduate increase by about $400 per annum. Approved almost unanimously by the board, the tuition increase vote had just one abstention.


Southern Oregon University Tuition Exempted From Increases

Compared with other universities in Oregon, Rick Bailey, Southern Oregon University President, said the SOU overall increase is more or less in the middle of the range. When comparing the tuition fees for specific programs, like a Master in Education degree, SOU should be trying to attract students according to Bailey.

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He said they need to ensure that SOU is doing a thorough market analysis to see where they stand in certain specific programs. Bailey noted, “We’re competing against schools like Grand Canyon University and others.”

Sheila Clough, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees agreed. She said the university looking into the prices of each degree, balancing these with the type of students SOU should be trying to attract.

The three degrees that won’t see an increase in tuition at SOU are:

  • Masters in Education
  • Online MBA
  • Masters of Science in Education Programs


Clough said, “The reality is, if we want to be a competitive university, you have to do this type of pricing of your product.”


SOU Tuition Increments Will Cover Student Health Plan Increases

President Bailey confirmed that at least one win from their plan is that it won’t be necessary for SOU to increase the mandatory Student Health Services fee. This is because of the university’s new partnership with community health center La Clinica. In September, the nonprofit will take over operations of the on-campus student health center, although they will retain most of the revenue accruing to the partnership.

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