Ashland City Council Invites Feedback On Proposed Telecommunications Ordinance

ASHLAND, Ore. — The city council is seeking input from residents regarding amendments to Ashland’s telecommunications ordinance.

Citizens are invited to submit public comments about proposed changes using a digital form by making comments online. The comments will close on March 14 as the council intends to consider the amendment on March 19.

Public comments can be submitted using this link, and once reviewed will be published weekly on Ashland City Council’s website until Thursday, March 14.


The initiative began on February 20 on the city’s website. The city said in a statement that changes to Ashland Municipal Code (AMC) title 16 (Telecommunications) are intended to establish standards for telecommunications facilities in Ashland. Chapter 16.04.010 of the ordinance indicates that the city will promote the health, safety, and general welfare of residents of Ashland while conserving, preserving, and enhancing the city’s unique natural beauty and its irreplaceable natural resources.

Comprehensive requirements and standards for the design, siting, and construction as well as the subsequent maintenance and modification of telecommunication facilities in Ashland must be established.

The ordinance should be reviewed by residents and feedback provided to the city before the ordinance’s approval process. The comments cut-off date is March 14 and the bill will be presented to the council in a first reading on March 19. A second and final reading is scheduled for April 2.

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