The Top 10 Most Unsettling Places You Can Find in Portland Oregon, According to Reddit

Halloween is fast approaching, so you know what that means: it’s about time we dim the lights, tell a few scary stories, and use it as a good excuse to eat a ton of sweets. If you’re like me, you might like hearing about the spooky quirks surrounding the town you reside in.

Whether or not you want to take a look for yourself is your choice, but I’m not talking about any old haunted houses or quirky museums that house some creepy things; I’m talking about the places that unsettle. They make you feel uneasy and have you rethinking whether or not you want to be there.

Portland has its fair share of creepy places you could be interested in looking at, or at the very least just find relatively interesting. Allow me to give you the rundown on some of the creepiest places found around Portland, Oregon according to redditors.

If you are visiting for the first time, here is a list of things you can do in Portland, a city considered one of the wildest party cities in the US!


The Dressing Rooms of the Arlene Schnitzer

The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall is home to many wondrous performances, from opera to symphonies to jazz performances. However, unbeknownst to many, if you go to the upper floors, you’ll find the abandoned dressing rooms. There you’ll find vanities, clothes, couches, chairs, and all other sorts of furniture sitting there, untouched since the 1940’s. It’s like being in a time machine. It’s especially eerie during the night, when there are no events happening. There have even been reports of unsettling encounters. Of course, given it’s a concert hall, it’s safe to say that they’re all haunted in one way or another.


The Tunnel Under Kelley Avenue

Underneath Kelley Avenue, right next to the Naito Overpass, you’ll find the underground pedestrian tunnel. It’s a dark tunnel that gives off pretty eerie vibes, but not because of any conspiracy of hauntings or the like. No, for most people, they’re put off by the fact that it looks like the perfect place to get mugged in. It’s dark with broken glass littering the ground and smells of urine. Most are afraid of what they’ll find if they wander inside, even during the day time, because it feels that unsafe. If you happen to be going under, make sure to keep your belongings close to you and keep an eye out for creepy clowns or monsters from the backrooms.


Wilhelm’s Funeral Home, Mausoleum, and Crematory

In Sellwood, if you happen to have a friend or loved one pass, you may find yourself directed towards Wilhelm’s Funeral Home, Mausoleum, and Crematory. Now, obviously, you might find a funeral home to be a bit cheap for a list of creepy places, but according to people who have been, it’s a lot different than your typical funeral services. About 100k people make their home there, and no, that’s not a joke. They have tons of intricate art and beautiful stained glass, but there’s a feeling of neglect that rests there. The older tombs and  lower levels are where you start to get a sense of disrepair, and with 7 miles of halls in these catacombs, being in there for too long can be rather panic inducing.


Gateway Transit Center

The Gateway Transit Center can give you the creeps, even during the day. However, it’s at night in which things get pretty unnerving. Especially after midnight. It’s surrounded by empty lots and bike paths. You’ll find it to be a poorer area where there are homeless and addicts that roam around, and while they themselves are harmless, you’ll never know when someone might decide to take advantage in this relatively abandoned-feeling area. You might find Beaverton Transit and 122 and Burnside max stop to be a bit spooky, too, but Gateway is the worst.


The Interstate 205 Multiuse Path Between Stark and Burnside

Honestly, the whole thing can be pretty creepy, but it’s between Stark and Burnside that’s probably the worst. It feels relatively unsafe to most people. Busted glass along the trail, abandoned vehicles, tons of tents, piles upon piles of junk, and many sightings of people doing some rather sketchy activity or, unfortunately, having some bad mental health days. Not a place you really want to be in if you’re on foot.


Old Town

There aren’t really many places in Old Town that we can specifically point to and say is the worst, so we’re going to say all of Old Town in general can be rather unnerving. Walking down there even during the day can be a bit eerie if the streets are fairly abandoned, but it’s at night that you’re going to want to be the most careful. Why? Well, to put it simply, there’s been a steep increase of drug crimes and violence, most importantly homicides. Not to mention, some of the buildings just feel outright abandoned.


Shanghai Tunnel System

You know a place is great when there’s haunted tours that go on during the day.  If you happen to come across advertising for a tour, I highly suggest you take one, as it’s the only way to (legally) see the tunnels. They were abandoned after the 1940’s and so have that nice abandoned feel to them. Creepy with a group, terrifying when alone.


Temple Oculus Anubis

Named after the Egyptian god, Temple Oculus Anubis is a property that sits in the middle of the woods and is guarded by a 30 foot iron gate. Very little is known about the location, other than its statues in dedication to the Egyptian gods. It’s a place with a lot of speculation and conspiracies, but no solid answers. Pretty creepy, if you ask me.


Portland Pensione

This is for all the people who are afraid of bugs, specifically cockroaches. This budget-friendly inn has a very, very bad reputation for all those who stay there. It’s filthy, has addicts all around and, oh boy, the roaches. You’re guaranteed to see a few in your time there, with stories of them appearing on your bed as well. It’s just a place you don’t feel safe in the slightest. One star.


Vista Bridge

I’m going to make this one brief because of the subject material, but many who live around Vista Bridge in southwest Portland know its reputation. Some know it as “Suicide Bridge”. They’ve put up fences to keep people from jumping, too. People have, unfortunately, witnessed bodies at the bottom of the bridge. Lingering around there makes many nervous and afraid that they’ll see something they’ve never wanted to.


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