OHA: Young People Did Not Die from Cardiac Complications After Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination

Young Oregonians aged between 16 to 30 did not die from cardiac complications, according to findings of a study by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), published in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report.


No Fatalities Could Be Linked to Vaccination Within 100 Days

The OHA study analyzed nearly 1,300 deaths among adolescents and young adults over a span of 19 months during 2021 and 2022 and found that no fatalities could be attributed to them receiving the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine dose within 100 days.

The study was undertaken to address concerns that the COVID-19 vaccination caused cardiac deaths among adolescents and young adults. The findings have been confirmed by the co-authors of the study from OHA’s Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section, Dr. Paul Cieslak and Dr. Juventila Liko, who have stressed that the data did not support any association between the deaths and the vaccinations.

None of the 1,292 deaths under the study microscope could be related to the vaccination. Only three deaths were recorded within 100 days after receiving the vaccination. Two of the deaths were related to underlying chronic conditions, while one of the deaths remained unresolved.


Death Certificates Did Not Attribute Demise to the Vaccination

None of the death certificates attributed demise to the vaccination.

According to Dr. Cieslak, there were a dwindling number of deaths among those who had been vaccinated. Only three individuals among the 30 deaths linked to COVID-19 had been vaccinated. He emphasized that the vaccine had prevented millions of deaths and hospitalizations during the first two years that the vaccine became available in the U.S.

Dr. Cieslak said it was clear that any risk associated with the vaccination was low, while the risk of dying from COVID-19 was real and recommended that everyone from the age of six months be vaccinated to avoid complications and death.


Study Results are Limited

Despite these claims, the researchers admitted that the findings of the study were limited.

The researchers were unable to rule out the possibility that people in the 16 to 30 age group who had been vaccinated could have died from cardiac arrest outside of the 100-day focus of the study.

Although death associated with the vaccine typically occurs within 42 days of being injected, researchers were unable to rule out that possibility that deaths could have occurred outside of that period.

The study was undertaken to resolve lingering doubt that the COVID-19 vaccination put people at risk of cardiac death.


Myocarditis Deaths High Among Males between 12 and 39 Years

According to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), post-vaccine myocarditis can occur within days or weeks of vaccination. Although rates of vaccine-related myocarditis vary according to sex and age, the highest number of deaths were in males between 12 and 39 years.

The NLM says that the overall risk of COVID infection-related hospitalization and death is far greater than the risks of post-vaccine myocarditis.



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