In honor of our veterans, we call for truth

Anniversaries cause us to instinctively pause and reflect, just as our leg jolts forward after a well-positioned tap on the knee. In honor of our veterans — to whom we owe a debt we can never repay — the least we can do on this Veteran’s Day is look back at the decisions made that sent our troops into battle, and the roles we played in those decisions. Perhaps upon reflection, our reaction may change.

The fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 served as the reflex hammer touch to the knee of American conscience. As the country attended memorials and revisited painful memories of 9/11, the reflection also opened our collective mind once again to the many unanswered questions, legitimate concerns and conflicting evidence in the official description of those events.

For us at the Daily Tidings the event served to open discussion among us about this complex subject, about the conspiracy theories that abound in Internet chats, blogs and so-called investigative reports and most importantly, the questions regarding the media’s role in this ongoing issue.

A month later we have found very little we all agreed on. We especially disagree on the role of the media. Since the Tidings doesn’t cover New York City, Washington, D.C. or the federal government, the ambiguity is shaded with absolution.

Nevertheless we are each members of the fourth estate, an essential conglomeration of individuals who adhere to professional guidelines, and who care passionately about this demanding and often thankless opus. With that membership — we can all agree on some level — comes a responsibility to giving the public the accurate information it needs to make informed decisions. Thus, somewhere in all the banter, we stumbled on one thing we at the Tidings’ truly can agree on.

Apparently, we are not alone. Based on the results of this hallmark 2006 election, the American people are finally asking for change. They don’t like our involvement in Iraq. They voted out many members of the party that put us there. Perhaps they are also ready to question the events and decisions that put us there as well. Perhaps they are ready to ask what really happened on Sept. 11.

We think so. And we call on our colleagues to join us in asking questions.

Every single American daily newspaper must demand of our congressional leaders and those in the executive branch that an independent council be formed to completely and thoroughly investigate the deaths of nearly 3,000 American citizens in the attack of 9/11 — an attack that took place on American soil.

Forget the conspiracy theories for a minute and set aside the political gamesmanship. We are a country that spent five years and $100 million investigating President Clinton. We probed the depths of the Iran-Contra scandal — a debacle that would have never come fully into the public eye had a special investigator not been appointed.

This administration has spent far more energy and time seeking the leak of Valerie Plame’s identity and Barry Bonds’ use of steroids than it has in fully explaining how three skyscrapers crumbled in an instant and nearly 3,000 people were killed. While an independent investigation may never fully answer every question, it will help to heal the wounds of this nation and widespread distrust of our leaders this attack has caused.

This historic tragedy ranks among the worst days in American history. We owe it to every American — but especially those who do battle on our behalf at the behest of our leaders — to spare no expense and allow no party loyalty to dissuade us. The government works for us. If it failed us, either in malfeasance or incompetence, then we must know that. If our current actions around the world are shaped by misinformation, we must know that too. Finally, if what we now believe to be true is only further proven, we would do well to hear the evidence that confirms it. If the government’s version of the events of that day are absolutely true, then scrutiny will amplify that truth and lay to rest the skepticism that remains to this day.

If, however, the questions that remain serve to shed light on new information, that too serves the public. And it is the responsibility of this trusted media industry to dig, probe, investigate and uncover the truth behind government events and decisions that impact the public. On this Veterans Day, we can do no less on behalf of the brave men and women who have been sent to the Middle East based upon rationale that stems directly from the events of 9/11. While we pay homage to all veterans of the Armed Forces today, we are reminded of our duty to watch closely those leaders in the White House and Congress who make the decisions to send our troops to war.

We invite every single American daily newspaper to join us in our demand for an independent council to completely and thoroughly investigate the deaths of nearly 3,000 American citizens in the attacks of 9/11.

America will be better informed, and this is our job.






Current Comments:

Yes, I agree completely, and thank you for your call. If this line of questioning, if the fourth estate reclaiming its job to be independent of politcal affiliations and corporate ownership, is another result of Tuesday’s election results, then there is much to be hopeful for in this country again.
bruce bayard – ashland oregon – November 11th, 1:16 PM
While this editorial doesn’t explicitly endorse the ludicrous conspiracy theories that 9/11 was an “inside job”, it at least panders to them. Give it a rest. We know what we need to know about 9/11, Islamic militants staged a dasdardly attack on America. The focus ought to be on the response.
JoMama – Seattle, Washington – November 11th, 1:19 PM
Well said.

Partisan and conspiracy shtick aside, we desperately need to know the truth about those events. The investigation was woefully inadequate and the people have a right to know what actually happened. You can’t really argue against that.

Thanks for your courageous editorial.
Drew Miazga – Seattle, WA – November 11th, 1:31 PM
Thanks to the Daily Tidings for having the integrity to call for a full investigation of the 9/11 events- something that many 9/11 victim’s family members, a growing number of current/former government officials and other people with reputations and standing in the community, and 45% of Americans are calling for- and this despite endless propaganda from the media and government that all the important questions have been settled. The fact is, we don’t know what happened, and we should.
Erik Larson – Rancho Cucamonga, CA – November 11th, 1:32 PM
Thanks for publishing this. I love my town!
John Palombo ([email protected]) – Ashland – November 11th, 2:24 PM
I thoroughly agree. There are so many unanswered questions about that day that leave many of us perplexed and distressed. Heavily-reinforced steel buildings don’t just evaporate before our eyes without tremendous energy destroying them. Now, whether that comes from fires, or from other means remains to be conclusively proven. This begs the simple question. When have other steel skyscrapers ever fallen due to fire before as the official report claims? Many people did not hear of WTC7 (47 fl.
Steve Bishop – Boise, Idaho – November 11th, 2:36 PM
How can the following issues be explained?

* dozens of gagged FBI whistleblowers,
* hijackers stay in the US on expired visas,
* hijackers shared flats with US intelligence personnel,
* Pensacola naval base story,
* NORAD drills training for hijacked airliners exactly on 9/11,
* ISI link,
* Dean of the Defense Language School,
* terrorists partying on republican casino boats,
* 100s of govt officials say “inside job”,
* Mineta testimony,
* Bush not escorted out of the school,

Google for it!
Curtis Piper – New York – November 11th, 2:39 PM
That is good news. If we had an honest media and an educated citizenry the official conspiracy theory would have been exposed a long time ago.

It’s very simple – the “collapses” of the WTC Buildings exhibited all the features of a controlled demolition you can’t mimic that with fire and gravity.

NIST, who produced the definitive government on the report of the towers did not address the “structural behavior of the Towers after conditions for collapse initiation were reached.”

herbert smith ([email protected]) – utica, ny – November 11th, 3:20 PM
I couldn’t agree more. It’s time for a real investigation that deals with the real facts. An investigation that looks at why in the history of the world no steel frame building has ever collapsed from fire, but on 9/11 three separate buildings collapse from fire and all were owned by Larry Silverstein. Why does a building turn to dust so quickly after being purchased by Silverstein? Coincidence? The time has come for us to get real!
Rick Wilson – Beverly Hills, CA – November 11th, 3:55 PM
At last! An american Newspaper voicing the feelings of many millions. Much of the world is waiting for the truth to come out, and the only way forward is to force a true independant Investigation.
Steve Poacher – London, UK – November 11th, 4:05 PM
This is a historical event. The first newspaper to show balls regarding 9/11.
Respect !!!!!
Ashraf – Hannover, Germany – November 11th, 4:23 PM
The blanket of fear of this administration has been torn asunder by this election. For the first time since 9/11/01 a media publication has placed the quest for truth and justice ahead of journalist blather. It is those that resisit the need for openness and accountability whose patriotism should be questioned. Lies flurish in the darkness, but can’t survive the light of truth. This election is clarion call to restore the light of libery.
Les Fredette – N. Stonington, CT – November 11th, 4:46 PM
While it’s true that we don’t know what happened on 9/11, we do know what didn’t happen. A non-biased inspection of evidence already in the public domain shows that the government’s myth about 9/11 doesn’t match the facts. Breaking the spell around this topic is the hard part. So thank you to the Daily Tidings for having the courage to call for an investigation. Once you are able to look at this dispassionately for yourself, seeing that the facts don’t match the story is the easy part.
Eli Dumitru ([email protected]) – Medford, OR – November 11th, 4:58 PM
Thank you for your thoughtful and well-reasoned comments on the need for a new, independent investigation of the events of 9/11. The struggle within your ranks – a struggle each of us experiences as we try to come to terms with thought that our government could have been compicit – gives courage to those who are afraid to approach this life-changing understanding. You have enabled people to study and evaluate the available information with the knowledge that others have struggled similarly.
Steve Dondanville – Ridgefield, WA – November 11th, 5:06 PM
In America, one is innocent until proven guilty. There is ample evidence to suggest that elements within our Government were complicit in the attacks. Let’s have a new investigation, and see if anyone is guilty of those allegations. One can not ignore the obvious cover ups regarding the attacks of 9/11, and the United States Government. Why is it acceptable that they even HAVE cover-ups regarding the attacks of 9/11? It’s time to learn the truth, and hold those responsible, accountable.
Jon Gold – Plymouth Meeting, PA – November 11th, 5:08 PM
Thank you, Ashland, it is so good to see an article on 9/11 in mainstream media.Beyond the crime itself is the denial by the corporate media.There are many ex-military,CIA, etc. in the truth movement,yet our existence is denied.We must accept that denial of controlled demolitions by the media is intentional because of where it would lead,both people that know the truth and nations involved.Silverstein knew,as did Giualani,and dozens of others,hundreds,all members of Congress?
Thank you,patriots
lalo gutierrez – Chico,CA – November 11th, 5:21 PM
I agree. We must reexamine the events of 9/11. There are many unanswered questions, especially how WTC Towers 1, 2, & Building 7 which was not hit by a plane, all came down in a controlled demolition fashion. For those who wish to look into this line of argument, I recommend watching 911 Mysteries on Google video or Loose Change which counters the official narrative. We owe it to those who perished that day and in the subsequent wars on both sides. It is our patriotic duty to question authority.
Sam Lwin – Elmhurst, NY – November 11th, 6:01 PM
As a former resident of Ashland, I must say that I`m proud to have lived in such a progressive place. I saw your call to further invesigate 9/11 on the MSN internet group Big Daddys Cafe, on which we have been discussing this matter for the last 5 yrs., and have been extremely disappointed that there has not been a peep out of the timid MSM about this, the most important issue of our time. Please keep up the good work in persuing the truth, we`re counting on you. Please join our group. Bless you
Barbara Wasenius – St. Augustine, FL – November 11th, 6:06 PM
“We know what we need to know about 9/11, Islamic militants staged a dasdardly attack on America.

Your proclaiming a parties guilt, so prove it. This editorial is merely calling for an independent investigation. If the party your claiming is responsible for the attacks is indeed responsible, an investigation will prove that as a fact. Why does a new investigation intimidate you to the point of concealing your identity?
Andy White – San Diego, CA – November 11th, 6:19 PM
Thanks for putting this out there. The gov’t line is utterly bogus. We know they trained whatever “hijackers” there actually were down in Florida on those cruise ships! An inside job, like OKC and on and on.
n/a – U.S.A. – November 11th, 6:33 PM
See the Forum topic by the same name at;=90
Don Quixote – Ashland, OR – November 11th, 7:15 PM
I watched a special on CNN about soldier named Mock. He seemed like a really good kid. Unfortunately he was killed on his 2nd (or perhaps 3rd) tour of duty. He had “Strength and Honor” tattooed on each arm. I cried. I cried because he was just another sacrifice by his own government. I cried because he had more strength and honor than our Command and Chief and our media.
It took real strength and honor to write this editorial. Thank you on behalf of all the innocent the victims.
AB Franklin – New Rochelle, NY – November 11th, 7:34 PM
Thank you for your willingness to state the obvious. A recent poll showed that 45% of Americans believe there has been a cover-up of the facts around 9/11. If that isn’t enough to indicate that our media should support a genuine investigation, what percent would be?

The recent election is not enough to insure the safety of our democracy. A full investigation of 9/11 may show that if we would genuinely prevent terrorism, we must monitor our military-industrial complex far more attentively.
Marnia Robinson – Ashland – November 11th, 7:38 PM
There is integrity in looking for truth. Thank you for being the first to call for all newspapers to begin the quest for the accurate and overdue truth of 9/11.
Donna Scudder – Homer, Michigan – November 11th, 8:08 PM
The so called “9/11 Truth Movement” is itself not interested in the truth. They support people who didn’t do any 9/11 research by themselves, they censor (, they ignore the fact of leftgatekeepers (neocrat baker coalition, anti-war leaders etc..) and they ignore the strong evidence on 9/11 TV Fakery.

This is what *we* call orwellian 9/11 Truthlings.

And this is also the only reason, why the truth doesn’t come out. US Media is complicit anyway!
Nico Haupt – New York City – November 11th, 9:18 PM
It is inconceivable that anyone would disagree with what have written here. Thank you for making this request. Hopefully other newspapers will join you as they should. Actually this is not a should,it is a must!
JStewart – Austin TX – November 11th, 9:37 PM
Thank you for your courage – keep on pushing – walls can fall

Heiner Buecker – Berlin Germany – November 11th, 11:20 PM
We also need our fellow citizens to become OUR GOVERNMENT…run for office yourself…more info here ([email protected]) – Oklahoma City, OK – November 12th, 12:29 AM
If you are skeptical about what happened on 9/11 please watch this !
beefree – narragasett rhode island – November 12th, 1:07 AM
I’d have to agree. I hope an independant investigation is done. I highly doubt we’ve been told the whole truth about what happened.
Lisa – Ashland – November 12th, 1:15 AM
yes most of the world believes the US government was involved in the attacks.
tom – Germany – November 12th, 1:50 AM
Thank you for running this story. I hope many join your call around the world and in the states!
Kind regards John Bursill, Sydney Australia.
John Bursill – NSW Australia – November 12th, 3:01 AM
No matter what side of the argument about a conspiracy you are on there is no denying the inadequacy of the investigation done. A new investigation should be done. Even if it’s just to question the government. Which people seem to forget is job of a true patriot. Only sheep follow blindly.
Ron Morey ([email protected]) – Lewiston, ID – November 12th, 3:34 AM
Thank you for the courage to print this type of editorial. There are so many reasons that the govt’s official 911 story is woefully inadequate at best, and a complete cover-up of a despicable and evil event perpetrated by agents as yet unrevealed at its worst. If the pro-govt version people are so sure, how about a properly funded investigation with subpeaona powers and without a predetermined conclusion to truly get to the bottom of this, after all, only $20 million was spent on the original.
David Kay – Boston, MA – November 12th, 5:24 AM
5 years after 911 we now have a massive body of evidence that 911 was an inside job…yet no one in positions of authority wants to deal with that reality. Denial pervades the American society just as it pervades the life of an addict. Confronting reality means taking action and making changes. Addicts don’t usually address their problem until it ruins their lives and Americans won’t deal with 911 and the dark power structure behind it until America is in ruins. There were multiple layers and subplots connected to 911 – a web of conspiratorial activities and agendas, intertwined with the national and global power structure. The Internet indie media is the source of free, uncompromised
Jed – Miami, FL – November 12th, 6:25 AM
I commend you on being responsible enough to finally print the truth. Anyone who thinks 9/11 was a master plan of 19 islamic militants with a leader who needs dialysis 3 times a week and is hiding with his dialysis machine in remote caves of the middle east is obviously a sheep following the rest of the uninformed herd. Get real people and lets start to heal our wounds of mistrust. PEACE!
Bill Gordon – Sunrise,Fl. – November 12th, 6:34 AM
Our government was definitely involved in the attacks of 9/11/01 and they have been covering it up ever since. The people who benefited most from 9/11 are the people who were supposed to protect us on 9/11 and didn’t. Buildings do not collapse at free-fall speed without explosives. Evidence has been destroyed by our government. Stories have been changed. And the real terrorists who did this to us now have the power to torture us and hold us without charges or a trial.
Tim Zeiders – Harrisburg PA – November 12th, 6:36 AM

I think that you have taken a very courageous and enlightened position on this matter. I hope that other periodicals will follow your lead is raising an issue that is of great concern to Americans, and, at least in my opinion, has not been explored in sufficient detail in the major organs that shape political discourse, such as Sunday Talk shows, or on editorial pages such as yours. Thank you again for taking a leadership role on this isse.
Stephen Donovan – Palo Alto, CA – November 12th, 6:54 AM
Finally, A US newspaper is calling for a proper investigation into the mystery’s of 9/11. As the families point out on the film ‘9/11 press for truth’ (See. Google Video), the 9/11 commission report turned out to be a complete and one-sided whitewash. Including no mention of Building 7 and a cover up of the money trail involving the wiring of $100,000 by the head of Pakistan’s ISI, Gen Mahmoud Ahmad to Mohammed Atta. Lets just hope a full, transparent & independant investigation transpires. Tnx
Brian McHugh ([email protected]) – Scotland, UK – November 12th, 7:06 AM
Thank you for having the integrity to call for a full investigation 9/11. I hope other newspapers will follow. We have been lied to one to many times, the truth must come out.
Maxwell Burkholder – Texas – November 12th, 7:47 AM
Lies and deception have been the mode of operation of the Bush administration. This has occurred because we have not challenged them and the media has covered for them. The extent of the corruption is far deeper that most working Americans can comprehend. There is overwhelming, objective evidence of a huge 911 deception. It’s time for the truth.
Sandra Green – Farmington Hills, Michigan – November 12th, 8:09 AM
Thank you, ADT editors, for your courage.

I’m always puzzled by comments like those of JoMama, above. Their dogmatic acceptance of the story about “Islamic militants” (based on zero credible evidence), makes me wonder whether they’re honestly ignorant—in which case there’s hope that they’ll eventually open their minds—or whether they’re covertly acting on orders to monitor these forums and ridicule the 9/11 truth movement—in which case their efforts are pathetic.
USAPatriot – Washington DC – November 12th, 8:15 AM
Isn’t really time to move on? To move forward? Let’s embrace the change this past election, come together as a nation and find common ground in our efforts to make this nation great.

Why is it always about getting even? Counter-productive.
Steve L. Iverson – Ashland, Jefferson – November 12th, 8:34 AM
The United States government has committed many false flags over the years. And planned some not carried out. Why would anyone argue against a free and independent inquiry regarding the most heinous example perpetrated upon the citizens of the U.S.? Only if they had something to hide regarding 9/11, a false flag operation that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in the cause of hegemonic empire. Only the truth can heal. And stop the murder.
Dr. Richard Welser – Morganton, NC – November 12th, 9:06 AM
With the Democrats in the majority of both Houses,I believe the subpoenas will be flying regarding not only the Intelligence Reports being manipulated or worse as a pretext for invading Iraq;but also the awarding of no-bid contracts to Halliburton and others. As far as some sort of conspiracy regarding the collapsing of the Towers,that has more to do with their unique construction with no center supports,to allow open floor plans,not preplaced timed explosions.How could that remain secret?
John Gorman – Ashland OR – November 12th, 9:19 AM
Thanks for an excellent editorial. I’m from New York, and was there on 9/11 – it felt like my city was being destroyed. After months of investigation I’ve found the “conspiracy theories” much more credible than the government’s explanation. An honest investigation is clearly needed.
Jonathan Korein ([email protected]) – Rydal, PA – November 12th, 9:22 AM
The 9/11 Commission’s final report contains numerous provable lies: outright lies, lies by ommission, and lies by distortion. As such, this “testimony” to the American people, which was perported to be a full accounting of the events of 9/11, indicates a massive fraud and coverup, as well as perjury. A new investigation is indeed warranted. We CAN handle the truth. We are Americans.
David Giles – Clayton, GA – November 12th, 9:33 AM
As a non-US student of 9/11, I want to thank you for your courageous action call.

There are a large number of contradictions, improbabilities and even impossibilities in the official story. How could three skyscrapers fall to the ground without structural resistance? Why did the 9/11 Commission ignore Norman Mineta’s testimony about Cheney’s actions in the command bunker on 9/11? How was Hani Hanjour transformed into a master pilot?

A genuinely independent investigation is sorely needed.
Akseli Ackerman – Helsinki, Finland – November 12th, 9:49 AM
Well said Jomama. These traitors should all be put in prison camps. How dare anyone question our predident or government. They have to do what they have to do to keep us safe from evil terrorists like those Iranians. Thank god they voted for democrats who will continue the policy of ridding of terrorists. I am glad they are going to work with Bush and not try to impeach everybody. Sometimes you have to give up liberty for freedom. God bless America.
True American – Madison, WI – November 12th, 9:56 AM
Thank you very much for this editorial. There are too many unanswered questions about 9/11 and too many self-serving ways in which it seems to have been exploited by the Bush Administration.

We also need to do something about the dilution of habeas corpus and the seeming move toward an autocracy in the US. We need to keep our Republic.
Nuzi Haneef – Eagan (Twin Cities metro area), MN – November 12th, 10:05 AM
better late than never ?
Carlos – San Juan, PR – November 12th, 10:12 AM
Can already hear the rumble of Jewish dominated Banking and Media quelching any uprisings.
sue carmichael – nyc, ny – November 12th, 10:20 AM
Our new Canadian government lead by Stephen Harper is following in the footsteps of the Bush Administration and the now discredited neo-cons, who used 9/11 as a reason for all of their actions.

Americans, Canadians, and all people of the world, need desperately to know the entire truth of what happened that day. If it was incompetence, malfeasance, or complicity — we need to know. The stakes are too high to let it alone.
blogbart – Vancouver, BC, Canada – November 12th, 10:26 AM
Gratitude to the Ashland Daily Tidings for its courage in speaking in the true American way. Uncomfortable truths may prompt the lazy to defend a mainstream ignoring of the obvious. True patriots of country, and more importantly, humanity, are willing to take the flak, the stress, and the patience required to get to the truth that benefits all. Hopefully, your editorial will assist in an investigation that holds everyone accountable. Many thanks for your consideration.
Roy A.Stokes ([email protected]) – Shenandoah Valley, VA – November 12th, 10:27 AM
I appreciate your courage! The so-called independent 9/11 commission was a farce! We most definitely need a truly independent investigation that does not assume what caused the events of 9/11 before the investigation has even begun.
Jim Tucker – Yellville AR – November 12th, 10:34 AM
No, this editorial doesn’t “pander to ludicrous conspiracy theories.” It simply brings up legitimate, critical questions and asks for a more complete and honest explanation of one the most important events in US history. If you have a problem with that, I’d have to call you un-American and undemocratic.

Long live dissent and truth! We are headed towards a historical showdown between rationality/truth/honesty and deception/domination and blind conservatism.
mark – new york, ny – November 12th, 10:38 AM
Yes, you are 100% correct in all phases of your proclamation. Please, please, please, with your power comes great responsibility and you must exercise it by spearheading the movement within the media to reveal what really happened on 9/11. Our nation and the American way of life as we know it depends on it. You know it, I know it, and the powers that be want to hide it. The American Free press is the last bastion that we have to reveal the truth. The pen is mightier than the sword.God Bless
Joe Public – Pleasanton, IL – November 12th, 11:08 AM
We have to be very careful what we wish for here. Remember the outcome of SS solidiers tried for the murder of American prisoners at Malmedy in the Ardennes. In subsequent appeals and the politizization of the inquiries by Joe McCarthy, all the defendents sentenced to hang eventually walked free. It took unknown vigilanties many years later to exact revenge on the SS officer responsible. We should not let any inquiry become politicized just because the WTC attack occured on the Republicans watch
Doug Forsyth – Ashland – November 12th, 11:21 AM
Re: JoMama- Giving IT a rest is exactly why we are in Iraq. NO? LIES one and all…WMD’s, Ties to al-Qaeda, Bio/Chem weapons, Nuclear weapons, and, AND(!) Bush’s favorite, 9-1-1. LIES!!!

The Fourth Estate was bought and sold a long time ago. Sold out to an ideological fallacy that gave us PNAC and the Authoritarian government. As early as 1997, Iraq was on the hit list then. All that was needed was a “New Pearl Harbor.”

YES! Investigate. Investigate it all.
MAX-1 – Seattle, Wa. – November 12th, 11:24 AM
As long as we allow criminals to lead our military and government we are destined for fascism. A new investigation is warranted and the people demand it!

If we as a nation wish to remain the light of freedom to the world then we must investigate and convict the criminals who have destroyed our reputation and our Constitution. WE MUST INVESTIGATE AND IMPEACH BUSH, CHENEY, RICE, GONZALEZ, GUILLIANI, SILVERSTIEN, RUMSFELD, MARVIN BUSH and Wirt D Walker III.

I am Joe & I approve this this message
Joe Plascencia ([email protected]) – Los Angeles – November 12th, 11:29 AM
THANK YOU! Its nice to see some mainstream press actually make a call to investigate 9/11.
Anyone who spends even a few hours looking into all the obvious lies of the “independent” 911 commission knows how overwhelming the evidence is to support the “inside job” hypothesis. It is very clear to someone who is willing to open their mind and brush aside the MSM brainwashing that Cheney et al were responsible. Take a look for yourself and don’t trust anyone else’s opinion! Try
Ed Morrison – ashland, oregon – November 12th, 11:34 AM
The vote count was not yet complete when the Right was calling nervously for “and end to partisanship” in order to prevent investigations. The US is defined by a Constitution that has been sullied in ways many Americans thought impossible. If what the Bush Administration has done can go unscrutinized it will be a message to future illicit power that it can do as it wishes.
William Willers ([email protected]) – Middleton, Wisconsin – November 12th, 11:39 AM
Finally we have an Editor who has the guts to ask for a re-investigation of the events of 9/11. Thank you. If nothing else, we owe it to the families who lost their loved ones on that awful day, (and were and still are) deeply dissatisfied with the 9/11 Commission Report. We shall see if Henry Waxman and the Democrats are brave patriots or talking head politicians.
Brian Richards – Gloucester, MA – November 12th, 11:59 AM
“The focus ought to be on the response.”
Um, OK, JoMamma….
Because as long as the response is good (which it was! /sarcasm), it doesn’t matter what the reason is. Thank you for saying what so many americans think. Unfortunately.
George Sturges ([email protected]) – Virginia – November 12th, 12:12 PM
It’s nice to see a piece like this. Hopefully the people will ask for an independent investigation on 9/11 so that those like JoMama from Seattle can finally learn that 9/11 was an inside job, and stop making racist remarks about Muslims like an ignorant idiot/jackass. If you wish to learn more about 9/11 and false flag terrorism go to Google Video and watch “Terrorstorm”, “Loose Change 2nd Edition”, “9/11- Mysteries”, and 9/11 The Myth and Realities” for free.
Wally – Bedford, OH – November 12th, 12:46 PM
JoMama is a nutjob, if you’re so sure please claim your easy $1 million from James Walter by “proving” the official story is the truth.
JoDada – NY, NY – November 12th, 12:46 PM
It is long past time to independently investigate the attacks of September 11th, 2001. Given Dr. Jones’s recent discovery of thermate explosive residue at ground zero, the inexplicable lack of a central core at WTC North & WTC South, the insider trading on Wall Street the morning of, the shameless profiteering of Larry Silverstein planned months ahead of the attack, and the obvious coverup after the fact – all these things and more point to 911 being an inside job.
David Lau – Philadelphia, PA – November 12th, 12:54 PM
The fact that whether or not 9/11 should be independantly investigated is even a question is the best reason to do it. Similarly, the fact that some people are even talking about impeaching bush should be enough to start the wheels turning. Anyone who tries to say any of this is a waste of time would have been the perfect type of person to support Hitler’s reign. Patriotism isn’t about following blindly your leaders into the gates of hell itself.

We’ll see what happens.
Sherald Ward – Kill Devil Hills, NC – November 12th, 12:54 PM
Finally! A newspaper editoral with enough courage to at least call for an honest investigation into what really happened on 9-11-01. Yours might be a small newspaper, but everyone in the USA should read it and support you and maybe the rest of our newspapers will awaken also. The Daily Tidings has done a good job here. We need the truth to begin the healing of America.
Dewey Pike – Reno Nevada – November 12th, 1:13 PM
Thanks. An unbiased investigation of 9/11 is long overdue, in my opinion.
Fred Wolters – Guerneville, CA – November 12th, 1:15 PM
Sure. A man with a beard in a cave in Afghanistan did it. Wohohooho. And 19 non-existant muslim hijackers carried it out. Not Saudi or Iranian but evil Muslims. America is MAD.
brianv – ireland – November 12th, 1:17 PM
thre’s lots of morons who still think that islamics provoked the 9/11………
for the moron here ……..9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB
jerry – austin – November 12th, 1:27 PM
Before throwing around the term “conspiracy” define the term! Political parties are conspiracies among like minded special interests to control the government & use it to enrich themselves & their cronies. Corporations are business conspiracies to convert raw materials & labor into marketable products. The “official” explanation provided by our currrent gov’t. of how 3 steel & concrete buildings were reduced to DUST is itself a ‘conspiracy theory’ which has YET to be proven.
QazCat – Cascadia, WA – November 12th, 1:29 PM
Anyone who has taken the time to study the multitude of unanswered questions knows we dont know what we need to know. Amen to a unbiased and independent investigation, and thank you Ashland Daily Tidings for suggesting just that.
Doug – Blue Mounds,WI – November 12th, 1:29 PM
Thanks for the great editorial. One can only hope the corporate media will grow a spine and take notice; I won’t hold my breath. It will take grassroots activism to reveal the truth of the horrific events of 9/11. The 9/11 Commission was infinitely worse than Warren’s. True Patriots want the truth; the sheep of the country, represented by the likes of JoMama from Seattle, are cowards who would rather bury their head than face the reality that things just aren’t right in Kansas. www.st911.0rg
Kelly Walters – Anchorage, AK – November 12th, 1:35 PM
Never have believed that anything but explosives brought down all three buildings on 9/11 and that tiny hole in the pentagon wall before it collapsed was nowhere near big enough for a 757 to go thru nor was the fire damage enough. Govt has lied & covered up facts since at least 1913, the present administration has little credibility, shame, respect for Constitution or human dignity & legalizes torture! We need freedom not safety, representation not “leadership”, bravery not fear, truth not lies.
K D Smyrl – Conroe, TX – November 12th, 1:43 PM
Thank you from eastern Canada. 9/11, if left unaddressed and unresolved, has the very real potential to destroy your country and all it stands for. It’ll happen like fog rolling in on a winter afternoon. There will be no dawn.
gary parkinson – ottawa on ca – November 12th, 1:58 PM
You wingnuts should stick to flying saucers and big foot. We were ATTACKED!!!
Media Watchog – odessa, texas – November 12th, 1:58 PM
Look, the traditional fourth estate is now being held captive by the mega-corporations, which have absolutely no interest in the truth about this becoming public. Now is the time to embrace the NEW fourth estate, the dedicated and honestly concerned contributors to internet forums, such as this. Ya know, Power to the People! Blog on, Pilgrims!
Keep the Faith!
Best, Ted.
Theodore Gillen – LA, CA – November 12th, 2:02 PM
Thank you for your thoughtful editorial. There are many investigations that need to happen. Any Congressional committee with subpoena powers should require Administration officials to testify under oath on issues as wide-ranging as energy policy negotiations, the 9/11 events, domestic spying, and the decisions that led to the authorization of torture and secret prisons.

One comment: I think you intended to use the term “independent counsel.” May other journalists respond to your call.
John Humphries – Hartford, CT – November 12th, 2:11 PM
Only those who fear the truth could possibly disagree with you. In fact, the best way to thoroughly crush the conspiracy theorist movement is to fully and unblinkingly investigate what really happened, then publish the results for all to see. No “trust us” conclusions. No “could not have happened because” speculation. Just the whole, unvarnished truth.

Trust me, we can handle it.
Rich Campbell – Panorama City, CA – November 12th, 2:13 PM
I agree 100%! Let’s investigate and go from there.

If you agree with the current explanation of 9/11, then simply answer these questions: Why did building #7 collapse, it was not hit by a plane. Where was the Air Force when the planes were hijacked? Were they on stand down orders? Someone was massivly “shorting” airline stocks in the days before 9/11, who was it? Why did the Bush adminstration strip the Air Force of the authority to shoot down hijacked planes 6 months before 911?
Andy – Prior Lake, MN – November 12th, 2:29 PM
3 days before 9/11 jeb bush declared martial law in florida
bumsfeld announced the pentagon lost 2.3 billion dollars on sept 10th 2001
marvin bush’s 3 year contract for security at the wtc expired on sept 10th 2001
Larry Silverstien ([email protected]) – New York, NY – November 12th, 2:30 PM
Dear Daily Tidings,

Thank you for calling for a real 9/11 investigation. It is insane that the Bush Administration have fought against investigating 9/11 for years.

PLEASE, do a press release and mail your Editorial above, to all newspapers throughout the United States, inviting them to join your call for a real independent 9/11 investigation.
Bill Douglas – Kansas City, Kansas – November 12th, 2:44 PM
Given the facts, the whole thing has been one big, outrageous lie. 911 and the crude actions of the Neo-Conservative mafia, with it’s bloody occupation of fallen nations in the “New” Middle East and fear games thrown around in the media pool ,should force everyone to question the true meaning of it all. Politicians should not believe that they are untouchable god fathers living in tax free castles, for they must be held accountable as every other citizen living within a nation of laws and order
Jeff Boster – Fenwick – November 12th, 2:45 PM
You should check out Terrorstorm and Loosechange Second edition, and 911 Myths cause they show that we really do need an independent investigation!
Joe – New York, New York – November 12th, 2:54 PM
Thank you for this article demanding the 911 Truth.

We commend you for your courage and support of this country.

thank you
Gary Goldman – Conyers, GA – November 12th, 3:41 PM
Folks who suggest “We know all we need know about this infamous day and subsequently dismal investigation” seem to lack the ability of approaching complex circumstances with critical thought – a common ‘fox-newish’ type of problem. Thank you for this editorial!
Michael – Chicago, IL – November 12th, 4:09 PM
Thank you – all success to your efforts.
Most in the 9/11 Truth Movement are not asking for specific answers – most only ask that an in-depth, truth-full and independent investigation be conducted.
And speaking of ‘ludicrous conspiracy theories,’ what more ‘ludicrous’ than 19 men with box-cutters who could not fly small aircraft and directed by a man in a cave, were able to stand down the powerful US security system, then immediately arrange for a demolition company to haul away the evidence?
t quigly – boise idaho – November 12th, 4:30 PM
I live in a suburb of Washington DC, 10 miles from the Pentagon. I can’t tell you how frightening it was to be here on 9/11. I can tell you that the American people DO NOT know what really happened. I can tell you that the investigation was a whitewash. I can tell you that we deserve, and I am demanding, a real investigation be conducted. We deserve the truth and we can handle it. Thank you for your editorial. I hope the other papers will be brave enough and patriotic enough to join you.
Elaine Sullivan – Bethesda, MD – November 12th, 4:36 PM
Daily Tidings, you are the Vanguard. Step by step, facing criticism, anger and ridicule, other publications will follow suit, and eventually echo your call for a full 911 Investigation. Uncovering a coverup will become the norm. Thank you for setting a standard.
Annie Higgins – Chicago, IL – November 12th, 4:58 PM
This admin never allowed a REAL inquiry, with completely public transparancy, because they know it won’t stand up to legal scrutiny.

ANY legal trial MUST obey basic rules, every one of which was thrown out in the handling of 9/11… like desposing of all forensic evidence from the site, and shipping it to China! FAA takes plane crashes and examines them for months. Did this happen with any of 9/11? NO.


Have the physical impossibilites of the story been validated? NO.

Ask WHY !!!
Quantumystic – Orlando, FL – November 12th, 5:05 PM
Can we please try and not tow the party line….it was NOT 3000 AMERICANS who died on 9/11, they were from many nationalities….Jesus, if you repeat a lie often enough people really believe it don’t they?
Julian Barber – Scotland – November 12th, 5:14 PM
We can’t afford not to know what happened on 911. The belief that we were attacked by foreigners on our own soil has driven us to a state of fear that has facilitated taking away our freedoms, causing us to support invading two countries and costing the lives of thousands of our young people and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. And our government can not even provide proof that it was foreigners who caused the 911 tragedy. Time to know what really happened!
Don Stacey – Beverly, MA – November 12th, 5:15 PM
Finally, a Independent investigation into the events on 9 11…..may it lift our eyes to the truths, and lay rest to the non truths….
laurie – Winnipeg MB – November 12th, 5:22 PM
Conspiracies are ubiquitous. Everyone is in agreement that the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy. But those who are genuinely knowledgeable and care about the truth reject fallacious conspiracy theories, such as the U.S. government’s lying, self-serving, and provably false official fairy tale conspiracy theory concerning the 9/11 attacks.

Some 200 million people have been murdered by their own governments within the past century. Those cullings were conspiracies far larger than the 9/11 attacks.
James Redford ([email protected]) – Dunnellon, Florida – November 12th, 5:30 PM
Thank you for your courageous call for an independant investigation on the events of 9/11. If there is any chance, and I think there is, of foul play which we no nothing of then we need badly to know more.
Charles Temple Sr – Dayton Ohio – November 12th, 5:47 PM
Congratulations, on being the first (known) public newspaper to question the official 9/11 story and ask for a thorough independant investigation. Mayor Giullani’s order to remove evidence from the crime scene before examination by the proper authorities was a federal offense!

The ensuing cover-up by the corporate media and others makes them guilty of capital crimes as well. The interviews of firemen who were on the scene have never been broadcast by the mainstream media…WHY???
Leonard Hanson ([email protected]) – Hilltop, Minnesota – November 12th, 6:27 PM
You are on the right side of history.

Those who perpetuate the cover up by refusing to speak out are on the wrong side of history.

Jasper Summer – Berekeley, CA – November 12th, 6:27 PM
Thank you so much for having the courage to call for an investigation of this sort. Too many unanswered questions remain and impact daily on the lives of people all over the planet.
B. Guthrey – Sydney, Australia – November 12th, 6:40 PM
I appreciate your demand for a real investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001. We do know that originally the government lied about the air quality- a health catastrophe followed. They limited the investigation, destroyed evidence, and lied about what happened, using the event to pursue an imperial agenda. Most recently, physiicist Steven E. Jones has found scientific evidence that the buildings were brought down using thermite. We need the press to get out the critical facts. about 9-11.
Carol Brouillet – Palo Alto, CA – November 12th, 6:42 PM
Watch the google video 911 Mysteries and then if you don’t think 911 was an inside job, you are incapable of independant thought and reason. Sad that so many are so easily deceived.
Jerry Carpenter – Vancouver WA – November 12th, 6:59 PM
Ask why the disgraceful, disgusting, despicable being who, when informed that “America is under attack,” just sat there stone faced for seven minutes reading to a classroom filled with children. Ask why he wasn’t pulled away by Secret Service agents who did not seem at all concerned about the safety of this man. Ask his brother and his cousin who were in charge of Twin Towers security, why there was a scheduled power shutdown during a weekend just prior to 9/11. Make them answer under oath.
BrendanOMaidian – New York, NY – November 12th, 8:00 PM
Bravo to an American Newspaper that isn’t on it’s knees in front of Corporate America. The truth has obviously been withheld to the citizens on the events of 9/11. We have limited time to act here before the next war is launched by the guys in charge that are trying to cover their tracks. I don’t know what actually happened but any idiot can investigate enough to know the official story is a lie.
Keith Patrick – San Rafael, CA – November 12th, 8:04 PM
According to an MSNBC poll 87% of Americans now want impeachment proceedings, but the call is being explicitly ignored.

If you want a true investigation, you’ll need a mass petition to Congress. Deliver it during a press conference with an open call to every internet and blog journalist that wants to attend, to Nancy Pelosi – copies to Conyers and Waxman.

Lee Mayzes – Calgary, AB, Canada – November 12th, 8:40 PM
We are so proud to be Ashlanders and part of the 9/11 Truth Committee! Thank you Daily Tidings for taking us out of the “conspiracy theorists ” category. You just made history.

Bill and Maridale Moore – Ashland, Or – November 12th, 9:05 PM
Daily Tidings – Thank you for your true patriotism in facing the “elephant in the room” ie that the official “conspiracy” theory just doesn’t make any sense. We need more mainstream media upholding their constitutional role in bringing the truth out and demanding a real investigation. As Professor Jones says “the truth will set you free”. We need more truth in our world in order to hold those responsible for these crimes, stop the illegal wars and promote peace instead. The sooner the better!
Clare Tobin – Chicago Illinois – November 12th, 9:12 PM
There are types of Americans. Those who still believe the official story and those who have spent three minutes looking into the collapse of World Trade Center Building #7.
Mike Phillips – Medford, Oregon – November 12th, 9:43 PM
Thank you for your substantial courage, our nation’s first daily paper to call for a major inquiry into 9/11. Millions of us are realizing that the official story makes no sense except as a cover-up. Katrina taught us that the federal response to disaster is incompetent, yet all the answers were conveniently in place within very few hours. We must answer the harrowing questions that remain. We owe the truth to those who died, and to those dying every day since, from our nation’s violent response
Kelsey Ramage – Santa Cruz, Ca – November 12th, 10:07 PM
The Chill is gone!
Thank you so much for being the first to break the silence.
I am casting this gauntlet at all of my local papers.
“There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen
J. Barclay – Salt Spring Is., B.C., Canada – November 12th, 10:18 PM
The number of comments in favor of you editorial should give us some indication of the justifiable concern of all truly patriotic Americans. Only the guilty fear the truth.
Hal O’Leary ([email protected]) – Wheeling, WV – November 12th, 10:31 PM
It makes me happy every time I see progress toward 9/11 truth. Thank you.
Bustaballs – Claremore, OK – November 12th, 11:53 PM
I wonder what leftist / socialist rag reprinted this editorial? The number of responses is way out of line even for this conspiracy happy metropolis. Perhaps you want to increase your circulation base?
Les – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 1:19 AM
I am heartened at long last.The election did little to sway the deep feeling of dread in my heart,but today there is light.THANK YOU ASHLAND!!! I knew I preferred this state to my own for a million reasons,all of them politics,and now this town is my new favorite.Please o please let the rest of the country wake up and follow suit.P.S.EVERYONE: Read Tarpley’s ‘9/11 Synthetic Terror:Made in the U.S.’ PLUS Palast’s ‘Armed Madhouse’,PLUS Madsen’s ‘Jaded Tasks’.
Becky ([email protected]) – Boise,Idaho – November 13th, 1:35 AM
100%Sure that 9/11 was an inside job. Respect for Daily Tidings for placing this article.
Jacco – Noordwijk, Netherlands – November 13th, 3:11 AM
I have to say with all of the growing interest in 911, I finally broke down to check out what all the crazies have been screaming about for the last five years. It seems the more I’ve looked, the more I realize that it’s absolutely true, the government is not being straight with the American public. I don’t have a theory, so I guess you cannot say I’m a conspiracy theorist. But I do have alot of questions which beyond a doubt demand answers. Thanks for the honest reporting.
John – NYC, NY – November 13th, 3:57 AM
Conspiracy Theorist: a term that has been carefully indoctrinated into mainstream thought by the government and corporate media, since the JFK assassination, to mean crazy, nutty, and definitely not to be believed. Make no mistake…it is a tool of the propagandist to discourage intelligent dissent.
Brian Schoenrock – Galena, IL – November 13th, 5:35 AM
well so far 104 comments and only TWO Reich Wing nutbag responses from those totally ignorant of the facts (JoMama & True American) and one embarrassment (Nico Haupt).
I think it is quite clear that a flat minimum of 45-50% of this country is aware that 9/11 was an inside job, and no doubt 80+% of the rest of the planet.
Also from virtually any web based poll at least 85-90% of the web based community is fully aware.
So THANK YOU for having the Patriotic Courage to print this editorial.
Nunyabiz – Raleigh, NC – November 13th, 6:28 AM
This is incredible. Ashland’s citizens are very lucky to have a newspaper whose editors are willing to uncover the truth behind government spin. Now that Democrats hold the House and the Senate, we can finally have real oversight hearings about the nightmare that was 9/11.

God willing, we will discover the truth and the people responsible for 9/11 will be brought to justice.
Tahoma Activist – Tacoma, WA – November 13th, 6:40 AM
Bravo. I hope you have shamed the rest of mainstream media into being equally noble and high-minded. Bravo.
S. Ryle – Big Spring, TX – November 13th, 6:46 AM

So, let me get this straight: Bush persuaded bin Laden to take credit for the attacks? And even if supposed explosives were set-off causing the towers’ collapse, why would they have been set by the U.S. and not, say, bin Laden? I mean, he is the only person who’s done it before. It’s also unlikely that the U.S. could persuade muslim men to fly a plane to certain death, seeing as how it wouldn’t be in the name of Islam (we know that the plane in PA was flown by arab men). See Ockham’s razor…
Not Convinced – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 7:00 AM
To Not Convinced
Osama bin Laden has emphatically denied being responsible for the 9/11 attacks and even the FBI does not mention any connection with 9/11 in his “rap sheet”.

The Kean Commission was convened to investigate how 19 Islamic terrorist managed to create the destruction we saw on 9/11. We need a new commission that does not accept this or any other foregone conclusion, but investigates all possibilities fully, fearlessly, and objectively.
Steve Harness – Upper Lake, CA – November 13th, 7:42 AM

It’s about time!

Peace and God Bless!
Fred Smart – Evanston, IL – November 13th, 8:16 AM
Wow: Thank you for your integrity!The truth will come out if we had more journalism like this.Remember the biggest conspiracy theory of all is the governments official account of 9/11.
John Vodila
John Vodila – Ashland, KY – November 13th, 8:54 AM
thankyou for the truth. I commend the bravery of your newspaper, and the fine group of people working over yonder
Someguy – Disneyland Ca – November 13th, 8:57 AM
Thank you Daily Tidings for a call for truth and transparency, the foundation of true bipartisanship. At the very least, there needs to be a new investigation. Only this will handle the unanswered questions and unquestioned answers.
Steve Bhaerman – Santa Rosa CA – November 13th, 9:43 AM
It just about blows my mind that, despite the mountain of evidence suggesting that 9/11 was an inside job, people still believe the official lie.

More power to the individuals that made the decisions to write and publish this call to arms for daily newspapers nationwide. I personally will be doing my part in reaching out to those newspapers to second that call to arms.

For those of you out there who know the truth, please get proactive and join the fight. Expose the real criminals.
Louis ([email protected]) – Trenton, NJ – November 13th, 9:43 AM
To all who still believe in what the government said, go to the FBI site at There is no mention that Bin Laden is wanted for 9/11. Not one word. When the FBI director was asked why, he said “We have no evidence to link Bin Laden to 9/11”. What? The “evidence” is good enough to go to wars but not good enough to go to court? This proves the “war on terror” is a huge fraud and actually a war on our freedom!!
Vee – Sturgis, SD – November 13th, 9:52 AM
yes, yes, yes…..finally the damn is starting to leak. hopefully more papers will follow. can’t add much to all this except to say to “not convinced” above me here that ockham’s razor does, in fact, fit the 9/11 scenario to a “t”. the only problem for you is that you think that the government’s lame explanations make more sense than good old common sense. when applying this principle to any situation, you have to have all the facts. i suggest you look a little closer.
connie mack – phoenicia, ny – November 13th, 10:04 AM
Unbelievable! I feel like Alice reading the paper from Wonderland (aka Ashland), where facts are fiction, and truths are conspiracy. BUT, I must be in the minority, because the Queen of Hearts has been elected to put on trial the Brave Knight Bush.
Kitty C – Medford, OR – November 13th, 10:18 AM
THANK YOU FOR THIS! It is PATRIOTIC to want to find out who attacked our country. I have a lot of questions, but one that stands out is this: where did all that molten steel come from? I think it’s pretty obvious it came from cutting charges slicing through steel beams. See for yourself: just watch 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions on Google Videos (
Jesse Goplen – Arcata, CA – November 13th, 10:22 AM
Well we finally have somebody that is not a sold out puppet slave to the New World Order powers. They have murdered not only 3000 American citizens; and about 600,000 Iraquis and Afghans and about 6000 American soldiers. But in the near future; it will be the NWO who will put those of us who won’t accept their beast chip spoken of in Revelation 13:18 into prisons as we will become end time martyres. But God will avenge us greatly!
As they will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire forever!
Rev. Reggie Jackson ([email protected]) – Temple Hils, Maryland – November 13th, 10:24 AM
BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO……. At last someone in the press has the guts to question the lies that have been accepted as truth! In the spirit of “All The Presidents Men”, you are but the first to stand tall, to stand proud…. to be an American! Thanks!
Jak ([email protected]) – Austin – November 13th, 10:37 AM
Some of us have been waiting years for this. Thank you.
Brian – San Francisco – November 13th, 10:38 AM

Bin Laden has in fact emphatically claimed responsibility for 9/11. Eggen, Dan, “Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings?”, The Washington Post, August 28, 2006. “Osama claims responsibility for 9/11”, The Times of India, May 24, 2006. “Bin Laden claims responsibility for 9/11”, CBC News, October 29, 2004.

I hereby call for an independent council to completely and thoroughly tailor a consipiracy theory that completely and thoroughly accounts for this fact.
Not Convinced – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 10:39 AM
God bless this article! The Ashland Daily Tidings has journalistic integrity! Bravo! *Put’s Ashland Daily Tidings in Favorites*
Anthony – New York, New York – November 13th, 10:44 AM
I’m glad someone in the media finally said what most of us are thinking. Just get some independant people to look into what really happened on 9/11 and quit feeding us manufactured spin. Great article
Terry L. – Atlanta, GA – November 13th, 10:56 AM
Submarine torpedoman Tom Brown, SS486, Pomadon, 1969 reporting for duty Sir! Thanks for your editorial on 9/11. Some of us are not satisfied with the Republican whitewash on the attack on America. We appreciate those like yourselves that can put it on the line. Jesus says that your sacrafice is not in vain.

One Love revtombrown
Rev. Tom Brown ([email protected]) – Fayetteville, Arkansas – November 13th, 11:05 AM
Thank you so much for this article. Research 9/11 and you are left with one conclusion after looking at the mountain of facts and Gov’t lies, 9/11 was an Inside Job. We need the media’s help to get the truth out and hold those responsible accountable for their evil actions. Problem is after prosecuting those involved we may not have much of a Fed gov’t left. This of course is by design which makes it very difficult to ever get MSM to cover these stories. The age of Ethics is upon us all. Wake up
James – Cincinnati, OH – November 13th, 11:16 AM
Respect for your publishing this editorial.

The US needs to move on, but without knowing exactly what did happen on 9-11, and how it could have happened, and how it can be stopped from happening again, its not possible for you guys to do so.

Colin Roberts (A Brit) – Vienna Austria – November 13th, 11:25 AM
It is heartening to see such unanimous support for this editorial. The MSM is far behind the public in their outcry for truth, and have fallen well short of their collective responsibility.
The 9/11 attacks were planned and executed by members of the US security and intelligence community and their operatives. This seminal event triggered a shift of huge amounts of influence in the world, brought war, torture, and prompted a routing of Consitiutional rights.
With the truth out, we can heal.

Peter O’Leary – Chicago, IL – November 13th, 12:07 PM
HEAR, HEAR!! What company are you owned by? Obviously one with dignity. A $50-100 million dollar investigation with a truly, TRULY independent panel would serve to lay to rest, or find out the truth of the events of that day. The American people can only gain, so much, from such an investigation. There are still too many questions unanswered. The families of those who died are still unsatisfied with their understanding. The American people demand real answers and truth.
Mark – Chicago, IL – November 13th, 12:18 PM
Congratulations! As one who’s been waiting 3 years for 9/11 truth to come out to the mainstream media and people, I can’t wait for the indictments. Impeach the terrorists!
Robert – Brisbane, Australia – November 13th, 12:21 PM
SALUTE!! Real independent journalism for a breathe of real news! Our world in being destroyed by the corruption of our leaders.

Please READ:
Dr John Coleman reveals who is really running our reality.
Gary Allen ( – Raleigh NC – November 13th, 12:31 PM
Kudos to the Tidings for having the integrity to challenge the rest of mainstream media to rise to their level. In a time where newspapers endorse political candidates, it’s nice to see a call to action that is about finding a non-partisan answer. The truth will set us all free.
Chamise Kramer – Talent, OR – November 13th, 12:35 PM
As a father, I appreciate the effort and courage to print something like this so I may be able to teach my children the truth, as a Veteran I salute you and your valiant effort to bring the truth to the American people. I appreciate you helping me protect our rights as Americans. Please be tireless as I will be in shouting this necessary message to the masses and increase awareness about Government dealings and corporate connections to “elected” officials. Your honor, courage are appreciated!
Dave Nehring ([email protected]) – Apple Valley, MN – November 13th, 12:50 PM
Finally! There are very few independent newspapers left in this country. God Bless this one for taking a stand, may the rest follow suit and wake this country up!
John – Houston, Texas – November 13th, 12:59 PM
Another idiot on the loose. I quit this rag years ago for their lack of professional journalism.
Mary – Ashland, Or – November 13th, 1:01 PM
Count out our unit of measure, the second. One thousand one…one thousand two, you know the drill. Now imagine the “pancake collapse” of a single Manhattan skyscraper floor; in one of those seconds. Seems like too short of a time, huh? 110 stories taking 110 seconds would not defy Newtons freefall speed law, would it? Now imagine 1/2 a second per floor. 55 seconds.
Somehow we are led to believe the trade towers fell at freefall speed with no resitance in 10 seconds. Wake up America.
Daniel Ashton – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 1:15 PM

It would be nice if the article pointed out the ways in which the first 9/11 Commission was not “thorough or complete” enough. Does the author want different methods, or different conclusions? And which methods should be changed?
A. Bradley – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 1:20 PM
The truth about 9/11 is only a small piece of the puzzle…

Please visit:

At the website above, you will be shown the many other things that they are trying to hide from you.

You must get informed before it’s to late! – – November 13th, 1:21 PM
“The government was involved in 9/11!” There…I said it! Did not believe it at first…I’m very skeptical…but damn! Could they have left any more bread crumbs! All respect goes to Ashland Daily Tidings and any other media outlet willing to risk everything! Thankyou.
Daniel – AL – November 13th, 1:25 PM
If a gas fire melts steel, then everytime you light up your gas grill or barbeque grill, shouldn’t it collapse and fall apart?
Ed – Cleveland, OH – November 13th, 1:26 PM
There are many reasonable, unanswered questions about the 9/11 tradegy and I question the loyalty of anyone who stops a real and honest investigation. Bush is not king (yet) and the Republican Party is not ordained as our saviors, at least not in my Bible.

Of all whom I’ve spoken to about a new investigation, the most opposed are those least informed, typically conservatives and Republicans. Be a real American: demand the truth now, not more government lies.
Rusty – Sugar Land, TX – November 13th, 1:35 PM

I wouldnt say Ashland is a major newspaper but i’m praying this wll be a catalyst for other papers to follow suit.
Tim – London, England – November 13th, 1:36 PM
Wow! A real newspaper? This is long overdue, congratulations on showing the “major” papers what they should be doing.
James Dorman – Indinaapolis In – November 13th, 2:04 PM

For the record: nobody claims that the towers fell at free-fall, which would be about 8 seconds; rather, the times were 11 and 9 seconds for towers 1 and 2, respectively. (Popular Mechanics had it at 12.) The structure was meant to hold the momentum of (falling floors’ weight), and ended up facing (falling floors’ weight x velocity squared). That the towers fell close to gravitational velocity is not unusual (you can try the same experiment yourself with a deck of cards — try it!)
Not Bill Nye – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 2:06 PM
One only has to watch and listen to videos of the network reporters and the eye witnesses at the scene to be convinced that there were explosions. Explosions which have never been fully addressed on mainstream news channels or any of the three official reports. Great article. I’m feeling less depressed knowing that there are others who feel as I do. The government belongs to the people. Show the world that we once were lost but now we’re found. We’re a great nation built on priciples.
Steve Blubaugh – Madrid, Spain – November 13th, 2:11 PM
Truth has never been a steady variable. It always varies from person to person. I think if the truth were suddenly thrust upon our war veterans honor would instantly disappear. Stay asleep, never seek the truth, enjoy the reality that you think exists, and enjoy the status you have made for yourself. The truth will only lead to a world you do not want to live within.
James – Huntsville, AL – November 13th, 2:13 PM
The comments made by JoMama, True American, etc. are a disgrace to my intelligence. Anyone with a shred of common sense and conventional wisdom can easily see that the 9/11 Commission Report is little more than a token attempt to appease the citizens and fails to address the most important questions. It is indeed time for a truly independent investigation; one whose leadership is not riddled with conflicts of interest.
QuaigonJin – Dallas, Texas – November 13th, 2:59 PM
At last this is wath i wanted for over 2 jears to happen it’s the most civilized manner to deal with the tragedy that has come in to our world for the last 5 jears keep up the spirit and hope it will al have a place histoy where all will end in a peacefull way from where the worldcomunity can go forwerd togehter.
elie visser – the netherlands – November 13th, 3:02 PM
I join your call for all daily newspapers to insist that there be a full-scale, independent investigation into the cause of 9/11. An independent, international investigative inquiry should be authorized and funded by Congress. There are two many unanswered questions, and the official story just doesn’t hold up.
Bruce Hall – Ft. Wayne, IN – November 13th, 3:15 PM
Bronstein, owner of one of San Francisco’s most dominant newspapers, will never question 911, as that name Bronstein aka Trotsky, led slaughters of over 20 million White Christians in Russia shortly before WW2 in Europe/Russia, between 1917 and 1929. Over 300 Jewish of less than total of 375 ‘commissars’ revolutionary leaders were of Jews. Wonder why Israeli’s filmed dancing during 911 were deported? Eliminate selective dual citizenry. Eliminate political bribe favors + save American lives.

sue carmichael – nyc, ny – November 13th, 3:57 PM
Even in Belgium we really love reading this. 🙂
Carl – Antwerp, Belgium – November 13th, 3:58 PM

I hope the investigation the people call for
will go as deep as it should. Don’t make the mistake to forget the ones that ordered and the
ones that paid for those horrible attacks.
Follow the money !!!

The rabbithole will be deep, deeper than you might
think. But it’s an oppertunity for the Americans
to save the whole world, not only America.
You’d gain back all respect you’ve lost since Bush
walked into the White House.

I, and many other Europeans support you.
( watch “the moneymasters” !)
ed geldhof – eindhoven/the netherlands – November 13th, 4:10 PM
Have our military been dying for falsified reasons? Were they treachorously lied to get them to sacrifice their lives? Families mourning our Nation’s Heros deserve to know. God bless America.
Lt John Albright – New York, NY – November 13th, 4:44 PM
The Dutch 9/11 Truth Movement salutes you!
VAB – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 13th, 5:02 PM
Thank you. It takes courage to pursue the truth. The collapse of WTC 7 could not have been a random consequence of office fires; visit and watch the video comparing the collapse of WTC 7 to an actual controlled demolition. It is ludicrous to think the administration is not aware of this. The official version of 9/11 can only be a deception.

Our children do not deserve the legacy of preemptive war, torture and eroding civil liberties. Re-investigate.
Shawn Siegel – Austin, Texas – November 13th, 5:24 PM
So, there is one newspaper in the United States that is still a guard dog, not a lap dog. Eternal thanks!
Kathy – Austin, Tx – November 13th, 5:28 PM
Right on! While you are at it, we still have to expose the whole man-on-the-moon charade! The “moon landing” was filmed in Area 57 and a friend of mine saw Neil Armstrong drinking it up in Vegas the next night!!! Far Out!
I. P. Freely – Dope, AK – November 13th, 5:41 PM
Well done. May Daily Tidings be the beginning of the Tide of Truth.
Thank you.
Rob – Austin, Texas – November 13th, 5:41 PM
First off id like to say its about time a newspaper is actually interested in what the american people want. bravo!

and to True American,

I think you should really rethink what you typed earlier: “Sometimes you have to give up liberty for freedom.”
Guess what genius! liberty IS freedom!
Is this the level of Orwellian “doublethink” bush supporters have come to? where they cannot even distinguish liberty from security??
Andres – Miami, FL – November 13th, 5:57 PM
“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge — even to ourselves — that we’ve been so credulous”
-Carl Sagan

“No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.”
-William Blum

Deep pockets are involved in 911
Colestine Mafia – Hilt, Ca – November 13th, 5:57 PM
Thank you so much for having the courage to write this editorial – the first paper in the USA to do this. We are so proud to live in Ashland and be part of this kind of energy and conscience. We are spreading the word as far and wide as we can and appreciate seeing the worldwide response you are already rightfully receiving. We look forward to the reaction from your challenge to other newspapers. Maybe all who have writtten comments can share this editorial with their local news editors?
Joyce and Richard – Ashland Oregon – November 13th, 6:30 PM
Thank you for your editorial. I was living in New York on 9/11, and was there again for the fifth anniversary. Only when I returned, I was wearing an “investigate 9/11” shirt. And you know what, most new yorkers, cops included, made me feel welcome. New York is the greatest place in the world, and now I know that Ashland, Oregon is the second…
David – Richmond, VA – November 13th, 6:32 PM
911 worked so well, what can we expect next?

julio – boise, id – November 13th, 6:42 PM
“Your lack of being informed doesn’t make me a whacko.” – John Loeffler

No cave dwellers told NORAD to stand down. Ask Sgt. Lauro Chavez who was on duty in CENTCOM the morning of 9/11. Islamic militants didn’t take shoot-down authority away from military commanders months before 9/11, contrary to rules of engagement set down by Gore Vidal’s father, West Point’s first aeronautics instructor.

It was bloody obvious to anyone who ever served with fighters that this was allowed to happen, at best.
Cameron Miller – Tucson, Arizona – November 13th, 6:47 PM
I’m not a big ‘conspiracy theorist’ but I’m also not into a select few running the mass media which is running the US. Sell your TV, buy a plane ticket and go get educated! We’re all in this together.
Pete Stanley – Bangkok, Thailand – November 13th, 7:03 PM
Operation Mockingbird fools many.Speaking truth honors all 9/11 victims and heroes: Simple high school physics proves the inside job, the Conservation of Momentum. The 10 second collapse times of the WTC roofs, each a quarter mile high, the same as the fall time of those who jumped through THIN AIR to their deaths?! Yet the roofs were resisted by 47 steel columns and tons of concrete which mysteriously became dust. Only explosives explain. Dr. Steven Jones analyzed materials and found THERMATE.
Sig Mickelson – Washington, DC – November 13th, 7:05 PM
The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.
Malcom X
infowarrior – Bloomington IN – November 13th, 7:21 PM
I hope the investigation will include Dov Zakheim of Systems Planning Corp originator of the Flight Termination System who was appointed an Under Secretary of Defense prior to 911. He was also a contributor to the Project for a New American Century document that postulated another Pearl Harbour as a necessary evil. The FTS also had a destruct capability. There was a pod & a flash under the wing. I hope people will listen to alternative media at Know the truth and set yourself free.
George French ([email protected]) – Toronto, Canada – November 13th, 8:32 PM
Type ‘WTC destruction a masonic ritual’ & discover more facts about the true culprits who are bent (twisted) in satanizing the world & are the real enemies of liberty. Skull & Boner Bush has a habit of projecting his own & his admin’s nefariousness onto the phantom terrorists. Have you all got yr. copy of Global Outlook’s Spring-Summer ’06 iss., a compilation of 911 testimonies, inc. members of Scholars for 911 Truth?
Ange (irishizwpg, – Winnipeg, MB – November 13th, 8:40 PM
Thank you so much for having the courage to ask for a thorough, independent and transparent investigation into the events of 9/11. Also, thank you to the many people who have posted comments here. It is great to know we are not alone. True, some are better informed than others and some have no clue at all, but still, I’m very impressed with how many people WANT this investigation. How can you WIN a war on terror if you don’t know who is terrorizing you and why? It is time US citizens found out.
Michael Wells – Oakland, CA – November 13th, 9:05 PM
Is this the shout that started the landslide to 9/11 Truth?

May God bless the Ashland Daily Tidings!
Daniels – Busselton, Western Australia – November 13th, 9:19 PM
Thank you for this patriotic call for truth. May your spirit grow among citizens and among journalists and politicians nationwide. We have been intimidated into silence for too long.

I don’t see how anyone can oppose this editorial. For those who subscribe to the official theory, won’t it be good to have unity and agreement from the rest of us? And for those who suspect complicity among certain government agencies, we can only support democracy abroad when we practice it at home.
Tony Brasunas – San Francisco, CA – November 13th, 9:23 PM
You wingnuts should stick to flying saucers and big foot. We were ATTACKED!!!

No one is arguing we weren’t attacked, the question is by whom, and as someone said on this thread already, the official story is an unproven conspiracy. Take note that no one but a “lone madman,” Mr. Moussawi, has been convicted of the crime of killing thousands. We got a war when we should have had a trial, because there was more money to be made that way.
Charles Carreon – Ashland, OR – November 13th, 9:44 PM
Cheers, Daily Tidings I agree. Those who disagree, how come you are not fighting in Iraq for your glorious leader and a shot at an innerparty membership! Better yet move to Oceania: War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength. You’ll be happy there.
chad norden – Wyoming, Michigan – November 13th, 9:50 PM
Remember, the massive demonization of Muslims worldwide began with 9/11.
If it was indeed a ‘false flag’ operation, ask yourself who wanted this and who benefited really from what happened afterwards and is still happening in the Middle East… Wake up America, put your own interest first.
Tariq – San Francisco, CA – November 13th, 10:15 PM
If there is no response from the media here we must take to the streets. Please do not think that now the Dems will save us all. If they do not move to give us back our Constitution very soon, we have to demand it.
Jason ([email protected]) – Las Vegas, NV – November 13th, 10:57 PM
Thank you DailyTidings for stepping up to the call of the people and bringing to light a subject that becomes more important by the day. I can only hope the mainstream media follows the example of integrity you have set.
Jeremy G. – Austin, TX – November 13th, 11:16 PM
Thank you for your coverage and finally standing up for your rights!


“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win” – M.Ghandi

Keep up the good work.
Yours sincerely,
Sanne – The Netherlands – November 14th, 12:12 AM
Dear People,
So what now, you caught me. What are you going to do about it? I have all the tanks, missiles, bombs,big guns, and money. I shipped all the soldiers oversees so they can’t protect you. I also have a dedicated 25% base of fanatics that still believe 911 was “Muslims” that will fight to the death to keep it that way. I am almost done destroying the middle class. I got some democrats in my pocket and my Daddy still tells me I’m a big boy and tough.

Bring it people, BRING IT ON!
GeorgeBush – Texas – November 14th, 12:15 AM
It is posted at this web address: where george Bush says on video that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Also on that page is a link to another video where he is lying about 9/11! I along with many, many others believe that 9/11 was an inside job. State sponsored terrorism as stated in Alex Jones movie entitled “Terror Storm” which you can see on google video.
SPEAK THE TRUTH – Seattle, WA – November 14th, 12:16 AM
David Conklin – Richwood Ohio – November 14th, 12:25 AM
The media has been the castle around the dragon administration of Bush & Co. The Daily Tidings stands historically tall as a lone lighthouse of truth and freedom among the blood-soaked-lies, the propaganda of ABC, CBS, NBC, and especially FOX and the New York times. The hearts and minds of millions and millions of Americans and world citizens are with you.
Shaun Janoschka – Venice, CA – November 14th, 12:30 AM
Congratulations for having balls!

Inside job. Demolitions. Marvin Bush.
Garth – London – November 14th, 1:46 AM
Another newspaper prints the truth, another guilty bastard cowers in fear! Thanks for printin this editorial guys, it shows that the possiblility of a free press is still with us. Drop subscriptions to newspapers that dont do their job and subscribe to papers like these, and the American Free Press, and the Idaho Observer, etc, so they can expand. Hit the liars where it hurts! God Bless the USA, those who are guilty for 9/11 should come forward now before somebody else organizes a deal & rats
God Bless the USA – Gainesville, Fl. – November 14th, 1:52 AM
You are truly courageous, and I hope that your article is the start to a widespread discussion and questioning in the media and in public in the US and allover the world. There is a need for a thorough investigation of the events of 9/11. Politicians and the ruling finance and business people in the whole world need to know, that there are still plenty of thinking people in this world, who dont simply believe, what they keep on telling us. May God bless you and everybody who works towards truth.
Stefan – Germany – November 14th, 2:21 AM
So much money, time and outraged newspaper covers were spent over the Clinton affair that hardly affected the public but only exposed a rather irrelevant character flaw. And he was impeached for that. You have to wonder why 911 hasn’t been thoroughly investigated. Why on the contrary there has been resistance to in-depth independent investigation.
JenniP. – Finland – November 14th, 4:13 AM
Well done & well said, the ADT!

Let the liars tell their citizens & the world the full & true story.
David Hearn ([email protected]) – UK – November 14th, 4:26 AM
I live in a small country on the opposite side of the world and even here 90% of our people know that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. There is no other explanation for what happened. I cannot believe that there is actually people in the world who believe the official story, I mean come on even a five year old kid can figure it out?

Kobus Swanepoel ([email protected]) – Johannesburg South Africa – November 14th, 4:38 AM
Thank you for making such a courageous call to action. The evidence revealing huge gaping holes in the “official” story is overwhelming if we take the time to seek it out. Adolf Hitler said: “It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” Americans, myself included, have gotten over our shock & horror and are waking up from the mind-numbing-cable-TV-propaganda masked as news. We all MUST demand the truth.
Crystal Urbanski – Newburyport, MA – November 14th, 4:49 AM
THANKS – conyers, pelosi, and dean forgot real quick how many questions remain unanswered. Please push the issue!
TIMMAY – Pgh – November 14th, 6:43 AM
This is a great editorial piece and it is time for the world to wake up and start asking the same questions. I pray for our country and pray that we are able to bring the people who did and/or allowed 9-11, to justice. I think articles like this will move us closer to the truth. I hope it is not the last.
John Fanning – Tulsa, OK – November 14th, 6:46 AM
I wonder about the connection to the military budget, 2 days before voting to reduce the military budget after end of the cold war, 911 happened. Check out the book House of Bush, House of Saud by Unger. Texas Oil & Saudie Oil teamed up to buy our military industrial complex and oil companies by forming the “Carlisle Group. They benefit by the chaos in Iraq, keeping that oil off the market, increasing the price of oil, while getting the military contracts to create the chaos… Win Win for them
Wayne Burns – Ashland, OR – November 14th, 7:24 AM
At long last finally a newspaper with a conscience and a backbone, well done guys you can read up a little more on what many people now think happened at
Terry Turnip – uk – November 14th, 7:31 AM
As a proud American, I speak for the overwhelming majority when I say that we should live with no other thought than to obey our Government and its leaders. Remember our President’s admonition. “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th – malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.” May the Fates have mercy on the rest of you.
Ben Quisling – Chicago, IL – November 14th, 7:43 AM
Finally someone in the fourth estate has gotten the courage to question the government’s version of events of 911. 911 has become the biggest don’t ask don’t tell, it is not just one mere elephant in the living room, but a herd of stampeding elephant that begs for justice for the innocent victims of 911; so do ask and do tell.
Marc Villa – Houston,Texas – November 14th, 8:06 AM
Former Top German Minister Rejects Official Story Of 911 Attacks.

15/16 January 2002.

Former German Cabinet Minister Attacks Official Brainwashing On September 11 Issue. Points at “Mad Dog” Zbig and Huntington.

Source: Tagesspiegel, 13 Jan 2002.

In a full-page interview with the Sunday edition (Jan. 13) of the Berlin Tagesspiegel daily, former German Minister of Technology, Andreas von Buelow, said he does not buy any of the official theory
David Hearn – Europe. – November 14th, 8:28 AM
Way to go america. You are slowly evolving. Did you know you are the last country to see what your government is realy doing to you. All of canada knows it has even been on mainstream media.The who world knows but you. That is how hatred has been created towards America in the world. HEY EVERYBODY, didnt this propaghanda thing happen in NAZI GERMANY,way back when. LOL LOL LOL LOL
jeff billington ([email protected]) – Vancouver canada – November 14th, 8:38 AM
I applaud all the 9/11 truthseekers, who despite years of insults and aspersions being cast on them, stuck with it, and brought truth to those who were deceived by the seemingly fake TV events broadacst around the world on that shameful day.
brianv – ireland – November 14th, 8:54 AM
Thank God for Ashland!!

Thanks Ashland Daily Tidings for having the guts to write this editorial, its time for the truth. 9/11 was and inside job, along with the rest of these so called terrorist fairytales**** Al Quia-daaaa-CIA=3,000 troops-950,000 islamic peoples, all for money-Bildeberg Group-FRB-IRS. We need to secure our way of life for us and our children . I took a oath in the AF to “defend the Constitution againsts enemys foriegn and domestic”, and plan on doing just that TRUEAMERICA!
Terry Jackson – Winter Park FL. – November 14th, 9:28 AM
Putting aside the use of explosives for a minute,the following are what i think should raise an eyebrow about the govt lack of concern;
Why did the govt fight tooth and nail against a 911 investigation?
Why has a gag order been placed on the emergency personnel on 911?
Why are at least 7 of the hijackers still alive?
Why did Bush(through executive order)remove power of the commanding officers at NORAD and give it to Cheney 6 month before 911?
Why is everything about 911 so damn top secret?
m bergeron – indian head – November 14th, 9:49 AM
Because you dare to ask questions, you dare to discover the truth, ‘The Ashland Daily Tidings’ will be out of circulation within months. Or if you are lucky you’ll undergo a takeover and major changes in the editorial and managerial line-up are on the horizon.
You are on dangerous ground when you question the official 9/11 fantasy/conspiracy theory put out by the government.
Paul Gill – England, “UK” – November 14th, 10:14 AM
An open call for the truth without selective omissions. THANK YOU. Eventhough comfortable careers instead of vigilence could be the truth; as officially presented.
Gary Sanderson – Rochester,NY – November 14th, 10:16 AM
Mikey Gonebad – Liberty, Missouri USA – November 14th, 10:49 AM
YES we need to have a REAL investigation!Now some say space aliens flew the planes and conspired to carry out the attacks B/S.Others say 19people from a cave crippled the most powerfull country in the world with boxcutters.The TRUTH is 911 was carried out for the same old reasons.Money&Power.The; official story is ludicrous!What is being hidden from us?Sad that most people rely on someone else to make sense of things for them.All I can say is LEARN for yourselves.Question everything&demand; Proof
ThoughCriminal – San Jose – November 14th, 10:54 AM
Well said Mike Philips, I really like that one.

It’s a true testament to the lack of objectivity in most people that no good arguement against another investigation currently exists. I don’t notice any conservatives or anti-truthers out there who have ever put forward reasonable explanations for WTC 7, Mineta’s testimony, the fact that the investigation started 441 days late, etc.

The tide of 9.11 truth is ever growing. Everyone needs to get to DC on June 8th to protest for 911 truth.
Ken Wieczerza – Boston, MA – November 14th, 10:56 AM
Stop the cover up. thank you! I agree 100%..
amy – merritt Island Fl – November 14th, 10:57 AM
Thank you for this article I hope that justice would triumph !! for all the families and for the world

Merci beaucoup!!
John – Brussel – November 14th, 11:14 AM
Well Done!! Congratulations from our 911 truth movement here in France!
Paul Turpin – Bordeaux France – November 14th, 11:26 AM
There’s only one important question concerning the attacks, did the US gov’t allow/participate in 9/11?

The answer to that query would explain the illegal wire-taps, suspension of habeas corpus, banning of books like “America Deceived” from Amazon, detaining of dissenters in fences miles away from events, and multiple wars based on lies.

How can the gov’t be innocent in 9/11 when we have caught it lying so many times (WACO, Ruby Ridge, no WMDs, USS Liberty, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, ETC.)?

In law, if you determine a person lies ONCE during his testimony, it can be assumed that he lied in the remainder of his testimony. How come we do not hold the g
5th of November – NY, NY – November 14th, 12:22 PM

The veterans coming home from the Middle East will make Viet vets look like Kumbayah-singing flower children.

Bush and his band of murderers must be held accountable.

Robert S. Finnegan
United States Marine Corps
Robert S. Finnegan – Fremont – November 14th, 12:22 PM
Bravo Ashland! End the 9/11 coverup!
Greg Lemon – San Francisco, CA – November 14th, 12:27 PM
Great Editorial.
Your country managed to get over a million man into Washington a few years ago, The Million Man March. Why can’t your 9/11 Truth Movement organize a similar size demonstration to show the world that you mean business?
Karl – Vienna, Austria – November 14th, 12:30 PM
Holy smokes. More fuel for the fire. Thank you Ashland Daily Tidings. History will be on your side on this one I think.
Patrick Neil – Seal Beach,Ca – November 14th, 12:46 PM
I lost a beloved Uncle that day and all I can say is this: About time! This editorial is years late, as it takes only simple math and science to figure out the realities and events of that horrific day do not add up to the published, incomplete ‘report’. Time for all to educate themselves and realize 9/11 was pulled off by rougue elements within a number of government agencies. Inform yourselves through the Internet and books such as Crossing the Rubicon.
Man – Brooklyn, NY – November 14th, 12:57 PM
Thank you! Please keep going. Google the dancing Israelis! The truth appears to be: 911 was a mass murder committed by zionists, with help from US government insiders, and blamed (by the real criminals) on Muslims. This conclusion will never be blessed by any official government panel or by the major media as long as both government and media are controlled by zionists, through bribery and (especially) blackmail. “Islamic militants staged a dastardly attack on America” is a deliberate lie.
Sam – San Francisco, CA – November 14th, 1:18 PM
I´ve been waiting for 4 years for the truth to come out.When I first read some things about this, I was convinced pretty quickly it was an inside job (with perhaps the help of some ” allies”)& told anyone who´d listen(or not)to look for themselves at the evidence. It was a thankless task most of the time & I often felt alone although I knew I wasn´t. We are NOT ALONE. Many thanks Ashland, you are not alone. We(the peope)are behind you. Read all the comments my friends, read ALL the comments.
Colin – Madrid, Spain – November 14th, 2:32 PM
People will be more willing to speak out in favor of an investigation if they are supporting a call for forgiveness rather than revenge.

Let’s call for creation of a Truth Commission that would be empowered to grant amnesty to all those who agree to testify on their roles in the events of 9/11.

We cannot expect the people of the Middle East to forgive America for its actions if we cannot find forgiveness within ourselves.
Kolya – Seattle, WA – November 14th, 3:19 PM
True patriots are those of decent.To trust your servant without oversite is foolish and self destructive.Thanks to the Ashland Daily Tidings there is hope for a constuctive media wave.
Mark ([email protected]) – Salt Lake City, Utah – November 14th, 3:29 PM

Everybody knows now that 9/11 was caused by the Jews, who teamed up with Larry Silverstein, Enron (who’s documents were destroyed with WTC7), Rudy Guiliani, and both Bushes to plan the attacks in order to invade Iraq as revenge for the assassination attempt on Bush Sr. and gain $ through Halliburton and the Carlyle Group, and to blackmail bin Laden into taking credit for the attack but promising him that we’d purposely never find him.
Silent Majority – Washington, D.C. – November 14th, 3:56 PM
Remember how many cameras were focused and ready? Trace who was holding them and make em talk.
foxy – phoenix – November 14th, 5:24 PM
Do you homework!

Someone had foreknowledge of the attacks. In the weeks leading up to 9/11 someone made a series of investments that would have paid off in huge profits because of the attacks. This is well documented and undisputed. This person specifically invested in the two airliners used in the attacks, anticipating windfall profits from any drop in the stock prices of these companies. Check Vangaurd News Network for the Truth about 911. 911 Drive it Hard, Drive it Heavy, Drive it home!
Billy Bob – Coeur D’alene, Idaho – November 14th, 6:01 PM
Ah! The anti-Semites are out in the open. Behind every conspiracy are haters with time to trade their lies with like-minded morons. Who believes the supposed 911 conspiracy? Anti-Semites and plugged-in losers who rely on google for their “extensive research.” For you other conspiracy buffs: I don’t think you’re morons because you’re right, I think your morons because that’s exactly what you are. Step away from your computer and get out into the world – the light of day will do you good.
The Merchant – Venice – November 14th, 7:58 PM
Every time I read comments of “anti-Semite,” I can tell who the shill is. Semites are Semitic-speaking peoples of the Middle East and northern Africa, mostly comprised of Jews and Arabs. But Americans are finally starting to get wise who uses that term, and that nation is Israel. There$B!G(Bs a good reason why this shill doesn’t want US finding the truth of why thermite charges were placed at the base of the Twin Towers. Guess who was complicit in the attacks on the USS Liberty and USS Cole.
Joseph – Flagstaff, USA – November 14th, 10:11 PM
Thank You! And how disturbed the ‘Right’ is to know the American people are demanding an ‘independent investigation’ regarding the events prior to and proceeding this tragedy. I recently wrote my Senator and expressed concern regarding Bush appointing Henry Kissinger to head the 911 invest’. Can no one stop this man? WHY can this man NOT be stopped.
And I continue to ask why he has not been held accountable for Crimes against: Constitution/war/humanity.
Abby Vanhautin ([email protected]) – Orlando, Fl. – November 14th, 10:25 PM
As the first to come forward from the original “9/11 planning group,” I owe a special thanks to Ashland for publishing this piece.

I exaggerate my involvement, but it proves one thing. There was a true conspiracy, and it took about 45 people out of their roles at the WTC and put them on the fast-track to big money with Boeing, in Seattle, etc. You’ll find the piece imbedded all over the web, so I won’t sell it now, just go to 9/11blogger and join the party.
Tom-Scott Gordon ([email protected]) – Little Rock, AR – November 15th, 1:55 AM

Call it what it is: hate!

Who are you shilling for? The other delusional souls who derive cold comfort by peddling half truths, un-proven claims and wild stories?

I’m shilling for myself, the truth, and to keep fools like you where you belong – in the dark corners of the internet, where hate and spite are sold as the commodity of choice.

You and your band of fools, shouldn’t mistake ADT’s request for an open investigation as an invitation to spout your sick world-view.
The Merchant – Venice – November 15th, 3:59 AM
Someone said this above and it should become our battle cry. We need to spread this ‘notion’ like Bush spread the notion of fear with great results.
“Be a real American: Demand the Truth”

Thats what we’re about anyway. The world community knows it. And as our friends read this overseas, im sure thay feel what Im talking about.
We Americans are great people-the common people that fill every town and city- we truly have good hearts and always seek the truth.
American – Ashland, OR – November 15th, 7:10 AM
Bravo!! Words cannot describe how refreshing it is to hear a real newspaper, no matter how small, call for an investigation into the events of 11 September. There is no doubt in my mind that the Boeings merely provided a distraction to the eye of the public. Magnificent sleight-of-hand, but a criminal act.
Richard Sinnott – Fort Pierce, FL – November 15th, 7:16 AM
Bravo to my home town newspaper, (the one I often complain about!) Thank you for asking for more from our government and press – we are the people and we have the right and reason to demand the truth! A Truth Commision could be a really good start. And charges (of treason?)against Bush and his lousy co-horts need to begin. I have a sickening feeling in my stomach, similar to the one I had on 9-11; our blind alligence and cultural brain washing must end. Kudos again to my favorite Oregon paper!
Deb – Ashland, Oregon – November 15th, 8:04 AM
I do not subscribe to complicity but I believe our government put in place the machinations that allowed 9/11 to occur . There were simply too many coincidences . Remember the neo cons said they needed a Pearl Harbour !
lawton watson – Springdale arkansas – November 15th, 9:19 AM
You people just don’t get it. It ain’t gonna happen. Give it up. GIVE IT UP!! Go back to sleep! The country you thought you lived in doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t believe me? Look up ‘martial law’ and its associated references at Wikipedia. Still don’t believe me? Try Google Videos: FEMA camps. They’ll declare full martial law before they allow 9/11 to be truly investigated. They’re just too powerful. Don’t push them!!!
Gutless – North American Union – November 15th, 9:46 AM
Bush and his band of murderers must be held accountable.
Robert S. Finnegan
United States Marine Corps

Thank you, Robert. I would like to hear in greater detail about what your comrades in arms have to say about charging Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Rice with war crimes. What is the quickest way to regenerate the nation’s honor and heal the unnecessary wounding of Iraq?
Charles Carreon, Ashland Free Press – Ashland, OR – November 15th, 1:44 PM
Re the feud between Joseph and Merchant:
Bush, Christian end-time evangelicals, and the Kristol/Pearl/Wolfowitz pro-Israel neocons all support attacking Iraq and hardballing Iran over WMDs while Israel has nukes deployable by missile, jet and submarine. We can’t court global holocaust merely to avoid the “anti-Semitic” epithet, which is grossly overused. France and Germany built Israel’s nukes while the US looked on, holding hands with Pakistan, the Islamic nuclear terrorists. Religion kills.
Charles Carreon, Ashland Free Press – Ashland, Oregon – November 15th, 2:00 PM
Examine this slide presentation — — which includes links to sources and films, and only the mentally challenged will come away believing “The 9/11 Commission Report.”
Staff, The Wisdom Fund – Arlington, VA – November 15th, 4:21 PM
Thank you, the 3 buildings all collapsed with the classic signs of a controlled demolition: a free fall speed collapse with perfect symmetry into their footprints, molten steel reported in the debri, explosive charges heard before collapse and cutter charges blasting out the sides of the buildings below the collapsing floors.–dancing_Israelis.htm
Janet – Oakland, ca – November 15th, 9:50 PM
To Merchant and any one else who cries “Anti-Semite”.
Alot of people are sick and tired of that. People like yourself just love to call someone an Anti-Semite, its absolutly rediculous. My opinion, its used as a tool the world over for sympathy and control. Otherwise, Native American people would/should be just as pandered to because of the Socio-cide commited on them. Im not buying it any longer.
Quit whining and acting like you people are the most important-thats how it looks on the outside.
HadEnough – Ashland, USA – November 16th, 1:42 AM
thanks a lot for the courage of you guys from the daily tidings. i hope you will move on to encourage the people to come out of their comfort zone and start asking the right questions to the right people. Not tomorrow but today! we do not know how long we will still have the chance to do. so. do not forget: eternal vigilance is the price for freedom (a freedom our ancestors fought for.
Let’s roll!
Jack O’Connor – Kaiserslautern, Germany – November 16th, 2:48 AM
What human(s) with a conscience could have caused 9/11 and why? Seems there’s a schedule to keep. 9/11 served only to hurry things up a bit. Premise: Hybrids (synthesized from human/alien DNA), have been programmed (whether they realize it or not) to carry out a series of events to help usher in the NWO. The stage is being set for the arrival of The Antichrist. See the books of Daniel and Revelation. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” Eph. 6:12. Study your Bibles.
Cpt. Kirk – Area 51, NV – November 16th, 7:26 AM
An excellent article with a stand for “finding the real story.” A real tribute to your great staff.
I’ll post to our editor at the News & Record.

Well done!
Bob Plain, Sr – Greensboro, NC – November 16th, 8:43 AM
Another unanswered question: Why were numerous Saudis flown out of the US almost immediately after the 9/11 attack? How could that be such a high priority?
Kaye Cox – Seattle, WA – November 16th, 8:59 AM
Rupert Murdick, keep your filthy hands off this newspaper or I will personally fly to Haiti and learn Voodoo just so I can make a doll with your face on it. FOX NEWS I HATE YOU. I hate you so much that I would rather eat a bucket full of rancid drain clogs than listen to 1 minute of slop that comes from your network. I would gouge my own eyes out with a crab fork before I even glance for a micro-second at your useless so-called news channel! CNN, CBS, and NBC, you are no better you swine! Burn!
Lucus Drader ([email protected]) – Corpus Christi, TX – November 16th, 1:17 PM
Lucus, man…relax. Bill O’Reilly is comical at times. C’mon, rancid drain clogs?
Bryan Duckworth – Santa Monica, CA – November 16th, 2:27 PM
I’m very proud of our local paper and its editors. It took me a long time and a lot of investigation to finally accept the truth of the lies.
Watch “911 Mysteries” and see if you can still fully accept the official version.
Let’s get this can of worms opened before it happens again – Google the following:
The Pentagon’s “Second 911”
“Another [9/11] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity to retaliate against some known targets”
Gary – Ashland – November 16th, 2:57 PM
I happen to believe in bigfoot, I resent the implication that I’m a wingnut. This isn’t going away folks, there are too many discrepencies in the official story.
Daniel J – Minneapolis, MN – November 16th, 5:03 PM

So, Im at a water-park, with the family, and Im at the top of one of those water slides.

Even with the water flowing, my ass is stuck to the plastic, but once I shove off, I shoot down the tube like a bat out of hell.

So what? Kind of reminds me of your suggested google “research.”

The slide = the conspiracy
My ass stuck to the plastic = the truth
Shoving off = ignoring the truth
Racing down the tube like a bat out of hell = “the pentagon’s 2nd 911”

Hows the koolaid?
Semore – Ashland – November 16th, 6:54 PM
As a veteran, don’t do me any favors asking for investigations. The first “mainstream” media to ask for an investigation? there is a reason the others aren’t asking and that is because it is ridiculous. Look at all the freaks and geeks signing in after finding your silly story posted to Indy Media outlets. Get a clue.
Robert – Central Point – November 16th, 10:11 PM
Thank you for your newspaper’s courage and for giving hope that the search for truth may still be alive and well in our Fourth Estate.
Andy Gannon – Hoboken, NJ – November 16th, 10:27 PM
No Robert, looks like you’re the freak. You’re one of four people against an investigation out of two hundred for it. You need to get a clue, not us. You are the problem and as soon as the world rids itself of patriotic blinded fools like you, it will be a much better place to live for all of us. I love how you stick in the very first sentence that “As a veteran”. Just because you were tricked into fighting wars to make the rich a little richer don’t even try and spread your stupidity. Malarky!
Lucus – Corpus Christi, Texas – November 16th, 10:42 PM
Hi George,I am working for a legitimate media outlet now, instead of throwing softballs at you from the White House press briefings, I am on the Editorial staff of the new Central Point intellegencer.

Council on Foreign Relations to the rescue!
Jeff Gannon – Watergate Hotel – November 16th, 11:57 PM
Remember Daniel Pearl? A real journalist sent out to sniff a story on the Pakistani Intelligence connection to the wire transfer of $100,000 to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, he got too close to the truth that it was a phony CIA/ISI cover story. Pearl’s employers The Wall Street Journal would never have told the American public a shred of that little tidbit and expose the whole 9/11 lie.

It’s ” Lee Harvey Oswalds in Mexico” folks!
Dov Zackheim – Washington/Jerusalem – November 17th, 1:41 AM
To Robert in Central Point: So you really think jet fuel damaged the superstructure enough to make it fall straight down? We’ve had steel buildings burn before–with a loss of 20 or more floors–its the only “fire destroyed” steel frame building ever. How much fuel do YOU think could have made it through 50 floors? You know fuel ingnites from fumes. And why did building 7 fall with no fire?

Alot of us Americans dont even like this subject-so we’re not all wackos. The facts simply dont add up
Clueless – Ashland, OR – November 17th, 3:40 AM

Clueless:For one, the weight of the floors above the weakened beams has never been seen before. Also, the impact of the plane dislodged the fire-resistent barriers around the steel beams, which has also never been done before. (Note that nobody claims that the beams melted, which would have been impossible with jet fuel — rather they were weakened to around 10% of their strength). WTC 7 fell beause of the massive debris that came with the collapse of the other two towers
Bill Nye – Seattle, WA – November 17th, 7:54 AM
Have you watched 911 Mysteries (as a starting point) as I suggested?
Have you read the NIST (official) report and other pro-official versions?
Have you read the many counter arguments to the NIST report at 9-11 scholars for truth, and other websites? I have.
Are you a science teacher with an extremely skeptical streak? I am.
Do you make up your mind without investigating and weighing the evidence?
Are you “ignorant of what you are ignorant of?”
We all are…or have been.


Gary – Ashland – November 17th, 10:29 AM
Now this is what has been needed all along and kept all this time from the American people — TRUTH. We deserve that independents unbiased investigation into TRUTH unlike a certain earlier attempt to fool us even further.
Jerry Bridges ([email protected]) – Cascade, MD – November 17th, 10:46 AM
Does anyone seriously believe that drivel about the 19 hijackers or on the 9/11 Commission Report? If you want to see what real brainwashing looks like, read the comments posted by ‘Ben Quisling’ on Nov. 14th (see above). How do you treat cases like that? Then again, maybe he was just being sarcastic as ‘Quisling’ means traitor and ‘Ben’ short for…Benedict Arnold? Bush & Co. know their days are numbered. Who knows? We may still go down in flames before it’s all over. God help us.
Luis E. Rivera ([email protected]) – East Chcago, IN – November 17th, 11:10 AM
Here it is folks! This is the most recent installation to the cold hard scientific facts about 9/11. And it’s EXCELLENT! Pay particular attention to Dr. Steven Jones’ presentation. Jim Hoffman’s is particularly good too.

“Lifting the Fog: The Scientific Method Applied to the World Trade Center Disaster.”
Eloy Gonzalez II – Edinburg, TX – November 17th, 11:28 AM
Reopen the 9/11 investigation before all the perps retire or leave office! Well done Ashland DT!
Patrick Henry – Chicago, IL – November 17th, 3:57 PM
Lucus from Corpus Christi, It was patriotic fools like me that have fought the wars for your right to spout the drivel that you speak. You mock my start to the post, “as a veteran”. If you had read through your hate, you might understand what I was saying. The paper has no right to invoke “for the veteran” when asking for their conspiracy theory investigation. Don’t you have newspapers in Texas? I’m guessing they don’t lean quite as far left as the Ashland Daily Trivia.
Robert – Central Point, OR – November 17th, 5:34 PM
Hey Robert: you said What?!?
What war were you in, Vietnam?
Or Gulf 1 ?
How was either war anything to do with the right to free speech?
How could either the Vietnamese or Iraqis threaten freedom of the press anywhere in North America ?
I suppose you have some paranoid conspiracy theory about Reds under the bed?
How do you explain that Canada, which fought neither war, still had free speech right up until your Bastion of Democracy started buying our elections?
Grow a brain, useless bullethead.
Trout – Canada – November 17th, 8:30 PM
Robert, I am sorry that you have not done your homework about the 2 world wars and understand that wars were basically set in motion by the federal reserve. Did you even know that the same banks that funded Hitler’s rise to power also funded the allied invasion against him? Do you actually do any research into anything? Maybe you could pick up something called a “Book”. After doing several years of research you will also come to the conclusion that the BANK is the problem, not some cave dweller.
Lucus – Corpus Christi, TX – November 17th, 10:24 PM

No. Yes. Some. No & NA. No. No.

ADT asked for an open investigation. We need one, if for no other reason than to refute the nonsense posted here. But, even with the most open of investigations, something tells me it won’t be enough…it’s not about the truth, it’s about some folk’s desire to act as if they know something the rest of us are too dim to know…it’s about weaving tales of intrigue to prove your smarter than the rest of us.

Problem is, you ain’t, professor.
Seymore – Ashland – November 17th, 11:57 PM
MARTINE – NYC – November 18th, 5:12 AM
Hurrah for my town and my town’s newspaper. a little of my faith has been restored that all the media in this country is not corrupt corporate lies.Now we just need the other 99.5% to wake up and tell the truth. I would march to Washington or die in the streets for the absolute truth on this one. ADT, I’m subscribing right after I write this THANK YOU, THANK YOU
Michael ([email protected]) – Ashland.OR – November 18th, 1:12 PM
I have read a few books Lucus, and your mindset reminded me of something I read that Churchill once said, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

Hey Trout, I know you Candians read our books, watch our movies, listen to our music, and follow our trends, but can’t you find your own conspiracy theory up there?
Robert – Central Point, OR – November 18th, 3:09 PM
First of all, you don’t even know what the words “conspiracy theory” mean. Second of all, most conspiracy ideas have a loyal following of about 10%-12%, not 67% like this conspiracy. It is not a theory that the buildings feel in under 10 seconds…You can’t fight science, and science states that if you are falling at freefall speed you can’t have resistance. Try and dispute the times it took, try and prove me wrong, thought so, you can’t, end of story, game over, 3 strikes you’re out, you lose!
Lucus – Corpus Christi, TX – November 18th, 6:39 PM
It appears your rear-end is still stuck on the slide, since you refuse to watch “911 Mysteries”. Not surprising.
One can watch it for free on google video.
This isn’t about tales of intrigue or being “right”. This about looking for the truth in the most monumental event in our nation’s history. Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot imagine what you are defending.
Gary Wilson – Ashland – November 18th, 8:49 PM
I iterate. The ONLY people who would refuse an open and Independent investigation are shills, disinfo mockingbirds or the deluded. Again, thank you Ashland for having the guts to argue for what this country needs to be cleansed and reborn. There will be no peace for the neocon, neolib CFR/Trilaterals/Carlyles until the truth (whatever it is) is revealed and the power mongering elite returned to simply one vote per one man or woman in OUR DEMOCRACY. No more electronic voting machines either.
Dr. Richard Welser – Morganton, NC – November 19th, 5:00 AM
It’s becoming a safe subject to talk about. All of the cowardly journalists in the media are being left behind.
Roy – Gold Beach – November 19th, 7:51 AM
An article of this nature is not only not courageous, it is cowardly. To address it as a favor to our troops, on Veteran’s Day, is morally and intellectually bankrupt. I have yet to find a conspiracy theorist that doesn’t believe they are the smartest person in the room, but the things they choose to believe, and the extent they’ll go to try and get others to agree with them, is mind boggling. There is no conspiracy. History proves this. Look it up before you try again.
bobloblaw ([email protected]) – Madera, Ca – November 19th, 9:37 AM
Bobloblaw, I tried to say the same thing earlier, but this is a group of fanatics.

Lucus, I didn’t know you were an engineer. You say 67% of the people believe in the conspiracy theory? Where do you get that? Presidential approval rate and going out on your limb are in no way the same. If the majority of people really believed that theory, wouldn’t the mainstream media be looking at it. All you have is a leftwing rag that is pushing this, because they have an editor selling a book on 911.
Robert – Central Point, OR – November 19th, 6:07 PM
bobloblaw – Madera, Ca, wrote: “cowardly”, “morally and intellectually bankrupt”

From “25 Rules of Disinfomation”
Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used to show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the “How dare you!” gambit.
Also known as the “attack the messenger ploy”.. & avoid dealing with issues
Daniels – Busselton, Western Australia – November 20th, 5:35 AM
Bob, you’re a sheeple. Have you watched 911 mysteries, 911 press for truth, or 911 in plane site? Have you watched any of these movies that were created by the 911 families and people with far more courageousness than you could ever wish to for. First of all it is more morally bankrupt to ignore cold hard facts than to ask questions and it sounds like you may be just a little mentally bankrupt. Look at one of those movies, then you can have the right to flap your lips, otherwise zip it.
Lucus – Corpus Christi, TX – November 20th, 6:01 AM
As One Who Is Involved in the 9/11 truth movement, I loudly applaud your editorial. Not to be pessimistic, but the mainstream media is never going to investigate their own complicity in the cover up of the events of that day. It will take an investigation by newspapers such as yours to get the ball rolling. please, i urge you, take a look at a site called pilotsfor911truth. they have done extensive research into this, and what you find may terrify you. Godspeed to all and Good Luck…………..
batmanchester ([email protected]) – Manchester, NH – November 20th, 8:51 AM
While I’m proud to be a 9/11 Truther, you’re crazy if you think I wouldn’t rather be doing something else. But I’ve seen the evidence and I just can’t turn my back on it. In fact, I don’t even know how. As for your misperception that we 9/11 Truthers think we’re the smartest cookies of the bunch, I’ll bet we’re no smarter or clever than you. Overall the arguments surrounding 9/11 truth are based on science – not rocket science. Why not judge for yourself by looking at the evidence?
Eloy Gonzalez II ([email protected]) – Edinburg, TX – November 20th, 10:50 AM
Well Daniel from Brusselton and Lucus from Corpus Christi, your conspiracy is ONLY a campaign of disinformation, and there are no cold hard facts that are relevant to 9/11 in this original editorial, or in any other of the 1000’s of conspiracy attempts. I’ve watched 50 hours of videos, and read 100’s of article, all with not one fact or any shred of evidence of what you wish to prove. My email is posted if either of you have the “courage” to debate me personally.
bobloblaw ([email protected]) – Madera, Ca. – November 20th, 11:08 AM
Okay, answer these questions then:

1. Why did WTC 1, 2, & 7 all collapse at nearly free-fall speed when considering conservation of momentum?

2. Why did Dr. Steven Jones find traces of thermate in several WTC dust and metal samples given to him by two credible witnesses to the WTC disaster?

3. Why does the collapse of WTC 7 look like a textbook controlled demolition, when it supposedly is not?

4. What is your explanation for the molten metal found in the basements of WTC 1, 2, & 7?
Eloy Gonzalez II ([email protected]) – Edinburg, TX – November 20th, 12:19 PM
OK Then Boblolaw then we all have to draw the conclusion that you are either a shill, a moron, or both. You said “not one fact or any shred of evidence of what you wish to prove.” Physics, freefall speed buddy. You can’t debunk that or the HUNDREDS of eye witnesses that heard upwords of 7 explosions. I personally think you’re worthless for trying to keep the truth hidden, I would not waste my time debating a dirtbag like you because I am busy waking up people who matter, not sheeple like you.
Lucus – Corpus Vhristi, – November 20th, 7:33 PM
Wow Lucus, you sure told me. Still not one fact or any shred of evidence. There were gas lines in those buildings, and when those buildings fell, with all that weight, there’s not a structure in the world that could keep them from falling at “freefall speed”. Come on Lucus, you have all the answers, and you have my email address, show me how I’m wrong. But be careful, it’s a lot different without having an audience to try and impress, and when you have to back up your statements with facts.
bobloblaw ([email protected]) – Madera, Ca – November 20th, 10:52 PM
Conservation of momentum would be maintained, meaning that the fall of the buildings would not occur at free fall speed, with such uniformity and precise radial symmetry, unless the mass below the collapse wave suddenly just disappeared and offered no resistance. And we’re talking about a huge mass of concrete and steel, which at the end of the collapse was practically all pulverized to dust. If mass was needed to perpetuate the collapse as it progressed, where did it disappear to at the end?
Eloy Gonzalez II ([email protected]) – Edinburg, TX – November 21st, 9:30 AM
boblo, is a mere speck. He’ll die in a concentration still in denial. He’s just a waste of time. To the rest of you truth driven people, speak out, make videos, make songs, images, graphics. Take a marker with you and put “911 was an inside job” wherever you can. Use Xmas lights, send emails, faxes, get a phone book and start at page 1. Make banners, fliers, flags, and posters. Tell your neighbors, co workers, everyone you know. The more people who know the stronger we CONTINUE to grow! WORK IT!
Lucas – Corpus Christi, – November 21st, 10:24 AM
At least Eloy had the courage to contact me. Both buildings first collapsed to where the planes hit, then collapsed down the middle. If you watch closely, you can see the clouds of dust being sucked back in, caused be the vaccuum as the buildings fell in on themself. Nothing disappeared. It turned into dust and rubble. No building looks like it could all be there once it has collapsed. You backed yourself into a corner Lucas, no facts, no intelligent response. Grow a pair and drop me a line.
bobloblaw ([email protected]) – Madera, Ca – November 21st, 6:30 PM
Make CDs, DVDs, casettes, and VHS. Write books, pamphlets, letters, brochures, and inserts. Publish ads in papers, magazines, and books. Print shirts, make rubber stamps, bumper stickers, embroider emblems, make decals. Write “911 was an inside job” on a bald man’s head while he is sleeping. Take out a 10 page spread in the New York Post. Do whatever it takes to ignore people like Bobloblaw and spread the word to people who matter. He is just here to waste your time, just ignore idiots like him!
Lucus – Corpus Christi, TX – November 22nd, 12:35 AM
Ok Bobloboy, time to explain this:

Building 7. Excatly why did it also fall straight down? They say “office fires” right?
First lets outline the difference between the 2 main buildings and Building 7. No plane hit 7 yet it, also being a steel frame building which history has shown steel frame buildings dont melt in a fire, fell in the same straight down fashion.
Address this point if you expect to retain any credibility at all or expect anyone to listen to you or send you emails.
HotAirBob – Ashland, OR – November 22nd, 1:34 AM
Bobloblaw is a disinfo agent and not worth wasting time on.

If the official myth is true, then why has Osama bin Laden not been charged with 9/11? Don’t believe me? Look at his poster on the FBI website. Earlier this year a journalist noticed that Osama is not wanted in connection with 9/11. He called the FBI to ask why and was told that there is no evidence that OBL was involved.

Find the passenger lists from 9/11. The highjackers were not on the planes! Check it out for yourselves.
William Grizzle – Ashland, OR – November 22nd, 4:38 AM
Building 7 was completely on fire before it fell. The burned part of both 1 & 2 first fell straight down (to the point of original impact) just like 7. Bin Laden hasn’t been charged because he hasn’t been captured. I wasn’t aware the hijackers used their real names. Pick up the phone and tell people what Lucas? It happened just because you said so? That’s sheeple! I might not have a chance to check this much over the holiday but will be back to all of you by Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
bobloblaw ([email protected]) – Madera, Ca – November 22nd, 1:22 PM
So completley on fire means engulfed, correct? Your wrong and obvoiusly have no eyes. Watch the tape of building 7 falling. There is a link above. Theres smoke, but pal, steel buildings dont fall like that from fire. And the tapes of building 7 unarguably show that it was not engulfed in fire. It was smokey, but a raging inferno enough to melt steel it certainly was not. Watch with your own eyes unless youre too afraid. And Ill await an email from YOU if youd like.
BobsWrong – Ashland, OR – November 23rd, 1:24 AM
LISTEN UP PEOPLE – DO NOT WASTE PRECIOUS TIME BICKERING WITH WITH SHILLS LIKE BOBOLAW, HE IS JUST HERE TO WASTE YOUR TIME! That is a big part of their plan, people like bobolaw spreading disinfo. Just ignore him and he will go away. Spend your time more wisely helping others WITHOUT a narrow mind to see the truth. EVERY TIME YOU ARGUE WITH BOBOLAW YOU GIVE HIM CREDIT THAT HIS ARGUMENT IS EVEN WORTHY OF DEBATE, WHICH IT IS NOT. BLOW HIM OFF, MOVE ON, AND HELP THE PEOPLE THAT WANT HELP. WORK IT!!!
Lucus – Corpus Christi, TX – November 23rd, 12:02 PM Here you’ll find extensive research on the subject of 9/11. And I mean extensive.
batmanchester ([email protected]) – Manchester, NH – November 23rd, 7:43 PM
To David – Richmond, VA
The “investigate 9/11” Tee shirts were deeply offending to us at the memorial that day.
You wouldn’t like if people showed up with you at your mothers grave site with an “Investigate Ford airbags” Tee shirt.
Investigate yes but show some respect for the families at least one day a year!
kevin flynn – New york,NY – November 24th, 8:34 AM
Funny think Lucus, Bob and I are about the only ones in this thread that don’t agree with the rest of the posters. You all are singing to your own choir and aren’t convincing anyone except the strange folk that are readomg this and are already convinced. Have you asked yourself why there is only one leftwing newspaper in the country that has even thought you might be right?
Robert – Central Point, OR – November 24th, 11:31 AM

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