Autzen Stadium: Everything You Need to Know About the Home of the Oregon Ducks

So, you’ve come to visit Autzen Stadium, home of the Ducks. You’ve picked a great place to travel to, as not only is the stadium itself quite a delight, but the surrounding area of Eugene is also just as wonderful.

Autzen Stadium is the largest and loudest outdoor sports stadium in Oregon, and it’s proud of that title. Despite its size, you’re going to need to book some tickets in advance, because the games that are played tend to draw in crowds that exceed the capacity.

If you’ve come to see a game at the stadium, you’ll probably want to know all you can before even stepping foot inside, which is completely understandable. So, if you’re really curious about the home of the Ducks, then I’m more than happy to be your guide to one of Oregon’s most beloved landmarks.


Where to Get Tickets

Autzen Stadium is built to hold 54,000 fans, but the true attendance regularly exceeds that. Because of that, getting tickets for the games isn’t exactly easy. However, you have plenty of options, so as long as you have the money and you’re not planning on waiting a couple days before the actual game begins, you’re going to be fine. You can check the Oregon Ducks Football schedule here.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to tickets in terms of both pricing and the types of tickets you can get.

  • Visit the official website. When in doubt, go straight to the source. In this case, you’ll want to go to the website of the University of Oregon Athletics, also called There, you can find pricing, availability, and ways to obtain said tickets.
  • University Box Office. This is where you can go if you want to buy a ticket in-person. Visit or contact the box office or ticket office to learn more, as they can provide information on availability and seating options that you can’t find elsewhere.
  • Single-game tickets. Are you planning on attending just a single game? You’re going to want to go to the website or other official ticketing platforms.
  • Season ticket packages. If you’re looking to go to multiple games, you’re going to want to go snag a season ticket package. Not only will you be able to get multiple tickets, but you’ll get a deal on the price; it’s cheaper than getting one ticket at a time. Not to mention, season ticket holders get priority seating and other perks. Visit the website or other official ticket holders in order to learn more.
  • Promotions. While ticket packages already have their perks, you should also keep an eye out for promotions, where you’ll be able to get a pretty good deal. This could include family packages, discounts, and group rates for larger gatherings.
  • Alumni associations. If you’re part of a local alumni chapter, they may have discounts available. Check with them to see if they have anything to offer.
  • Social media. Occasionally, you may find someone on fan forums or social media who is fine with trading or selling their ticket.
  • Student options. Students of the University of Oregon tend to get their own options when it comes to buying tickets. If you’re a student who wants to support your university, always check to see if that’s the case.


The Best Seating in Autzen Stadium

Best Seating in Autzen Stadium

Tickets are one thing, but seating is a whole other beast. After all, Autzen Stadium is huge, so it’s nice to know just what your options for seating are. I’ll share with you what the best seating you can find in Autzen stadium is.

  • Sideline Preferred Seating on the south side of Autzen is a great space for seating. You can find the perfect spots in the lower sections of 30,31, and 32, as well as the upper levels of 28 and 34. You get extras, too, like armrests and cup holders.
  • Corner seating tends to offer you very unique perspectives of the game. It can give you a more unique viewpoint of everything while still being modestly-priced.
  • Endzone seating, like corner seating, offers a very unique perspective of the game while still being cost-effective.
  • Accessible seating is for patrons in wheelchairs and their friends/family is also offered. It offers proper accommodations and convenience amenities for those with disabilities.
  • Student seating is just what it sounds like. Reserved for students, it’s vibrant, energetic, and really allows the team to feel the collective love from their university.


There is also premium seating that is available to you. While pricier than the rest, they offer a one-of-a-kind experience to anyone and everyone who uses them. They tend to have unique options the more upscale you get, such as private bathrooms, kitchens, and catering. So, if you’re looking for something to really make this game day special, you can go for these unique premium seats.

  • Autzen Sky Suits. These suites offer private and luxurious spaces for groups ranging from 10 to 20 guests. They also allow you to order catering through OU catering. Because these suites are rarer than others, they tend to sell out far faster. They are available on a single game basis and a season basis.
  • Luxury Suites, Private Boxes, and Club Seats. If you’re looking for a more luxurious way to view the game, SuiteHop can provide access to a number of premium seating options. You can find private boxes, luxury suites, and exclusive club seats. In fact, club ticket holders tend to have access to perks, such as upscale food and beverage options exclusive to the club area.
  • The Club at Autzen. The Club has some exclusive seating available within select rows of sections 29-33, as well as the south side of the stadium. Club members get exclusive perks, including unique concession options.


Bag / Water / Alcohol Policies

Of course, like all venues, Autzen Stadium has its policies when it comes to what you can or can’t bring into the stadium. The policies are very clear cut, with very little room for mistakes.

Here are the policies for bags, water, and alcohol.

  • The University of Oregon has a strict clear bag policy. Bags must be a single clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag not exceeding 12” x 6” x 12”.
  • Prohibited bags include purses larger than a clutch (the exception to the clear bag policy as long as they don’t measure past 4.5” by 6.5”), backpacks, fanny packs, diaper bags, briefcases, cinch bags, and cooler bags.
  • Exceptions are made for medically required items.
  • You are allowed to bring in a sealed water bottle into the stadium. Unless they are empty, opened water bottles are not allowed inside.
  • Alcohol cannot be brought into the stadium. Alcohol is sold at the stadium, but not in the student section. You can have alcohol while tailgating up to six hours before kickoff.


Parking Costs

Autzen Stadium Parking

If you’re going to the game with friends, it’s highly recommended that you do some carpooling. While the stadium holds 54,000 people, there are roughly 22,000 parking spots available.

Here is what you need to know about parking costs.

  • Parking spaces during games are available for as low as $50. However, parking varies greatly depending on location and type of parking. Parking can be reserved through Vivid Seats.
  • Accessible Parking (ADA) costs $20 per game. You must have a DMV disabled placard or license plate.
  • RV parking is only available in the Autzen Stadium East Lot and requires a parking pass. Current prices can be found on Vivid Seats. You can also park in Autzen Stadium Lot, but you need reserved parking passes.
  • Always arrive early to ensure you get a parking spot.


Public Transportation Options

You could fight for a parking spot, but you could also just go for public transportation, of which there are plenty of options. Here is what you can find when it comes to traveling to Autzen Stadium.

  • Taking the bus is a safe and reliable way to get to Autzen Stadium, but don’t be surprised if it’s packed. You can check the bus line’s app or website to see where they head to and when they arrive.
  • Autzen Express is quick, reliable, and very cost effective — it’s best for game day transport. The park and ride locations can be found at Valley River Center and LTD’s River Road Station. A round trip is just $6 cash or by using your LTD bus pass.
  • Rideshare like Lyft or Uber is always a good option, but due to the traffic that is inevitably bound to happen, it can get extremely pricey.


Rules for Tailgating

Looking to host a small gathering for family and friends to enjoy the game with. In that case, you may want to tailgate. For that, there are some rules, though. They are as follows:

  • Tailgating in Autzen Stadium lots is meant only for family and friends.
  • Car parking spaces are 9’ x 20’ while RV parking spaces are 18’ x 40’. All tailgating must be contained within these dimensions.
  • You can only tailgate in the designated parking areas. Anywhere else is strictly prohibited.
  • There is no individual game parking within the Autzen lot.
  • You are allowed a maximum of 10 people associated with one parking spot. For larger groups, contact Hospitality Services at (541) 346-4475.


More About Autzen Stadium

UO Autzen Stadium

Curious to know more about Autzen Stadium? Well there’s plenty to learn, as you’ll soon find out.

Autzen Stadium is the true home of the Ducks. The Oregon football team plays on FieldTurf beneath a massive screen we call “Duck Vision”. The complex itself has plenty of parts to see, including a 10,000 sq. ft. club room, suites and boxes, merchandise outfits, concessions, guest services, a box office, a bike corral, and plenty of accessible parking and seating for those who need it.

If you want something special, the Sky Suites on the north and south sides of the stadium offer private kitchens, restrooms, two large screens, luxury couch seating, and catering services. Each suite can hold up to 44 people.

The Charter Box on the north side includes access to indoor concessions, televisions, restrooms, and 400 open air seats.

The OCCU club on the south side offers access to premium concessions, as well as food and drink delivery to the 3,000 seats.

If you’re looking for pre-game entertainment, Moshofsky Sports Center has you covered; it can accommodate up to 5,000 people. If you’re interested in tailgating, you can go to TailgatePal, which manages the many options you have when it comes to picking up a spot or getting supplies.

You can find quite a bit surrounding the area, such as the PK Park, which hosts baseball games, the Pape Field for soccer and lacrosse, the previously mentioned Moshofsky Center, and the Cassanova Center, which is where you can find the Hall of Champions and Hall of Fame trophy/plaque collection on the second floor. It’s open for public viewing prior to home games.

Lastly, Autzen Stadium is just beside Alton Baker Park, found just along the banks of the Willamette River. It’s also just by Oakway Center, Springfield’s Main Street, and Eugene’s Market District. Autzen Stadium is just a short drive from Springfield’s Gateway Neighborhood, Cottage Grove, and Creswell. All of these places have their own little treats for you to explore and discover, so if you have a bit of time on your hands, but don’t want to stray too far from the stadium itself, these are all great places for you to travel to and check out for yourself.



If you’re curious as to what the stadium has for you, here is some general information about the amenities.

  • There is bus parking.
  • The stadium hosts University of Oregon home football games and Oregon State High School Football Championships.
  • The parking capacity is 22,000.
  • The seating capacity is a fixed 54,000.


Autzen Stadium, OR: Current Weather

Autzen Stadium, OR
3:45 pm, May 13, 2024
broken clouds 75°F
Low: 46° High: 75°
broken clouds
Humidity Humidity 50 %
Pressure Pressure 1016 hPa
Wind 8 mph N
Wind Gust Wind Gust 13 mph
UV Index UV Index 2.37
Precipitation Precipitation 0 inch
Dew Point Dew Point 55°
Clouds Clouds 75%
Rain Chance Rain Chance 0%
Snow Snow 0 mm/h
Visibility Visibility 6 mi
Air Quality Air Quality Fair
Sunrise Sunrise 4:47 am
Sunset Sunset 7:29 pm
Weather Condition Comport Precipitation
Day Condition TemperatureTemperature PrecipitationAmount Rain ChanceRain Chance Wind HumidityHumidity PressurePressure
Today 12:00 pm
few clouds few clouds
46° | 75°°F 0 inch 0% 6 mph 50 % 1017 hPa
Tomorrow 12:00 pm
clear sky clear sky
43° | 69°°F 0 inch 0% 10 mph 54 % 1019 hPa
Wednesday 12:00 pm
scattered clouds scattered clouds
43° | 73°°F 0 inch 0% 10 mph 53 % 1018 hPa
Thursday 12:00 pm
clear sky clear sky
47° | 74°°F 0 inch 0% 8 mph 50 % 1016 hPa
Friday 12:00 pm
light rain light rain
43° | 65°°F 0.01 inch 20% 8 mph 42 % 1019 hPa
Saturday 12:00 pm
clear sky clear sky
37° | 67°°F 0 inch 0% 11 mph 41 % 1021 hPa
Sunday 12:00 pm
clear sky clear sky
38° | 69°°F 0 inch 0% 10 mph 45 % 1016 hPa
Monday 12:00 pm
light rain light rain
44° | 64°°F 0.02 inch 40% 10 mph 52 % 1013 hPa
1 to 8 of 0 results
Weather Condition Comport Precipitation
Day Condition TemperatureTemperature PrecipitationAmount Rain ChanceRain Chance Wind HumidityHumidity PressurePressure
Today 3:00 pm
broken clouds broken clouds
74° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 6 mph 50 % 1016 hPa
Today 4:00 pm
broken clouds broken clouds
75° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 6 mph 50 % 1016 hPa
Today 5:00 pm
broken clouds broken clouds
74° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 6 mph 52 % 1016 hPa
Today 6:00 pm
broken clouds broken clouds
72° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 5 mph 57 % 1016 hPa
Today 7:00 pm
broken clouds broken clouds
67° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 4 mph 66 % 1016 hPa
Today 8:00 pm
broken clouds broken clouds
59° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 3 mph 78 % 1017 hPa
Today 9:00 pm
scattered clouds scattered clouds
52° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 3 mph 91 % 1018 hPa
Today 10:00 pm
scattered clouds scattered clouds
50° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 3 mph 94 % 1019 hPa
Today 11:00 pm
overcast clouds overcast clouds
48° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 3 mph 96 % 1019 hPa
Tomorrow 12:00 am
overcast clouds overcast clouds
47° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 3 mph 97 % 1020 hPa
Tomorrow 1:00 am
overcast clouds overcast clouds
45° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 2 mph 97 % 1020 hPa
Tomorrow 2:00 am
overcast clouds overcast clouds
45° | 0°°F 0 inch 0% 2 mph 98 % 1020 hPa
1 to 8 of 0 results


What to do in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon

Here are a few things to do in Eugene while you are visiting Autzen Stadium.


Come See the University of Oregon

Looking to see the home of Ducks? When they’re outside of the stadium, of course. You’re going to want to come see the University of Oregon itself, the head that wears the crown jewel that we call Autzen Stadium. The campus is absolutely beautiful and has much to explore.

You can walk around the area yourself, or you can take a guided tour so you can see the best the campus has to offer one right after the other. UO has lush green areas for you to sit and relax or have a picnic, where you’ll see many other students enjoying their time as well. You can learn about the history of the campus and perhaps hear a few fun facts about the sports teams themselves. They also have the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which is something we’ll talk about in just a bit.


Grab a Bite to Eat

If you find yourself getting a little hungry, you might as well take the time to go around and see what the city has in terms of unique dining options. Let me tell you: there are plenty. You can take a walk around and explore the area, if you’d like, and discover places on your own, but if you’d rather have a direct list of some of the most highly recommended eating establishments in Eugene, I’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat, here are some options suggested by the people of Eugene, as well as what they serve.

  • Same Same — Southeast Asian with a Pacific Northwest twist
  • Sabai Café and Bar — A mix of flavors from countries all around the Pacific Ocean
  • Coldfire Brewing Company — A combination of a bar and a hub for food trucks of all sorts
  • JungleFowl — Any and all things chicken
  • Akira — Pan-Asian; serves tons of options, from sashimi to fried chicken
  • Yabai Nikkei — Japanese food of all sorts, including a build-your-own ramen
  • Farmers Union Coffee Roasters — Coffee and comfort food
  • Provisions Market Hall — A counter-service restaurant; mostly American food
  • Lani Moku Grill — A food truck with amazing Hawaiian flavors
  • Sweet Life Patisserie — Sweets and pastries about
  • Bao Bao House — A bao and noodle shop
  • Tokyo Tonkatsu — Authentic Japanese ramen
  • Noisette Pastry Kitchen — Pastries all around, both sweet and savory
  • Spice N Steam — A Chinese restaurant specializing in dumplings
  • Lion & Owl — a more upscale fine dining restaurant
  • Carniceria y Taqueria mi Tierra — A Mexican butcher shop and restaurant


Explore Skinner Butte Park

Sitting as one of Eugene’s oldest parks, this 100 acre park is home to many, many activities for you to enjoy. Their amenities are numerous, and you can find a number of things to do while traversing the lush green grass. This includes activities such as biking, hiking, dishing, picnicking, sports, rock climbing, a sand area for kids, spray play, and many trails for you to travel on.

You’ll also find fixtures there that you can appreciate, such as the Veterans Memorial, public art, the recreation center, and the community garden. If you’re in Eugene for a few days, Spencer Butte Park is certainly a place you need to visit before you leave.


Hike the Summit of Spencer Butte

Looking to do a bit of hiking? In that case, Spencer Butte is the place for you. Get on some good shoes, get plenty of water, pull on your backpack, and go hike the summit of Spencer Butte. It’s not too challenging of a climb, and it’s a feat that will leave you feeling satisfied. It’s a popular spot for both the visitors and the locals, and it’s not just because hiking is a fun opportunity by itself.

By reaching the summit of Skinner Butte, you’ll open yourself up to a grand panoramic view of all of Eugene and its surrounding landscapes. Even if you’re not the type to go hiking, the views are absolutely worth it. If you’re looking to get a bit of exercise, try hiking Eugene’s monument.


Bike Around Along the Willamette River

The Willamette River is definitely a defining feature of Eugene that many people love to sit by. It’s one of those areas where you can just sit and relax, but did you know it also has a bile path of its own? That’s right, if you’re looking to see the city on your own without the traffic or the far walks, go ahead and rent a bike.

Doing so will allow you to really get a peaceful look at all that the fair city has to offer. Biking beside the river itself is a wonderful feeling you can’t quite match, and you’re sure to have a fun time by exploring the city in one smooth ride.


Go See the Wildlife Safari

Is it cheating if it’s technically outside of Eugene? Either way, the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon is just a short drive away, and you can stop by on your way in or out of Eugene. In this trip, you’ll be able to see a large variety of animals around the world in a fun little safari setting. It’s a good way to get some sights in, and if you have a few kids who like animals, it will be perfect entertainment for them. If you’re a tourist coming to see the Autzen Stadium, the Wildlife Safari is always a great place to stop by for a few hours.


Visit the Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Looking for something fairly peaceful? Want to get in touch with nature and all the beauty she has to offer? In that case, you’re going to want to visit Mount Pisgah Arboretum. Here, you’ll be able to take a hike through one of the most beautiful arboretums that Oregon herself has to offer. Not only does the area have wetlands, diverse plant life, and a few harmless animals you can spot here and there, but it also has miles of hiking trails for you to follow. Many people within the arboretum  like to go hiking, watch the birds, or just appreciate being in nature. It’s a beautiful place that I think deserves to be seen by everyone.


See Some Birds at the Cascade Raptor Center

Let me ask you something: how much do you like birds? Now, let me ask you something else: how much do you like some of nature’s most stunning animals, the birds of prey? We’re talking about eagles, owls, and hawks of many varieties. The Cascade Raptor Center is home to all these birds and so much more in a bid to work on conservation efforts, rehabilitate injured raptors, and educate anyone who walks into the center.

Coming in, you’re always bound to see one of these big guys up close, which is a big draw for most visitors and locals. Don’t expect to pet any of them, though. They’re called “birds of prey” for a reason, and those talons are sharp.


Explore the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

One of the best things about art museums is the fact that no two are alike, and the exact same thing can be said for the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. It’s located at the University of Oregon, so if you’re coming to visit one, you can easily come and see the other.

You can find a revolving selection of many different exhibits from all around the world. You can learn about artists you never knew and see their works; from centuries old to fairly recent. Enjoy the sights, appreciate the art, and perhaps go home a little more inspired. It’s also a great place if you have kids.


Take the Kids to the Science Factory Children’s Museum & Planetarium

Traveling with kids? You’re going to want to stop by the Science Factory Children’s Museum and Planetarium. It’s a fantastic place to take your kids for a day of entertainment and education.

Not only will it be a good way to spend some time with the kids and get them enthusiastic about learning new things, but it will also be a great way for you to kill some time while you’re waiting for the game. You might even learn a few things yourself while exploring the planetarium and museum.


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