Ashland’s New Community Connect Links First Responders To Public

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland has implemented a new city program that provides a platform for residents to record their information to help the first responders who are reacting to emergencies. The program- Community Connect, will help responders when seconds count.

Community Connect facilitates the input of information that could assist first responders in answering calls for service. As an online portal, it enables fast sharing of good-to-know information in emergencies, giving the responders insight into the situation, including aspects such as special needs.

Residents can give first responders access to information that could be helpful to know that responders can assess on their way to emergencies. Information like whether there are pets in a home- and how many, if anyone in the home or business has special needs, and emergency contact information are all vital to responders.

Separate from the City’s Citizen Alert system that notifies residents in the case of an emergency, the information on Community Connect software is for emergency alerts and preparedness.  Ashland’s Fire & Rescue Chief, Ralph Sartain confirmed that the initiative has been implemented because by providing information residents feel is important and necessary for responders to be aware of in an emergency about individual households, “they can ensure that you and everything you care about is protected to the best of our ability.”

In addition, the Community Connect software also helps Ashland Fire & Rescue’s first responders to work together better, according to Ashland Fire Marshal Mark Shay. For example, Ashland firefighters often receive assistance from or give assistance to regional partners like Jackson County Fire District No. 5.

PDF files of pre-established plans for emergency scenarios at locations such as high schools used to be the way first responders shared information, and updates to plans and strategic information could not be updated in the moment. It would have to be uploaded and sent separately, whereas Community Connect allows first responders to share and access plans updated up-to-the-minute with each other in real-time.

The free software secures the information it contains according to the release and can be accessed as follows:

For more information:

To register your details:

If your Ashland address is outside of City limits, register with Jackson County Fire District No. 5:


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