Ashland’s Mysterious New Age Shop is Closing its Doors

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland’s much talked about New Age shop, The Haven on Main Street, where you can buy such oddities as ‘living water’ and ‘bioceuticals,’ is closing its doors next month.

The shop and its owners, Akasha Sananda and Miananda Maitreya Shekinah, aka TwinRay, were the subject of much whispering and rumor when first arriving in town from California in 2020.

The couple bought a 96-acre gated village estate in the hills of northern Ashland and, two years later, opened The Haven at 142 E. Main St., a prime downtown location.


Contents of the Shop Set Tongues Wagging

The contents of the shop set local tongues wagging. At The Haven you could buy large crystals and supplements promising a variety of health benefits. You could also ‘raise your vibrations’ by wearing expensive ‘bio-jewelry.’ There have also been allegations that the couple and their followers use psychedelic substances.

Former followers of TwinRay teachings allegedly spent as much as $80,000 on items such as jewelry and retreats. Those hard-pressed to afford the expense of the costly retreats allegedly paid off their debt by doing administrative work at the TwinRay estate.

No more will blank faced mannequins draped in pashminas stare sightlessly from The Haven storefront window. Shoppers will no longer be able to gaze at crystals glittering under chandeliers or buy ‘bioceuticals’ called mysterious names such as ‘Immortal Monotomic.’ ‘Mermaid Magic,’ and ‘Poseidon’s Power.’

No more ceremonial teas, or meditation booths. No more pyramid shaped candles and mystical health potions.


Cloud of Secrecy Thickens

The cloud of secrecy surrounding the latest developments in the lives of TwinRay is becoming thicker. Store building owner Allen Connolly has confirmed that the tenants of The Haven will be moving next month, while Jackson County property records reveal that in lieu of foreclosure, the couple’s mansion was returned to its previous owner, Neuman Properties, in 2023.

The couple also seem to have gone ‘underground,’ failing to respond to numerous requests for comment, as well as keeping a low profile on social media. Their latest post on Instagram was in April.

Next month, Main Street will revert to its small-town culture, with a bike shop and running shoe store continuing to cater to the Southern Oregon city’s population of 21,000.

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