Join the marches

We face a clear and present danger.

Republicans from the White House and Congress to our own state representatives have seemingly decided that post-truth, fake news, and alternate facts should guide legislation rather than data, evidence, and science. To confuse matters, while promoting anti-science proposals, they’re claiming they use best available science.

Thus, we have a president and Congress suppressing research at federal agencies that would help us understand the science of global warming and climate change so we can address it. Despite the obvious evidence, they variously claim there is no warming, or human action is not responsible. Implicitly they argue the best way to solve a problem is pretend it doesn’t exist.

Then EPA Administrator Pruitt allows the pesticide Chlorpyrifos, even though studies show it poses health hazards for unborn children. He claims some mythic science supports his position, but doesn’t identify it.

And locally, State Sen. Alan DeBoer justifies opposing climate pollution limits with long-debunked "alternative facts" that lack scientific support.

Anyone concerned about the obvious challenge to science posed by the pattern should join the March for Science in Ashland, April 22 (, and the People's March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice on April 29 (

Alan Journet