Being a city council member is high on the list of thankless jobs. The hours are long, the pay virtually nonexistent and someone is bound to be unhappy with you no matter how you vote.

So, when public servants want to continue serving — or, as in the case of Dennis Slattery, return after a break — we're inclined to support them unless there is some compelling reason to choose someone else.

Position 1 on the Nov. 8 ballot pits Slattery against Doug Burns, former general manager of the Oregon Cabaret Theatre, and Debra Neisewander. We know little about Neisewander because she did not respond to a questionnaire sent to all candidates.

Burns wants the city to file a class action suit on behalf of tenants of rental housing. Housing is a major concern in Ashland, but expensive litigation is not the best way to address it.

Slattery, a Southern Oregon University business professor, brings solid experience and a focus on the economy. We recommend voters return him to the council.

Position 3 incumbent Greg Lemhouse faces Theo White, an academic coach, and Martin Kamenski, CEO of a business coaching company. We recommend Lemhouse, whose public safety and business background has been a good fit since 2008.

White says voters are "tired of a corrupt government” and "perpetual wars." That doesn't sound like Ashland, or anything the city can remedy.

Kamenski is an attractive candidate. If Councilor Pam Marsh wins a legislative seat, he would be a top contender as a replacement.