Travel Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards Pick 4 Oregon Locations for Top 5 Resorts

Oftentimes we find websites claiming to know the best of the best; claiming not only that they know what’s good, but claiming to know what the people want.

What do the people say, though? Well, that’s the beauty of choice awards, and when it comes to staying at wonderful, relaxing resorts, it seems that the people have spoken. In a 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards compiled by reputable travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, it appears that people are loving the service of the Beaver State. Out of the top 5 resorts within the United States, Oregon snags 4 of those slots, including the title of number one resort within the country.

So, who were the top 5? Well allow me to give you the rundown.


At No. 5 is the Sunriver Resort in, well, Sunriver. This 245-room resort won quite a few hearts with readers. You can find this resort 15 miles south of Bend.


At No. 4 was the Brasada Ranch at Powell Butte, 20 miles west of Bend. It’s a wonderfully homely and spacious resort with many activities and a focus on comfort. It has one of the best views of rural Oregon you’ll ever find, and really goes to show how beautiful the state can be.


Next, at No. 3, is Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa in Pacific City. They’re located on the coast, and because of that, you can expect a ton of coastal activities that keep your feet in the sand and your head in the clouds. Of course, it’s also a spa, so the resort focuses on relaxation quite a bit.


At No. 2 is Salish Lodge and Spa… in Washington. While we do want to partially chalk up their success in the rankings to the resort’s appearance in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”, we are going to give it credit where credit is due. So congratulations, Washington, you got a spot, but it doesn’t change the fact that an Oregon resort is still number one.


Speaking of.

Tetherow, located in Bend, steals the spotlight as everyone’s favorite resort. It’s one of the most beautiful resorts you’ll ever go to, with a stunning view of the Oregon frontier. We cannot express enough the comfort and relaxation this resort provides. No wonder it stole the top spot.

So, if you ever want to find a place to relax, why not go to one of the five resorts recommended by readers everywhere? Though, preferably not the one in Washington.



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