Scoot Henderson of the Trail Blazers Thinks He’ll Win Rookie of the Year

Say what you want about the players on the court, but they sure are confident. You sort of have to be in a game as competitive as basketball, but it’s not every day you have players outright saying that they’ll make rookie of the year. At that point, you’re asking to be jinxed.

And yet, Trail Blazers’ Scoot Henderson, who is in his very first season in his NBA career, has predicted that he’ll score the title of rookie of the year. He said this in an interview posted on Youtube by Playmaker, where he stated his goals clearly.

“My goal, obviously, is to win rookie of the year,” Henderson said, “and I will win rookie of the year.”

He went a step further to say that he was planning on becoming the greatest point guard to ever play the game. As in, the entire history of basketball.

“When people think of Scoot Henderson,” the man himself said, “I want them to think of the best player to ever play the game.”

This man isn’t talentless, that’s for sure. The Trail Blazers selected Scoot Henderson No. 3 overall when June’s NBA draft came around. With Damian Lillard having made it known that he’s seeking to be traded to Miami Heat, that leaves the point guard spot open and ready for the taking, so Henderson actually has a shot to get in there and show that he isn’t all talk.

In the end Henderson should see enough minutes to show us what he’s worth. I really do hope for the best for Henderson, if it just so happens that he does end up surpassing all the odds and becomes one of the greatest names in all of sports, then I’ll be glad to say I was here to see it.

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