Oregon Legislative Session: Republican’s Anti-Abortion Bill Unlikely to Succeed

Senator Dennis Linthicum (R – District 28) is one of several Republicans backing an Anti-Abortion Bill that is unlikely to be heard during the current Legislative Session.

Linthicum describes unborn babies as “pre-born individuals” and not “lumps of cells.” Pleading for compassion, Linthicum says humanity must remain at the forefront of all social policies to ensure that “next life flourishes” in Oregon.


Senate Will Concentrate on Drugs and Housing

But Oregon’s 35-day short session is likely to be devoted to current issues such as drug abuse and lack of affordable housing.

Senator Jeff Golden (D – District 3) says the Republican anti-abortion bill, SB 1536, is unlikely to be heard as the Legislative session will devote the bulk of its short 35-day session to concentrate on urgent changes and adjustments to existing policies. Golden says that senators have more than they can cope with during the session, which started at the beginning of this week.


Republicans Supporting SB 1536

Republicans supporting Senate Bill 1536 are David Brock-Smith (R – District 1), Dennis Linthicum (R – District 28), and Art Robinson (R – District 2). They are the main sponsors of the bill and want to limit access to abortions throughout the state.

If approved, SB 1536 calls for the banning of abortions for women more than 15 weeks pregnant. The only exception will be cases of incest, rape, or urgent medical health issues.

Other supporters of the bill are southern Oregon representatives Court Boice (R – District 1), Emily McIntire (R – District 56), E. Werner Reschke (R – House District 55), and Dwayne Yunker (R – District 3).

Oregon State House and Senate are controlled by Democrats, making this Republican anti-abortion bill less likely to succeed.

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