Medford Police Will Not Confirm Identity of Asante Hospital Nurse Named in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police Department (MPD) will not confirm the name of the individual involved in the fentanyl swap furor at the local Asante hospital. The nurse’s identity has been disclosed in a lawsuit. The incident led to the death of 65-year-old Horace Earl Wilson of Jacksonville from sepsis in the hospital’s ICU in 2022.

In a statement, the MPD says it will not publicly identify an individual involved in the case while the matter is under active investigation. The police have not yet filed any criminal charges and say they will not contribute information to “current or potential civil lawsuits” against an individual or an organization.


Law Group Files For $11.475 Million

Idiart Law Group has filed for $11,475,000 from the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center (RRMC) in Medford for the wrongful death of Wilson. Wilson died of sepsis when fentanyl was allegedly diverted for tap water in IV drips. The defendants named in the lawsuit are the RRMC and former nurse Danie Marie Schofield.

The MPD says while it is aware that the lawsuit identified an individual, it will not confirm the names or release the identities of anyone allegedly involved in the case.

The department says it is still diligently investigating the case. Many interviews have been conducted, with many more in the pipeline. The MPD is “meticulously” examining thousands of pages of documentation. The department says documents and medical records require consultation and examination by medical field experts.


MPD Calls on Public for Patience and Understanding

The MPD calls on the public for understanding and patience while conducting an ongoing and complex investigation. The department says it remains dedicated to uncovering the truth and to ensure that justice is served.

Furthermore, the MPD says it is committed to transparency and assures the public that the department will provide updates as and when available.

Last month, the police department confirmed that it had received calls from concerned members of the public whose family members were treated in the hospital at the time when the fentanyl swap became public knowledge. The MPD says the Medford RRMC identified patients involved in the incident(s) and was busy notifying them and their families.

However, Justin Idiart of the Idiart Law Group, says not all affected patients have been notified by the hospital. He conceded that the RRMC started talking to families last December but says he has come across people who never received notification of their exposure to a nurse or a possible fentanyl diversion.

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