Kuminga Makes a Surprise Return Just Before a 110-106 Win for the Warriors Against the Trail Blazers

Talk about a game to keep the fans on the edge of their seats, am I right? The back and forth between the Trail Blazers and the Golden State Warriors was nail-biting. Despite having won the last three meetings overall and six in a row at home against the Trail Blazers, it seemed that was going to come to an end during this game here.

That’s when a twist in the rotation came along, pulling the Warriors into yet another win with a lead of just four points at 110-106. That twist was, of course, Jonathan Kuminga.

Kuminga made his return in the third quarter with only 4:45 left on the clock. He hadn’t even been in Steve Kerr’s pregame plans, being left out of the rotation as Kerr focused on keeping track of the minutes in an already deep roster. However, Kerr decided to make an on-the-spot decision and Kuminga entered, and his teammates made it clear that his presence was needed during such a close game.


Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights


Anfernee Simons had scored a good 28 points for the Trail Blazers, Shaedon Sharpe following behind with 26 points, six rebounds and 5 assists. They definitely pulled the Trail Blazers ahead of the Warriors, but they weren’t perfect, as Sharpe kissed a free throw during the game.

They weren’t the only ones working hard, however. Stephen Curry, despite having a pretty slow start, had been able to finally gain his momentum and scored a good 31 points, so he needs some of that credit. All the while, Kuminga was able to bring his team a great 13 points, his contribution no doubt helping the team.

Kuminga was full of great moves despite appearing late into the game, able to pull them off in quick succession before time was up. With 3:37 left in the third quarter, he’d managed to pull the Warriors into a 77-74 lead due to a great steal and transition dunk. Ithat score was tied soon after, but the advantage was regained. An alley-oop from Draymond Green resulted in Kuminga dunking with 1:03 left on the clock. With his team ahead 105-104, he was able to steal the ball from Toumani Camara, ending with a 3-pointer by Curry.

It was an exciting game, and it’s good to see the Warrior’s streak being maintained and improved upon. .


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