A New Ranking Reveals That This Family-Run Restaurant Has the Best Burgers in Oregon

Burgers, the American staple, am I right? Go to any city and ask any person, and they can tell you what the best burger joint in the area is. Sometimes, though, you just want to try the best burger in the entire state, and with this modern age of internet superiority, there are tons of sites now dedicated to telling you the best foods near you, some you may have heard of, and some gems you may have never even tried.



A Yelp blog proudly presented the best cheeseburgers in all fifty states. That’s right, fifty states, fifty cheeseburgers. According to the blog, they “identified businesses in the food and restaurants category on Yelp, with a large concentration of reviews mentioning ‘cheeseburger,’ then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning ‘cheeseburger,’ between January 1, 2023, and July 20, 2023.” It’s a pretty sound way to find their winners, and that’s how we found out the best burger place in Oregon.

While I’m sure the other fifty states have some burgers you can absolutely sink your teeth into, we’re here about Oregon’s winner: a little family-run restaurant called Five Stars Family Burger. And five stars it certainly does have (or 4.8, but close enough), featuring on Yelp as the best burger place in Oregon with 262 overwhelmingly positive reviews on hand. It’s even been awarded as Number 6 in the United States by Yelp.

Five Stars Family Burger is a small little restaurant in Cornelius, combining the classic old school burger joint offerings with some creative flavor offerings that reviewers seem to absolutely adore. A particular favorite among Yelp reviewers seems to be the bulgogi burger.

They have many classic options, such as the cheeseburger or even the double bacon cheeseburger, but many of their foods tend to have a Korean twist to them. There you’ll find a kimchi burger and even a Korean-style BBQ plate for you to enjoy, so you’re never short on options.

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