The Fourth Best Burger in the United States is in Portland

Burgers are an American staple. There has to be thousands of variations of one of the U.S favorite meals, from something as simple as the hamburger, to the double cheeseburger, to impossible burgers that are completely vegan, to burgers loaded in as many calories as possible and with all the stuff you couldn’t even think of being on a burger patty.

Many have asked themselves: just where can you get the best burger in the country? Well, I have the answer for you right here: it’s not in Oregon. That would actually be 7th Street Burger in Manhattan, New York.

However, if you’re looking for the fourth best burger in the country, then you can look no further than in Portland.

Big Travel 7 is an outlet that loves to comment on what some of the best food places around the country are, giving tips on where to go if you want to find the best burgers, pizza, bars, coffee shops, and so on and so forth. So, it’s safe to say that they know their stuff when it comes to food, and when it comes to burgers, they have Portland, Oregon, in their sights.

Mid-City Smash Burger is the place you’re going to want to look for. Although they’re born in New Orleans, they’ve made their home in Portland, and they boast the best smash burgers in the city. The look of the burger is pretty unassuming, Big Travel 7 acknowledges, with just the simple meat, cheese, bun, and sauce. The burgers are delightfully gooey with American cheese smashed atop two thin beef patties and their buns are nice and fluffy, but many say that the real winner is the special smash sauce made by the chef. Big 7 Travel also makes mention of the fact that the burgers are only $5. That’s pretty good, if you ask me.

Big Travel 7 scored the establishments by taking into account editorial experience, the value of the food you’re getting, atmosphere, customer feedback, critic reviews, location, accessibility, and presentation. That should tell you a lot about Mid-City Smash Burger alone.

Mid-City Smash Burger is the only Northwest burger joint to score a spot in the top 10, but it’s also the only Oregon joint on the list. Even still, we can take pride in the fact that the Beaver State can make a pretty good burger.


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