Everything We Know Thus Far About The Upcoming Avatar Experience at Disney

Avatar is expanding its franchise, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, announced recently.

As the recent movie, Avatar:The Way of Water was a huge success, California’s Disneyland Resort is taking measures to incorporate this into a new experience for the theme park.

Iger stated that the blockbuster hit from James Cameron’s  was simply the most flourishing picture of the quarter. It  has grown to be the fourth largest film of all time worldwide, with approximately $2.2 billion made at the box office to date, making $435 million alone on its opening weekend. Avatar:The Way of Water premiered in December 2022 and is offered in both 3D premium formats. The movie stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Joel David Moore,  CCH Pounder, Cliff Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, and Stephen Lang. It has already won a Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award nominations for best picture.


He then went on to say that he was very excited that they would be bringing such a thrilling experience to California’s Disney Resort.  Iger said that they are not certain when this Avatar encounter will open, but he will be sure to keep everyone updated.

This will be the very first Avatar-inspired attraction at this Disney Theme park. However, it is not the first for other Disney parks. Park goers in Orlando, Florida  have been addicted to an Avatar experience at Walt Disney World Resort’s Pandora – The World of Avatar.

This ride, located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, showcases two different attractions. This first is a family-friendly Na’vi River Voyage where park goers are allowed to navigate through a radiant mysterious rainforest. The second adventure is a bit more exciting as guests are allowed to go through Pandora’s jungles and float up the mountains on the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction.

An exclusive interview with PEOPLE exposed James Cameron’s enthusiasm about the theme park extension when the land officially opened in May 2017.

Cameron told the magazine that this “place is the next stage in the greater story of Avatar.” The attraction creators bring what you saw in the film to life. The attraction  provides for a real, tangible, olfactory, full-sense encounter. Cameron states it has fiercely surpassed his hopes for what was feasible in the real world.

The first Avatar movie was released in 2009. It was announced in 2010 that a sequel would occur. Movie goers have waited more than 13 years for the continuation of this movie. Jake and Neytiri’s family is shown in the second installment of the Avatar movie, viewing “the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure,” per the official tagline of the film.


With the release of this upcoming experience at Disney California Resorts, fans are able to become eager for more of the mysterious planet of Pandora as they wait for Avatar 3, which is set to debut on Dec. 20, 2024.

Cameron stated in an interview with France’s 20 Minutes, via Total Film, that the forthcoming episode will showcase civilizations other than those previously seen. The fire will be portrayed by the ‘Ash People.’ Cameron then went on to say that he wanted to have viewers see the two Na’vi clans-  the Omaticaya and the Metkayina, from a different  perspective because right now he has just displayed their nice temperaments as they are peaceful tribes.  (1)According to him, in the previous movies, there are extremely adverse human examples and super optimistic Na’vi instances. In Avatar 3, he plans on doing the complete opposite.


Cameron then said he will  likewise search new worlds, while going on with the narrative of the primary characters. He feels that the last portions of the movie will definitely be the best by far.  The previous films could be considered as an introduction. Cameron likes to think of it as “a way to set the table before serving the meal.” It appears as if the third installment of these movies will see a clash between Na’vi versus Na’vi, while the first two Avatar movies concentrated on the Na’vi tribes fighting humans.

James Cameron is not ready to be done with installments any time soon. He says that if people are still interested, (2)he has thought of ideas for Avatar 6 and 7. Releases are already planned for number 4 and 5 in 2026 and 2028. He said that by the time number 5 rolls out, he will be 89 by then, and would have to train someone to take over, saying  “I don’t care how smart you are as a director, you don’t know how to do this.”




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