Ducks Suffer First Defeat in a Brutal 36-33 Loss Against the Huskies

If you want to talk about tension and a game that will leave you on the edge of your seat, you have to look no further than the defeat the Ducks suffered yesterday. That’s right, the team has finally broken their 5 game win streak in a 36-33 game so close you could swear it was fiction.


#8 Oregon vs #7 Washington Football Game Highlights


It’s crushing, yes, but what can we glean from this? Well, I’ll give you the key moments and stats you need to know.

There were three key plays that really cost the Ducks this victory:

  • The Ducks tried to go for it on fourth down from inside the Washington 20-yard line in an attempt that failed spectacularly.
  • They made another attempt at this, and one again came up empty.
  • They had the chance to punt the ball with two minutes left to go and pin Washington with no timeouts left, but they instead decided to go for it. They failed.

Camden Lewis, in the end, made a 43-yard field goal attempt to tie the game, but sailed right.

Although the entire game was like watching a pendulum swing, it was the fourth quarter where it really got tense. The Ducks had finally managed to take the lead at 33-29 with only 12:58 left in the game due to a 40-yard pass to Troy franklin, who was 10 yards out. However, they made their mistake when they decided to go for it on fourth-and-three with 2:3 left, but they failed and ended up giving the ball to one of the best QBs in the nation on the 50.

Bo Nix did well as per usual, with 33-of-44 for 337 yards and 2 touchdowns. We should compare this to Michael Phenix Jr. of UW, however. He got 22-of-23, 302 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 1 interception.

Troy Franklin, however, really helped bring the game together; he had 8 catches, 154 yards, and 1 touchdown. Bucky Irving also did fantastic with 22 carries, 127 yards, and 1 touchdown. Lastly we have Brandon Dorlus, who came in with 5 tackles and 1.5 TFL.

So, what’s next for the ducks? Well, after their first crushing defeat, the Ducks will be heading home to host Washington State for a kickoff at 12:30. The Cougars lost to the Ducks last season 44-41, so it’s time to see if history will repeat itself. After such a recent close game.


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