Ducks Deliver Yet Another Disappointing Outing: Dana Altman Says Defense Isn’t Good Enough

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Ducks’ loss to the Arizona Wildcats over the weekend was not good enough, said coach Dana Altman at a press conference after the team lost 87-78. The team again gave away more than 80 points for the fourth time in their last six outings.

Describing the Ducks’ defense as “a problem”, Altman pointed out that the Wildcats had scored more than half their total winning points within the first 20 minutes of the game. Their defense came under attack again in the second half when the Ducks could find no solutions to prevent the onslaught when the Wildcats went on to score the first three possessions.


Something’s Got to Give

Altman said he did not know what the Ducks could have done to improve their defense, but something would have to change because current tactics were not good enough.

While Oregon’s offensive is acceptable, at an average of 76.3 points per game in the last four games, their struggle with defense has become transparent in recent outings. The Ducks now find themselves in the middle of one of their worst-ever seasons.


Dismal Stats

Oregon’s current season stats make for dismal reading, with the Ducks allowing an average of 72.9 points per game through 20 games. And when they lose, that average shoots up to 87.2 per game, with all their winning opponents scoring 80-plus points.

Struggling to find answers to rectify the situation, Altman admitted at the conference that the Ducks had made too many mistakes, both in defense and offense, in their failed attempt to beat a good team.

Admitting disappointment after the loss against the Wildcats in Eugene over the weekend, Altman said he believed the Ducks had had a chance to beat the Arizona team but, after losing, would have to regroup and get back on track.

The Ducks now face a few challenging weeks and will face tough conference opponents. Check out the Ducks Basketball Schedule here.


Regroup and Keep Moving

In the meantime, coach Altman said the team was heading to LA this week to visit schools and that the road trip was a chance for the guys to regroup and keep moving.

Altman hopes his team will take the lead and be ready for Thursday’s encounter, adding that when times are good, everything is fine, but when times are bad, a way had to be found to get back onto your feet.


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