Education News

  • Race with the sun - 07/14/2014

    Southern Oregon's newest Formula One race car driver is 18 years old.

  • Class sizes too large, teacher workload too heavy, survey suggests - 07/01/2014

    Local administrators didn't need a statewide survey to tell them teachers are overworked, classes are too large and resources are scarce.

  • Research: Solar panels benefit crops - 06/30/2014

    Recent Southern Oregon University graduate Sai Weiss has shown solar panels and crops can co-exist on the same land — and that the combination...

  • Back to the stone age - 06/26/2014

    It's not every day that Applegate archaeologist Chelsea Rose gets to butcher a bison using primitive stone tools.

  • Barnes & Noble takes over SOU store - 06/25/2014

    Southern Oregon University is selling its bookstore inventory and handing over store management to Barnes & Noble College, a division of the national...

  • Setting an example - 06/13/2014

    Shaun Franks was working as a chiropractic assistant in California in 2008 as the economy began to tank.

  • Strong survivor - 06/10/2014

    As a survivor of sexual violence, Mary Vest has brought a powerful voice to her work at Southern Oregon's University's Women's Resource Center.

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