Portland Takes the Top Five Spot on the List of the Most Walkable Cities in America

PORTLAND, Ore. — A new report that researched the walkability of American destinations ranked Portland, Oregon, in the top five of most walkable cities. It was given the fifth spot as one of the cities where you can travel far without a vehicle.

The nonprofit Smart Growth America, based in Washington, D.C., released a report that rated the cities with the most pedestrian-friendly urban areas. The 2023 report, Foot Traffic Ahead, based its findings on a range of factors, which included the cities’ proximity to public transport and intersection density.

The report focused on 35 of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., even though walkable urban areas exist in all states and regions, which include rural areas as well as smaller towns. The report highlighted the fact that metropolitan regions and the market in the U.S. continue to look for more neighborhoods that are well-connected and walkable.

In light of this, Portland ranked fifth out of the 35 largest urban areas. Researchers at Smart Growth America found that the most walkable city was New York.

After New York, the country’s most pedestrian-friendly hot spots were Boston and Washington, D.C., in the second and third spots, respectively. These cities were followed by two Pacific Northwest destinations, Seattle and Portland, in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

It became evident to researchers that the regions made the environment a priority to encourage alternatives to using cars. They encourage cycling and walking as a means of transportation. Oregon schools have used the ‘bike bus’ movement, and others have protested against “polution-based transport” through Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride.

This report examined the demand for housing and commercial space in urban areas that are not easily accessible by car, as the researchers believe that this is something that should benefit everyone.

Thus, in the final analysis, even though Rose City was one of the top five walkable cities, it fell short on the Social Equity Index ranking. It ranked number 26 on the index for accessibility and affordability.

The average rent in Portland City is $2,500 per month, and the cost of an average home is $430,000. This makes the Portland region one of America’s most expensive places to live.

The central city has a well-connected transit network, but it does not connect to the outer ring of the urban area. The outer area tends to have more affordable and comparable housing.

This means, according to Smart Growth America, walkable areas lean toward white residents, especially those with higher incomes and higher education.

One of the aspects not highlighted in the report is the pedestrian fatalities in the walkable areas of Portland. In the previous year, police reported that 75 traffic-related deaths occurred in the city. The leaders in Portland have worked on a solution to this issue.

To resolve this issue, the Portland Bureau of Transportation and other officials hope to do so through the Vision Zero program. They are hoping that it will help the area maintain its reputation as a walkable city.



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