Oregon Ducks Football Game Highlights – The Ducks Overcome a 27-18 Deficit to Pull a Thrilling Win Over Texas Tech

Gather ‘round, everyone, because I’m about to tell you a tale of something rarely ever seen: an opposing team winning in Lubbock, Texas.

The Ducks made one hell of a comeback during the game, overcoming a startling 27-18 deficit in the 3rd quarter (you heard that right, the 3rd quarter) and coming out with a fantastic 38-30, which goes to show that the script can flip in just a quarter alone.


Oregon Ducks Vs Texas Tech Football Game Highlights Video


It was like watching a pendulum rock its way back and forth with each and every quarter passing by. By the end of the 1st quarter, Oregon had been up 15-7. Once Halftime hit, Oregon was still in the lead, but slowing significantly with a final score of 18-13.

The 3rd quarter, the very one where we believed we were witnessing the Ducks’ very first loss of the season, they had made no ground whatsoever and were losing to the Raiders is a startling deficit of 27-18. Then, astonishingly, the Ducks were able to pull a deficit of 20-3 in that final quarter, crashing through the finish line with a final score of 30-38.

So, let’s get into some of the finer details. Bo Nix threw for 359 yards all the while Camden Lewis kicked the go-ahead field goal. Bucky Irving was able to score a 3-yard run, and Lewis returned soon after to hit a 23-yard field goal. It was Jeffrey Bassa who really came to impress with a late pick-six.

This was an especially ironic time since the opposing QB was Tyler Slough, who, if you remember, was the former Ducks QB. Bo Nix and the gang were able to show the Raiders up with ease, though it did come with quite a show.

Both the QBs found themselves pulling off fairly bold moves you wouldn’t see in more cautious players. It worked out in Nix’s favor, though, and in the end, the Raiders were no match for the might of the Ducks. Slough finished with 24 of 40 for 282 yards, 3 touchdowns, three interceptions, and carried 23 times for 101 yards. Nix, on the other hand, scored an impressive 32 of 44 for 359 yards, two touchdowns, and ran 9 times for 46 yards. Needless to say, it was quite the battle to watch.

To say that Oregon has been giving us quite the show so far would be the understatement of the season. After giving us a record-breaking score last game, to turn around and pull this thriller of a game is just a promise that this will be one of the most entertaining seasons from the Ducks in a long time. Everyone’s charged up to the max, and it’s only been the second game of the season. Fans are charged up and ready with bated breath for the next game.

The Ducks will be facing off next against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors next Saturday over at Autzen Stadium, taking place at 5 PM CST.


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