Monstrous 25-Foot Waves May Be Hitting the Oregon Coast in the Near Future

Issued on Wednesday was a high-surf advisory, as it’s possible that there may be 22-25 foot waves within the near future. The areas that might be hit are around central Oregon just north of Port Orford.

Beachgoers were advised to stay off of the shore and off of jet skis and boats for their own safety. Although the advisory had technically ended at 5pm on Wednesday, it’s still advised that beachgoers tread with caution and to not go too deep into the ocean for the next day or so. This is because although Thursday is expected to have fairly pleasant weather, the same won’t be for the days following. It’s expected that the region will be hit with more stormy weather, including winds and rain.

The National Weather Service had issued this warning in particular to those in the area: “Large breaking waves will create hazardous conditions along and within the surf zone, and could inundate beaches and low-lying shorelines. Beach erosion is possible, and exposed infrastructure may be damaged.”

Our suggestion is that you keep inside for the next few days and stay off of the shoreline.


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