Layoff Fears for Dutch Bros Employees in Grants Pass

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — It has come to light that Dutch Bros. Corporate intends to move forty percent of its company to Phoenix, Arizona. According to NewsWatch 12, the company intends to expand into Arizona by January 1, 2025. Its headquarters will remain in Grants Pass. However, local residents believe that it does not make sense to move a Southern Oregon-run company to another state.

Amanda Sloan told NBC5: “After everything Dutch Bros. meant to the community, its loss to Grants Pass is a real contradiction.” As David Sloan said, too: “Local people run and have an understanding of this local business. A different state will not have the same knowledge and understanding of its business operations.”

This move could also mean that several support staff might lose their jobs. There is the notion that the company gave them an ultimatum to move or lose their jobs. Dutch Bros. Corporate indicated that they will only comment on this matter after the Q4 earnings meeting in February. However, they did tell NBC5 that the positions under consideration are primarily those in strategic roles and the day-to-day support staff.

Dutch Bros. Corporate’s communications professional, Hillary Brown, indicated to NewsWatch 12 that the Q4 meeting will be the first instance where the company will be able to share material publicly. She also commented that the company did not have specific details available in regards to employee layoffs.  She can only comment on the content of the press release.

Even so, they have already discussed relocation options with employees in a meeting. The discussion occurred the day before their intentions to move to Arizona were made public. They have also indicated that staff members who do not wish to relocate will be given severance. According to the company, though, the support staff not affected are their ‘broistas.”

For fear of backlash, an anonymous employee told NewsWatch 12 that the company intends to lay off support staff who refuse to relocate. According to the employee, support staff members felt forced to choose between either losing their jobs or moving to Arizona. The employee further stated, “It will be sad if we do not see each other every day, as we are like a family. We are being torn apart.”

With a lack of transparency from Dutch Bros. and not being willing to participate in an interview, NewsWatch 12 approached a long-time customer, Jameson Aguilar, for comment. He is the manager of Medford Jiffy Lube, right next to the Dutch Bros. coffee shop. He said this: “I have been a Dutch Bros. customer for twenty years. They always offer great services without fail.”

Even though he is right next door, he was not aware of their planned expansion into Arizona. He was also not aware of the ultimatum to their staff members. Even though he found the expansion agreeable, it was upsetting that they were placing their staff under obligation to move.

The CEO and President of Dutch Bros., Christine Barone, defended the move by saying the following: “Our product, ‘Dutch Luv’, is already popular in the Phoenix market and is one of the best. By moving the administration headquarters, we anticipate establishing a strong support center that will make our customers and broistas our priority as we expand.”

With over 800 shops across 16 states, the company wants to expand to its objective of over 4000 shops. According to Christine Barone, the expansion into Arizona will move it closer to its fastest-growing markets.

Despite the intentions of Dutch Bros., locals feel that the company is home to the Rogue Valley since Travis and Dane Boersma founded it over thirty years ago. The company assured customers that the expansion into Arizona would not affect its close connection with the community.





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