Justin Verlander’s Return Before the MLB Deadline Underlines a Litany of Deals

It’s that time of year again: trades start up and soon friends become rivals. Just a few days ago, Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer had been teammates playing their hearts out for the New York Mets, and now they find each other on the opposing sides of a Lone Star rivalry. That’s just what happens when it’s finally time to trade.

Just ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline, the 40-year old Verlander found himself on a flight from New York to Houston. For avid sports fans, you may remember him helping to win the Astros the World Series last year, so it seems they want their boy back for another shot at the championship. In place of these players, the Mets acquired minor league outfielders Gilbert and Ryan Clifford.

Verlander found that he couldn’t say “no” to an $86.7 million, two year contract deal with the Mets back in December, but due to some injuries from both him and Scherzer, the Mets ended up underperforming, and thus, the right-hander was traded back to the Astros. The trade was sealed on Sunday.

The Rangers and the Astros are are still fighting for a lead, and with two three-time award winning players now on their side, things are bound to get interesting.

They weren’t the only ones who got some good trades, as just after Bo Bichette was sidelined due to his right knee, they snatched up shortstop Paul DeJong from St. Louis.

Atlanta, on the other hand, were able to snag Brad Hand in a deal with the Colorado Rockies. Time will tell if this trade was worth it for them, but seeing as how Atlanta has the best record in baseball, I’m sure other teams will have plenty to worry about.



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