Experts Claim This Oregon Company Makes the Best Coffee in the U.S.

Have you ever wondered what the best coffee in the U.S. is? Well, so do experts. That’s why one research website, Study Finds, decided to compile a ranking of the top coffee in the nation.

The site is a media website that aims to provide a digestible summary of recent research, and this time they’ve set their sites on coffee. According to the Study Finds website itself, this list was “ranked based on the most-recommended brands” from 10 experts on popular websites, including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal.

Well, the moment is at hand. Who makes the nation’s greatest coffee? That, dear reader, is a title that belongs to Stumptown Coffee.

If you want a story, there’s no better place to look than Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s website, where they go into detail discussing how they source their coffee, the kinds they use, and how they trade and pay their producers. The latter is one of the reasons why they’ve drawn so much favor, as many critics appreciate Stumptown’s “direct trade business practices and its ethical and long-standing relationships with farmers and producers.” Though, their experience is probably best summed up by Jim Kelso, Director of Quality Assurance, who said

“Drinking coffee is a pleasure. Coffee drinking is fun, and it feels good, and underlying all our hard work is pride in cultivating pleasure.”


Stumptown’s praise comes not only from the quality of their coffee, but also the affordability when compared to other popular boutique brands.

Are you craving some Stumptown Coffee? Well while you probably won’t find any on shelves, you can easily browse their wide selection of roasts and find what’s best for you.  

In case you’re curious, other brands listed in the top five of Study Find’s list were Equal Exchange, Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle and Death Wish.

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