Ducks Outsmart and Decimate the California Bears in Astonishing 63-19 Win

With the win Utah helping to establish momentum back in the Ducks, we had a feeling we would see them beat the Bears. While not the toughest team at the conference, I still still had reason to believe that the Bears would be putting up a good fight. I did not expect the absolute decimation that echoed the first few games of the season. That’s right, we had a blowout of 63 to 19. Now let’s get into the fine details.


California vs #6 Oregon Football Game Highlights 11 4 2023


The game actually looked fairly close in the beginning. Nearing the end of the first half, the Ducks were leading with a tight 14-13, before three touchdowns turned the score into a 35-13 halftime lead. The third quarter started off with a nice scoring drive from California to bump their score up to 19, but they never got further than that. By the end of the game, the Ducks were 9-for-9 in the red zone with 9 touchdowns. All the while, the Bears were just 2-for-4. They came in averaging 200 yards and left with only 109 yards.

Tez Johnson was the star this time around, having his best game as a Duck yet with a total of 12 catches for 180 yards and two touchdowns. He has every right to pat himself on the back while he rests up for next week’s game.

We shouldn’t forget Bo Nix, who impressed with 386 yards, 29-of-38 passing, and 6 total TDs. Bucky Irving also made a statement with 8 carries, 89 yards, and 1 TD, as well as Steve Stephans IV, who came in with 6 tackles and an interception.

While we do celebrate the Ducks and their victory, a shadow was cast when California RB Jaivian Thomas sustained a serious injury and had to be driven away in an ambulance. We wish him a speedy recovery.

So, what’s next for our Ducks? Well, next is a big one: USC. People have been waiting for this one with bated breath, sitting on the edges of their seats as the battle with USC inches ever closer. This fight may go on to determine whether or not the Ducks have a real shot at the Playoffs. USC just finished off against the Huskies, the one team to beat the Ducks this season, and lost 52-42, so best believe we’re going to be keeping an eye on every detail of the upcoming game.


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