Does The Lymphatic Drainage Massage on The Face Work? All About This New TikTok Trend

Lymphatic Drainage Massage on the face is a gentle, stimulating treatment that can help promote lymph node flow and drain excess fluid from the body. This trend has become a worldwide activity for TikTok users. Lymphatic Face Massage can help detoxify and promote a healthy glow. In this guide, we will touch on the benefits of this type of massage, how it works, and how you can perform it at home. This type of massage is a great technique to try when you wake up or have had a good cry.


Let’s Start with the Basics: A little more about it.

tool for lymphatic drainage face massage

Your lymphatic system comprises a network of tissues and organs, including lymph nodes and channels. The lymphatic system also plays a tremendous role in the immune system.

The word lymph means the excess fluid in the bodily tissue. It moves through the lymphatic system channels and drains into the bloodstream, maintaining help in balancing fluids in the body.

Now let’s look at lymph nodes; lymph nodes are bean-shaped glands found in the armpits, groin, abdomen, face, and neck. The lymph node acts as a guard to stop foreign substances from entering the body. They also produce disease-fighting white blood cells in your body.

If we have problems with our lymphatic system, this may cause bodily swelling, recurring infections, and fluid buildup.

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

flow of the lymph in the face

Two different techniques can be used for a lymphatic drainage massage on the face. The goal is to improve the flow of the lymph. It needs to be hand massaged or using a tool to massage. If completing the massage by hand, you need to be extra gentle. Unlike the circulatory system, it does not have an organ helping it to work efficiently in your body. You do have to be very GENTLE when performing the massage, and it is recommended to massage your face five to fifteen minutes a week. Lymphatic Drainage Massage has also been proven to benefit people with underlying health and skin conditions. It will also help us fight fatigue, stress, and migraines.


Should I Receive a Lymphatic Face Massage?

Should I Receive a Lymphatic Face Massage

This form of facial rejuvenation is an excellent technique and has been very successful for many people. There have been many great results, but we cannot guarantee results. All methods will work differently for different people. If you have any preexisting conditions, you may require an alternative plan. Please consult your physician before attempting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage on your Face.

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • History of Blood Clots
  • Prone to Kidney Infections
  • Circulation Problems


What are some of the benefits of a lymphatic drainage face massage?

benefits of drainage massage

This type of massage can be very beneficial for your body. Here are some benefits you might see if you try the Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

  • Drains toxins from your skin.
  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes and cheeks.
  • Improves Circulation.
  • Refines and reduces discoloration under the eyes.
  • Manages breakouts of the skin to be less visible.
  • It helps combat the dullness of the skin as well.
  • It delivers oxygen around the skin and pushes out waste and toxins.

The benefits of this massage are very different for each person. However, it is still good to do it at least once a week to help your immune system. The results of this excellent massage technique are usually instantaneous.

As stated above, you can use two techniques to achieve your goals with a lymphatic drainage face massage. The tool you can use is called a Gua Sha Tool. This tool was initially used in Chinese medicine as a healing technique and can be bought at an Asian American or Pacific-Islander-owned business. The device is usually the safest and best way to keep everything going smoothly when attempting to massage your face. REMEMBER, BE GENTLE!


Steps to perform a manual Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage with just your hands.

how to do a lymphatic drainage face massage


  1. Clean your face and hands well, and ensure no cream or makeup on your face. Be sure your face is bare.
  2. Place the tips of the index and middle fingers on one side of your neck, right below the jawline.
  3. Move downward toward the collarbone while making a small backward “J” motion.
  4. Repeat on the other side. This will encourage the lymphatic pathways to open and drive fluid toward lymph nodes to drain it out.
  5. Move up the face next using the same two fingers and a small backward “J” shaped movement again.
  6. Start on one side of the face moving outward along your jaw, then downward to hit the hairline.
  7. Continue moving up your face finishing at your forehead. Your fingers should be coasting gently along the skin.
  8. Repeat step six on the other side of your face.

Do not use your hand or the tool in a back-and-forth motion. This can cause issues in the future. Please attempt it in the correct form we stated in these steps. It would be best to move the tool or your hand in a particular motion, as stated in the 8-step process above.


There are many different opinions on Lymphatic Drainage face massage, and there is still research being done on this technique. So many people have different views on this type of face massage. However, recent studies have shown that there would be no harm in trying if it is done correctly. As stated above, everyone is different, so there are many different results. However, you will only know how these techniques can help you once you try them if you follow the steps entirely with the suggested tool or decide to do it by hand. Most likely, you will see dramatic results, which will be seen quickly. What have you got to lose? If there are no results, massaging your face occasionally will still feel terrific. Most people like a massage occasionally. A massage is an excellent way to relieve stress from a long day, and most days – well, they are long.


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