As UFC 285 Draws Near, Has Jon Jones Made Amends with His Ex-Fiancé?

Fans of Jon Jones have been ecstatic ever since finding out that Jon was stepping back into the ring after not taking a pro fight in a good three years. He’s recently completed fight camp and is looking forward to stepping up to opponent Ciryl Gane.

However, a small hint into Jones’ personal life has caught the eye of many who speculate that he could be repairing his relationship with his ex-fiancé, Jessie Moses.


The Upcoming Fight

Jon Jones has returned after a good three years in hopes of grabbing that infamous belt once more. He is no longer planning to take back the light heavyweight title, instead preparing to claim his place as heavyweight champion as his first order of business. As per usual with UFC fights, of course, there is someone standing in his way before his return to glory.

French MMA champion Ciryl Gane dominates the game as the former UGCInterim Heavyweight Champion. He has quite a few wins under his belt and doesn’t plan on letting someone else claim the title so easily. Jones finds himself up against quite the challenge, as Gane hasn’t had a three year hiatus at his back and as of March 22, 2022, he claims #1 in the heavyweight rankings. The two will face off on March 4th, and as of now, both are training fiercely for their highly anticipated meeting.

To prepare, Jones had been attending fight camp, training with other fighters to get his A-game back. His performance is promising, and he’s been keeping his fans up to date as he progresses. However, it was his final post of the camp that raised some questions about his progress in a much more personal matter.


Jon Jones and Jessie Moses

“I want to thank each and everyone of you who have contributed,” Jones said in an Instagram post, his message of gratitude paired with a picture of him posing with some fellow fighters from fight camp. “First and foremost my beautiful fiancé, my family, the prayer warriors, coaches, trainers, business partners, the team, the fans.”

This was the last message posted during his attendance at fight camp; a standard “thank you” to the public and his inner circle for their support and belief in his journey. While we do enjoy a truly heartfelt message, there was a certain word that got people’s attention: fiancé.

For those who don’t know, Jon and his ex, Jessie Moses, had a rather messy split during the three year hiatus. What could have been a private break-up was made so much more when Jones found himself on video being arrested after the police were called in for an alleged domestic violence situation. Moses had been with him on the night of the alleged abuse; so it’s widely believed that if it indeed happened, she was most likely the victim. After pleading no contest to battery charges and having them dismissed, it was fair to say that things were over between him and Moses. However, they remained amicable and continued to work together to take care of their three children, neither of them willing to discuss the incident any further despite countless inquiries.

That was a year ago, and now, with the UFC fight approaching, it seems as though they’re making attempts at reconciling. Not only was his ex mentioned as his “fiancé”, but she was put far before even his family in his message of gratitude. Since then, many are under the impression that the two have gotten back together and perhaps gotten reengaged. There is also the possibility that he might be hinting at an all new relationship, but with the incident in Las Vegas happening merely a year ago and there being no sign that Jones has paired up with another woman, it’s believed for the most part that Jessie is the subject of the message.

While it’s exciting to speculate, nothing has yet to be confirmed over the two other than them leading a friendly relationship for their children. Could this be the new season in his life he was waiting for, or is the public making something out of nothing?

Whatever the case may be, we’re hoping the only people getting hurt in the end of all this are Jones and Gane once they finally face off against one another. For Jon’s, Jessie’s, and his children’s sakes, let’s bet that no arrest videos will be released in the near future.


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