As Oregon’s Annular Eclipse Draws Near, Eclipse Events Ramp Up

As the annular eclipse draws near, we’re seeing multiple events and watch parties cropping up here and there, ready to watch the moon overtake the sun on the morning of October 14th. Unlike 2017’s total eclipse, this one is going to bring a “ring of fire” to Oregon skies.

People are making plans all around, from renting out camping lots to forming actual watch parties to having an entire festival. Everyone’s joining in on the party, and rightly so. This is an astronomical experience that isn’t said to happen again until 2046; it’s a literal once-in-a-generation event.

If you’re planning on viewing the eclipse by yourself, in order to see the maximum eclipse you’re going to want to be within a 90 mile band south-central Oregon coast, crossing over Eugene, Roseburg, Crater Lake and the Alvord Desert. Anything and everything in between is within that perfect zone. However, know that you should absolutely be wearing either eclipse glasses (not regular sunglasses) or a safe handheld solar viewer while looking at the eclipse.

If you’re thinking of going to one of these events during the eclipse, but aren’t sure where’s the best place to head to, I have quite a few places for you to consider. All of them are within the direct path of the maximum solar eclipse, but if you happen to live outside of these areas, finding eclipse parties for the partial solar eclipse should still be easy enough. Anyhow, here are some of the big events popping up around Oregon that are within the direct path of the eclipse.


Eclipse Fest 2023

This right here is going to be the biggest eclipse event in Oregon. Eclipse Fest 2023 is going to take place on a 175-acre piece of land just outside Klamath Falls. It’s going on for multiple days and will include things like family-friendly activities, live music, food and drinks, vendors and artisans, some camping, an actual Smash Mouth concert, and, of course, the actual eclipse viewing itself. It will be happening between October 10th through the 15th. You can buy tickets on their website, which changes depending on the days you want to attend, as well as the age (kids get in cheaper).


Eclipse into Nature

Are you looking for fun as well as an educational time? Running Y Resort in Klamath Falls, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the Oregon Institute of Technology are all working together to create the two-day Ellipse into Nature Event. On the 13th, you’re going to get quite a few presentations from scientists and tribes alike so you can learn all you need to about the solar eclipse. On the day of the eclipse, however, you’re going to be treated to music, food, drinks, games, presentations, and one big public watch party. The watch party will be absolutely free, but you need to pay for parking.


Crater Lake

There are many, many people going to this scenic location to view the eclipse, as it’s one of the few bits within Oregon that’s going to be in view of the maximum eclipse. You can expect people to number in the hundred in that area, along the shores and anywhere within full view of the sun and the moon. You can find a ton of eclipse events that offer rides to the lake itself, such as tours. Don’t think you can go for lodging, though. It’s all booked up.


Bandon Watch Party

If you live in Bandon or perhaps close by, there’s a watch party going down at Bullard’s Beach, just north of the Coquille River Lighthouse. It starts at 7:30 a.m and is completely free to the public. Bandon is describing the little watch party as a “festival of light”. Try to carpool, though, because it might just be pretty stuffed up by the time you get there.


Shore Acres State Park

Looking to view the eclipse along the southern coast? Well the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is holding a watch party at Shore Acres State Park. It starts at 8 a.m and the event is free, but parking will cost you. Because of how many people are expected to come (again, it’s a watch party along a beautiful coastline), the department encourages you to carpool.


Dark Days Festival

If you’re someone who likes music and lives in or near Yachats, then you might be interested in the Dark Days Festival being held there in the Yachats Commons. They’ll be hosting a large variety of indie artists for you to listen to on the 13th and 14th while the eclipse meets the North American continent. You can buy tickets on their website,, where the prices are quite good for what you’re getting in return.



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