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Regional Theaters


  • Ever So Android at Club 66 - 04/17/2014

    While listening to the four songs that make up Ever So Android's self-titled EP, it might seem hard to believe that the Seattle-based electronic rock...

  • Uphonic SoundSystem at Lounge South - 04/17/2014

    Down-tempo electronic music, hip-hop and psychedelic rock characterize music by Ashland's Uphonic Soundsystem.

  • Jessica Fichot at Paschal Winery - 04/17/2014

    Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Jessica Fichot likens her music to her hometown of Paris: French at heart, but international at its soul.

Wining & Dining

  • The Breadboard Restaurant - 04/10/2014

    Breakfast is the name of the game at The Breadboard Restaurant on the north end of Ashland.

  • Local Wineries - 03/27/2014

    Revels' guide to wineries and tasting rooms in the Rogue Valley.

Best Bets

  • The Music of William Kraft

    Percussion and other instruments will be paired when students from Southern Oregon University’s Music program present music by American...

  • Cyndi Harvell

    Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Cyndi Harvell draws from her Georgia roots and mixes sunny folk and pop with Southern charm. Her newest...

  • Justin Gordon and The Suck Egg Mules

    Guitarist Justin Gordon, along with Jef Fretwell on bass guitar and Dave Hampton (Sage Meadows Band) on drums, will play a mix of Gordon’s rock...

  • Old-Time Movie Night

    Accountant Frank Bigelow (Edmond O’Brien) goes to San Francisco for a week of fun, but soon learns he’s been poisoned and that there is...

  • Contra Dance

    The Carr Family Band — with fiddler Kevin Carr, banjo player Josie Mendelsohn, guitar player Daniel Carr and accordion player Molly Carr...

  • Passages II

    The improvisational multimedia troupe — composer Todd Barton, dancer Suzee Grilley, poet Jonah Bornstein, singer Christine Williams and digital...


Visual Arts

  • '3' at Schneider Museum of Art

    “3” is the first part of the two part exhibit for the Southern Oregon SITE project at the Schneider Museum of Art on the Southern Oregon...


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