NRA talking points

President Trump is promoting the National Rifle Association talking point that schools are attractive targets for mass murderers because they are "gun free zones." He tells us that arming teachers or other school employees will deter those shooters because they are "cowards" who would be deterred from committing violent crime with the prospect of facing lethal force.

Both the NRA and our current president would have us believe that mass murderers engage in the same kind of rational thought process as does a criminal mastermind plotting the perfect crime. Nonsense! Mass murders have much more in common with ISIS terrorists who intend to inflict the greatest possible death toll in the shortest possible time span, fully expecting to be killed or to take their own lives as their terminal action. AR-15s and similar semiautomatic weapons are their perfect tool.

Prevention of mass murder will not be accomplished with more weapons, more shooters or elimination of gun-free zones. Prevention of these all-too-frequent tragedies depends on keeping all guns out of the hands of those who are not competent or not willing to use them responsibly, especially those weapons that are capable of killing large numbers of our citizens in mere seconds.

We will begin making significant progress toward preventing these disasters when we require people to prove competence prior to allowing them to possess firearms. We should also, in recognition of the inherent danger of specific weapons, require a higher level of demonstrated competence prior to allowing purchase of hand guns, still higher (very high, in my opinion) for possession of AR-15s and other weapons of mass murder.

Don Rebal