Recall is a bad idea

I’ve known Rick Landt for 30 years. He is thoughtful and caring. He’s been a registered nurse the entire time I’ve known him, and a landscape architect, focused on the environment. He makes decisions with careful consideration of available information.

The criticisms leveled at him and at Jim Lewis and Mike Gardiner for their decision regarding the Senior Center are misguided. I also know Jim and Mike, they too are thoughtful and considerate.

The commission voted unanimously to restructure the Senior Center. Why just these three targeted? In my view, the decision was sound, based on the evidence.

What I find most unfortunate due to this misguided recall, in addition to possibly loosing these commissioners who have given thousands of hours of dedicated service over many years, is that potential public servants might be discouraged from serving as well.

Vote no on the recall.

Bruce Bayard


Food Project says thanks

What a heart-warming sight to behold, those dedicated neighborhood coordinators of ours, queuing up in the unloading zone of the Ashland Emergency Food Bank on Feb. 10 with 25,857 pounds of non-perishable food items, a nearly 13-ton valentine collected from the generous donors of the Ashland Food Project. That’s a whole lotta caring — about 20,865 healthy meals for 2,800 households, our own neighbors who need and appreciate this nutritional boost for a dizzying variety of reasons. Thank you, dear donors, for keeping the heart of our community beating!

We at AFP also have warm feelings for our February "Thank You!" card sponsor/partner, Luna Cafe & Mercantile, and not just because they do the cooking and washing up. Visit them at the Ashland Hills Hotel, 2525 Ashland St., or at, and you'll be sure to find what you've been hankering for.

Looking for a meaningful relationship? Got some passion you wanna channel? Call 541-488-6976 and leave your contact information so the Ashland Food Project can sign you up as a food donor. Or hook up with us online at We'll match you with your neighborhood coordinator, and it will be the beginning of a beautiful bimonthly thing — It's in the bag!

Ingrid Laursen, for the AFP Steering Committee