Be grandmothers

I heard a news event on Saturday of a grandmother in Everett, Washington, who suspected her grandson of troublesome behavior and checked into his life and discovered dangerous plans and guns to carry them out. She reported this and has possibly saved her community and her grandson from a catastrophe.

All of us need to be checking out situations, we need to be grandmothers on the lookout. We do this with cases of lice and mice infestations. It is clear that we have drug and weapon infestations presently. We need to check and comb through each strand of evidence that may lead to senseless violence, just as we know how to do in cases of flu or pest infestations.

Listen to your hearts and look around at your kids, as a grandmother would, to prevent school shootings.

Barb Settles


Vote yes on recall

Some people have characterized the recall as mean-spirited or divisive, casting the ARPC commissioners as victims of an extremist group of malcontents. Lets look at what has led to the recall.

The commission has attacked a most vulnerable population of elders who have little alternative to the lifeline that the Ashland Senior Center provided them for the past 43 years. They have destroyed a substitute family for the lonely and alienated, one that provided access to vital social services, and have not replaced it for six months. They have dismissed that community's pleas to reconsider, and wait, and have launched a cover-up in the form of the ad hoc committee that is busily finding ways to spend much more money while downgrading and outsourcing social services. These commissioners need to be replaced with people who will work with the community they serve, not impose their will on us!

Mary Sundberg


Vote no on recall

Sometimes recall elections are necessary to stop malfeasance within the public realm, other times these types of recalls are the result of misplaced discontent based on inaccurate information. Because the imminent recall election of three Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) members is a result of erroneous perceptions, it should sadden and alarm all citizens of Ashland. Please vote no on the recall.

The incredible public expense of this recall election is based on false sources that say APRC has mismanaged funds and personnel. These allegations are not true. After a 2016 independent performance audit indicated seniors in the city were being underserved by the current senior program, APRC’s goal was to expand and improve the program to attract a wider segment of the city’s seniors. To verify this for yourself, read the APRC meeting minutes in 2017.

As well, to maintain the vitality of our incredible Lithia Park and preserve its resources, APRC has contracted planning consultants to prepare a 100-year master plan for the park. A master plan is a systematic park study by environmental specialists, including public input, to guide and enhance the park’s continued health and maintain its unique character into the future. These are public dollars well spent.

The misguided recall attempt is alarming because these are hardworking and experienced APRC commissioners. These good men are an incredible resource to the city who freely give their time, energy and expertise for the betterment of our evolving, vibrant city. Please vote no on the recall.

Margaret Garrington