Recall is an injustice

I am a senior and I encourage you to support each and every one of the Parks and Recreation commissioners.

This recall election is a grave injustice to these citizen volunteers who dedicate their time to support the city Parks and Recreation Department. They work hard and have acted with integrity in the best interest of the community.

This special election is inappropriate, irresponsible and a waste of money for Ashland residents. It's scary to see how far the irrational ideologues can go, even in Ashland. Thank you to the Parks commissioners for supporting inclusive programs and balancing the budget.

Jan Weydemeyer


Recall questions

The upcoming election to recall three Parks and Recreation commissioners will cost the city of Ashland roughly $30,000.?

Questions have been raised about the "facts" the petitioners presented to get the required number of signatures on the recall petition; if false information was purposefully presented, will the petitioners be held accountable for the cost of the election? Who among this group is stepping forward to fill any of the positions they are attempting to have vacated? Commissioners are volunteers; if you disagree with their work, then step forward to take on the burden yourself.

I hope more information about what is truly going on here will be published before it is too late, so that the voters can make intelligent decisions based on truth, not “alternative facts.” We have a right to know and shouldn’t be bamboozled.

I personally thank commissioners Gardner, Landt and Lewis for their service.

Andy Stallman


Vote no on recall

I am pleading to Ashlanders to vote no on the recall of Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioners Jim Lewis, Rick Landt and Mike Gardiner. These men have put in decades of time and effort working on many Parks and Recreation issues.

As a former APR commissioner, I have worked with them and know that they have a deep interest improving our city and beautiful park system. I am disappointed that so many citizens of Ashland signed the petition for this recall. Please help in spreading the word to vote no on the recall.

Sally Jones