What is an elder worth?

I am wondering what an elder is worth, for I am one of these plus-seniors. We have not arrived at this point in our lives without years of multifaceted experiences, as well as confrontations by our right and wrong decisions and their attending consequences. Because we stand on these horizons, we are not so suddenly amiss not to see wrong decisions and ill-conceived maneuverings that were and are being continually rebirthed at the Senior Center.

Some changes have been made, but they still are not right. Those who set this all askew, namely the APRC, prefer to exonerate themselves from blame loudly and expansively, rather than say they have been wrong and do right work. Reconstructive surgery of the Senior Program was unwarranted and keeps running afoul of pride, ambition and money. Elders, as a result, have been put on the pirate's plank and told to walk, this is it, and that's that.

It seems we seniors were, in August 2017, inconsequential nonentities in Ashland's presence. We have been raised, in January 2018, to unrealistic comprehenders in Ashland's future. Not much of a leap of faith by our elected community officials. This ignoble attitude not only discourages us from any further active volunteering anywhere, interrupts the social and ethical consciences we have had all these years, but also seems to try and propagate divisiveness and dissatisfaction among seniors who weren't so inclined before. Our former love of life, traditions, and values are to be discontinued as outdated sensibilities. Our elder needs, as age now claims possession, are to be touted as offensive obstructions to those glorifying in authoritarian power. We asked for a recall so that you, the public, could hear our words, our concerns. We again ask that you listen when it is election time, that you deeply consider what is really happening at the Senior Center. What is an elder worth? This is your challenge. Your answer will also be your future.

Theresa Greer