Head in the sand

The MT Sunday editorial (Feb. 4) argued that Oregon’s Legislature should delay even longer action to address statewide climate pollution. I can’t believe this head-in-the-sand judgment.

Our region is flirting with another drought; what is the fire risk going to look like this summer? Devastation from climate chaos is now, not tomorrow, yet our state Legislature has been pitiful in reducing statewide emissions. Voluntary goals enacted in 2007 are failing, yet no appropriate legislative response has been forthcoming.

For 10 years, bills such as the current Clean Energy Jobs Bill have been developed and proposed. Ten years! Opponents repeatedly argue "now is not the time," as though they will address it "next year," but they never do. Senate President Peter Courtney has stood as an obstacle to action year after year. If he’s a coach, he’s the opposition coach! It is time for our Legislature to face reality, bite the bullet and act — not more delay.

Already money is being thrown into a campaign of lies about the bill. States already enacting climate pollution limits have reduced pollution and grown economically; we should join them. Our representatives could make Oregon a leader in combating climate change and grow economically.

Louise Shawkat