Something to consider

Left-wing politics: A liberal or radical position from moderate socialism to yes, in an extreme form, communism.

Right-wing politics: A conservative or reactionary position from moderate capitalism to yes, in an extreme form, fascism.

I believe in the need for balance. We should respect both of our political parties and of course not want either extreme.

It’s important to remember that the Third Reich successfully transformed a rather decent, progressive democracy into a fascist state by dividing its people, attacking their government and suspending their independent judicial system.

Let’s be careful with our country, folks, we’re all in this together.

Steve Sutfin


Local politics

The current controversy over the Ashland Senior Center has evoked some interesting attitudes among our citizens.

It seems like expressing opinions that take issue with the policies of our elected officials is being interpreted as causing trouble, or as indicating some kind of disloyalty to the powers that be in our lovely community. This is notable in some comments expressing disapproval of the current drive to recall three of our Parks and Recreation commissioners.

Curiously, some people seem to find the use of the recall, a constitutionally guaranteed right, to be more upsetting than the disturbing actions that have led to its use. It's been called divisive, or vindictive, or simply an over-reaction that is unnecessary. Perhaps this totalitarian attitude has trickled down from our president who sees every disagreement with him as a betrayal.

I'm not writing to support an issue, but to ask what has happened to our belief in the democratic process. Doesn't democracy actually require that we air conflicting opinions?

It requires a healthy tension that allows us to try on points of view other than our own, and to work through our disagreements by understanding that compromise is the way to find resolution. A community will unify behind processes that value the give and take inherent in our differences.

The fact that 2,000 Ashland voters have signed the recall petition tells me that we have become deaf to the variety of voices that make us a healthy community. When the recall election is scheduled, vote your conscience, but don't vote against the right to have a recall.

Avram Chetron