About their vision

I was happy to hear of the success of Kimberly and Michael Hoyt of Artisan Eyewear. To celebrate their third year in business is not a surprise to me.

I have had contact with Michael once, a number of years ago, when he was employed by the Medical Eye Center in Medford. As a friend, and a retired nurse, I was acting as an advocate for an elderly man who was having continuing difficulty with his sight. This gentleman, well known in Ashland as a teacher and a champion for those less fortunate, had been treated rather brusquely and disrespectfully by a physician at the Medical Eye Center, and couldn't understand exactly what his treatment meant.

I accompanied my friend to the center, and that day he saw Michael, as his physician was gone. Michael treated this man with such kindness and respect that it renewed our faith in the system that had been rather cruel. I was amazed at how much time Michael spent with my friend, and so was my friend. We left with a new understanding of what my friend`s diagnosis was, and how the treatment might work.

I don't think this happened because I was there, I think this is how Michael practices.

Now that he is out of the "factory," he and his wife are proving that their chosen method of practicing medicine can work.

As a retired nurse, I long for those days once again.

Trudy Duncan


Give us news that's worthy

I invite the Tidings, yea, all papers, to deliberately under-report happenings that are no longer news. Like the most recent infractions of the law.

It does not serve any good purpose, nor lift my spirit to learn of yet another car wreck, homicide, you name it. It does the opposite; I bemoan yet another tragedy. Some days it seems as though every page is reporting some act of violence. It's as if we're glorifying this outrageous act. Even on Halloween, the cover picture showed three persons with weapons.

Let us read more of the good actions happening all over the world. Your stories that lift us are a delight to read; I encourage you to write fewer non-news ones, and more of those that show the enriching power of humankind's spirit. Blessings on all of us.

Carola Lacy