What a jewel

Ellen Waldman’s Aging Happens appeared last week entitled “All you need to know about falls.” What an excellent idea that Ashland Fire and Rescue teamed up with the YMCA to offer this class. No matter how well attended, I hope it will be a regular feature at the “Y”, churches, the Senior Center, retirement communities, etc.

With 40 years of nursing experience, I always look forward to reading Ellen’s columns to see what she will address next. She is always spot on. I especially valued her December column, which advised family members to use their holiday visits to assess the status of their aging relatives in “How are your loved ones doing” Dec. 12). This is not a paid advertisement, but I must say if I was concerned about a relative or even myself, I would not hesitate to call Ellen for an in-home assessment of my needs. What a jewel we have in this valley to have Ellen’s expertise and caring in senior care.

Susan Bizeau, RN


Greenhouse gases not carbon

Last week’s Point/Counterpoint missed the point. The Tribune asked, “Would the Jordan Cove LNG project be the biggest carbon emitter in the state?” This was the wrong question to ask. “Carbon emitters” are not the only problem; the real issue is greenhouse gases, of which carbon is just one. When the question is wrong, so too is the answer.

Global warming is caused by GHG emissions. Carbon dioxide is one, but it has the lowest potency. Far worse is methane — of which the Jordan Cove LNG project would not only be leaking, but the gas it would export comes from fracking. Natural gas is 90 percent methane and it leaks from fracking source to combustion sink at a devastatingly high rate. So much leakage occurs that natural gas is at least as bad as coal, if not much worse.

John Paul Williams, displaying his affiliation with a pro-natural gas pipeline organization, isn’t the best person to address this question. As Upton Sinclair wrote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

It is alarming that the Mail Tribune, offers what should be called an unpaid advertisement for Pembina.

Sarah Spansail