The rest of the story

Project promoter for the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal, Michael Hinrichs, recently carefully stated that gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. While correct, this isn’t the whole story.

What Hinrichs failed to acknowledge, presumably because it negates his argument, is: natural gas is some 90 percent methane; methane is 86 times worse than carbon dioxide on a 20-year basis; natural gas leaks substantially from fracking source to combustion sink. This leakage makes natural gas at least as bad as coal in terms of causing global warming, if not worse. Obscuring reality, and then accusing opponents of generating reports that support their opposition, demonstrates a lack of both professionalism and integrity. It’s fake news in the vein of another fake news purveyor we know so well. The greenhouse gas emissions that this project would generate are one of the many reasons we oppose the LNG project.

Short-term, this may look like a good deal, but what is the long-term effect to our environment? Jordan Cove is about corporate exploitation. Is an LNG project in the best interest of protecting and revitalizing our region? Let’s accept reality — natural gas isn't clean. The Clean Energy Jobs Bill would be better and environmentally positive.

M. Trocker


Holiday thank you

I would like to thank every donor, volunteer, knitter, quilter, fruit and vegetable grower, turkey bucks coupon scanner — there is not enough space to list all of you.

With all of the generous and caring people in our community, the Ashland Emergency Food Bank was able to serve 200 Thanksgiving boxes that had all the trimmings for a Thanksgiving dinner for their family. That means nearly 1,000 people in the Ashland, Talent and surrounding rural areas had a meal to share with their families that might not otherwise have had one.

Also, at Christmas, we gave out 170 holiday dinner boxes which served about 700 families; again, with all the trimmings for a holiday dinner. We were also able, through countless donations, to offer warm hats, mittens and scarves to those families.

I am constantly humbled by the generosity of our community and the number of people who take their time and effort to help their neighbor. The world continues to be a place of uncertainty and turmoil, but we endeavor each day at the Food Bank to be a safe place where we can help folks feed their families while other problems get sorted out. A thousand thanks to all who help make this possible.

Traci Darrow, executive director, Ashland Emergency Food Bank