LNG numbers staggering

A detailed report with the clunky title of “Life Cycle GHG Report on Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector” was released recently and posted at www.priceofoil.org. The numbers in it are staggering.

Bottom line: building a 36” pipeline to carry Rocky Mountain gas to a proposed export terminal in Coos Bay would create Oregon’s largest greenhouse gas polluter, more than canceling the gains from the pending closure of our last coal-fired power plant. And those calculations don’t even count the methane emissions from the fracking that initially extracts the gas, or the CO2 when Asian consumers use the final energy product. Financing terms for the project demand this gas continue to flow beyond the year 2050, the target year many cities and states have chosen to be off fossil fuels altogether.

I can’t easily think of a clearer violation of the famous First Rule of Getting Out of Holes: STOP DIGGING. And that’s before you start consider the environmental mayhem of a highly volatile 36-inch pipeline crossing 400 waterways, and the broad right-of-way clearcut it would require across more than 200 miles of Southern Oregon forest.

It’s truly hard to believe that this twice-rejected proposal is back on the table, and truly sad to see global corporations cynically prey on the understandable hunger of Coos Bay residents for good jobs. Please take a moment to urge Gov. Kate Brown (503-378-4582) to protect Oregon from a project we’d regret for decades.

Jeff Golden