Thanks for article

Thanks to Vickie Aldous for the article on Jan. 11, “Report warns of Jordan Cove emissions."

I remember a few startling comments in January 2016 at a FERC hearing when I spoke privately with the Jordan Cove project manager, Bob Braddock. I asked him what he thought were the benefits to Oregon. Jobs? Well, no, not really, he conceded. The jobs would be temporary and minimal, and for the most part they would bring in their specialists from elsewhere to run the facility, he said to me. Although this article states that there will be 6,000 (temporary!) jobs for the construction, most will come from out-of-state skilled personnel. A 2014 FERC document tabulated that less than 400 Oregonians would have temporary employment during construction, and maybe only 100 would have any kind of permanent position once completed.

Why would Oregon want to allow this Canadian company to use our state for its own profits? The benefits are minimal, the fracking industry is ultimately doomed, the standard operating 3-5 percent leakage of methane quickly negates the benefits of this energy source. Let’s stop walking the same road we already closed down twice before — it’s heading us in the wrong direction.

Liz Olson