Keeping the VSG in power

So, the VSG (Very Stable Genius) has now gone after the Salvadorans. And Michael Wolff’s book caused our little VSG to miss nap-time. Sorry, executive time. Meanwhile, the Deep State (all those around our VSG who are really calling the shots) are doing their level best to keep him in power (remember checks and balances, Republicans, or should I say Republi-Cons?) so they can trash the environment and take our (we the people's) money and run. Well, when the rapture doesn’t come, even though Jerusalem is the new capital and they are all fomenting as much war everywhere as they can, they will have to live on what’s left of our planet just like the rest of us 99 percenters. I predict that in 10 years, if we are all still here, no one will admit to having been Republican, let alone voting for this VSG!

L. Genise