Tree recycle success

This past Saturday, Ashland Boy Scout Troop 112, Cub Scout Pack 112, and the Ashland Lions Club collected over 1,000 trees from all over the city of Ashland. Ninety-six volunteers contributed over 500 hours of community service in this effort. These trees are currently being recycled into chips by the Ashland Parks and Recreation Department to be used on the trails in our parks and for mulch around plantings.

Invariably we miss a few trees. If we missed yours, please call 541-324-9541 for us to pick it up this week. If you would like to donate to Troop 112 for this service, please send a check to: Troop 112, P.O. Box 839, Ashland, OR 97520. Thank you!

John Engelhardt, Tree-Cycle coordinator, Troop 112


Pumping gas

No thanks to House Bill 2482 and the social media addressing Oregonians as feeble-minded troglodytes or elite for not wanting to pump our own gas. And no thanks to Thomas Downs in thinking we might "delight" in pumping gas.

One only has to be in a line in the state to the south of us behind all of the dithering, inept gas pumpers to not want to embrace the idea. After living in self-gas-pumping states most of my life. I hope to enjoy the service here in Oregon.

Thankfully this is now only in counties with less than 40,000 population. But let's be alert to any changes in our state government that will change this.

Anne Cowles


Where are the patriots?

Where are the patriots? It is shocking to watch the cover-up, distraction and lies that come out of the Republican Party these days regarding congressional and FBI investigations. I thought perhaps McCain would stand up before his cancer stopped him in his tracks. But no. The Republicans are putting party before country in a way that hasn’t happened since the Nixon administration.

I’m beginning to see that certain members of Congress are also committing acts of obstruction of justice. They need to be charged along with Flynn, Manafort and the rest of Trump Inc.

But I’m wondering where the Republican patriots are in my own hometown. I have dozens of Republican friends, some that voted for Trump, most that didn’t. Please stop sitting on your hands waiting and hoping this madman will go away. It’s time to put your country first and take to the streets demanding that this crazy man must step down. Voice your support for the FBI’s investigation into Trump and the Russians.

I don't have to tell you what is at stake. It's time to be the patriots that I know we all can be.

Cindy Darnell


Thanks for publishing

Thank you for publishing the article "Russia-gate? Where's the evidence?"; it is a good summary of the issues involved. I appreciate that our newspaper has finally published an opinion that you will not find in the corporate media.

The author also mentions some alternative news sources that readers would be wise to check while still possible, since one of the dangers of this Russia-gate obsession that Marciano does not mention is internet censorship, not from the government but by private corporations such as Facebook and Google, that are making such news sources harder to find.

Doug Kellogg


Support Clean Energy Jobs bill

Many Southern Oregonians worry about how climate change affects the region. We already see how higher temperatures and reduced snowpack increase the risk of drought and wildfire. We can see no forthcoming federal action to reduce emissions, no science-based debate about how to protect the environment. We must therefore rely on each other.

The residents of Ashland and Talent have committed to local plans to improve energy efficiency and to limit climate pollution. We hope other cities will follow their lead. Southern Oregonians expect their representatives to support these local initiatives on climate pollution. Moreover, when the Clean Energy Jobs Bill is introduced in 2018, we urge our state representatives to support it and make it the strongest bill possible.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Alan DeBoer appears to oppose the Clean Energy Jobs Bill for a variety of reasons, and yet he says he accepts climate science and wants to reduce emissions. It is time for him to resolve his issues and support this bill.

A vote for Clean Energy Jobs will create new business opportunities and protect our fragile ecosystem. It’s a win-win economic and environmental solution. That’s good business and good for the planet, Senator DeBoer!

Sidney T. Brown


Food Angels say thanks

I am writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful article written by John Darling about the Ashland Food Angels, and for the choice to feature it so predominantly in your paper just prior to Christmas. The article apparently reached and affected many people so that we have received wonderful community support, both in the way of financial donations and new volunteers who are helping to keep this small but vital project running.

We also received many offers to help with getting a van and have already received one older but working van, which will tide us over until we can manifest a newer one.

The financial donations will help tremendously, not only with acquiring another van, but with much-needed improvements at our work site. The wonderful new active volunteers have enabled us to stay open seven days a week, and I especially appreciate the new volunteer coordinator, which takes some of the responsibility off my shoulders.

The support of the community as a result of the article has truly been heart-warming and reassuring. Thank you so very much for recognizing the value of the Food Angels and supporting us in meeting our needs.

Pamala Joy, director of Ashland Food Angels