Review was harsh

On Dec. 7 there was a critic's opinion in the paper, from Jeffrey Gillespie, about "Mary Poppins" at Camelot Theatre.

It was not a good review, and since then I've gone to see the show. I thought it was great.

The dancing and singing was awesome and you can see all the hard work that went into this performance. (I will say the sound was a bit challenging at times).

I am inspired to write this letter since I was deeply dismayed and I felt upset when I read the harsh, critical review from Gillespie, which can certainly lead people to feel they shouldn't go and see it.

I would like to remind Gillespie that we are not in New York City and this is not Broadway, nor is it the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

This is a local, smaller theater, and though he is certainly entitled to his opinion, I found it quite harsh and picky when the local actors are working very hard and certainly have talent (and no, I don't have family in the show, or even know anyone personally in it).

We have three smaller local theaters here in the valley; I've been to all of them over the years and they all do a great job of putting on many different styles of show.

I encourage folks to keep an open mind after reading any "bad" review and go see for yourself, knowing these actors (and sometimes musicians) have worked very hard to put out their best talent, and support local theater!

R. Reif