Choose door No. 1

Ever watch “Let’s Make a Deal”? Behind doors are hidden deals: some have value, some are “zonk.” Should Oregonians, as contestants, accept door No. 1 or door No. 2?

Behind door No. 1 is something of value: it’s the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, which can reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions without compromising economic growth. Behind door No. 2 is the "zonk:" It’s a booby prize offered by the Koch brothers and fossil fuel corporations throwing money at Oregon to persuade us that climate action in our state is not warranted.

In 2007, Oregon’s Legislature established emissions-reduction goals for the state to be achieved through voluntary efforts. Unfortunately, the three major contributing sectors — transportation, utilities and industry — are not reducing emissions sufficiently to achieve these goals. Meanwhile, the current global trend will not meet the targets we need to achieve if we are to preserve a livable planet. Oregon should lead by example!

The 10 U.S. states that have imposed an emissions cap have exhibited economic growth exceeding the remaining 40 states lacking such a program. Oregon can join them.

Read more about climate change in Oregon:, and learn about the Clean Energy Jobs Bill:

Louise Shawkat