Build the solar farm

I hope that the city will take real action to fulfill its commitment to produce 10 percent of its own electricity by 2020.

The construction of a solar farm for this purpose makes sense for our community. Jobs will be created while our local workforce learns the skills required for the coming new technologies. If we commit to building, operating, and maintaining the facilities as a community, the local-dollar multiplier effect will greatly increase our community return on investment, while slowing the flow of energy dollars out of the community.

Ken Deveney


Don't use neonicotinoids

The Black Tartarian tree in my back garden is a bird/bee tree. In the spring, when it is glowing with petals as the sun shines, the bees return. Standing as close to the trunk as possible, I let their meditative humming surround me, its calming and strangely comforting warmth connecting me to this earth.

The main objective of neonicotinoid insecticides is to paralyze the respiratory system of both nourishing and damaging insects. This includes honey bees and other pollinators. Birds eat the insects and so they are damaged. What would this world be without the birds and the bees?

When healthy soil is encouraged, working systems evolve which expand to the next positive step, ad infinitum.

When neonics are used, they go into the system of the plant, through the roots, permeating soil and ground water, traveling on into fish habitat. Not in humans’ best interest.

If you use product to protect your roses, read the labels carefully, although you will not see the word neonicotinoids. That is an umbrella word that covers several neonics such as acetamiprid, imidacloprid and thiacloprid. Avoid the ‘prids! Try cayenne and garlic in water with a little dish soap.

Jill Iles